This past year in English 3 has been an experience that has most definitely improved my reading and writing skills dramatically. I am now reading twice as much as I ever have. Once I started reading over 300 pages every few months, I became on a strict schedule and now I can't stop. As far as writing goes, our writing notebooks have helped improve my "off the top of my head" writing as well as making essays feel more natural.

I have never been a big fan of reading, but the key has always been to find something you like so the pages fly by faster. Unfortunately, it would be hard to change my opinion that movies are better than books. I'm not a very fast reader, and I don't like spending a few weeks on just a few characters when I could get the same feeling from a movie in two hours and go on to watch more movies. Rotting my mind? Maybe, but it's just a personal opinion. Either way I have discovered that there are some very entertaining novels out there and reading isn't as much of a chore as I felt it was last year.

I've always been a fan of writing whether it be scripts or short stories in my own time or essays and our writing notebook during English class. I feel I have gained a lot of experience writing naturally yet still keeping a well written work which has no doubt influenced my own writing. I am proud of my individual essays and glad that English 3 has helped me improve my writing. Most importantly, I actually enjoy reading some of my own work. English 3 was a class that improved my reading and writing greatly. Maybe one day I'll write a great script, but either way, I hope to continue writing and reading..