Parents should not spank their children. Spanking could make children temporarily aware that what they have done wasn't right. But later spanking could make children become scared of older people. Spanking could also make children to be abusive to others.

And moreover, spanking would make children not to love their parents. Therefore, parents should not spank their children. Spanking should not be tolerated because it scares children, and make children not to tell the truth. Children who have experienced spankings are those who would always lie to get out of trouble. In addition, children who are spanked vigorously would always become defensive to others, and even at school. Some parents might say that spanking has worked for them, but it has not being proved.

In fact, spanking has make children ran away from their homes and also skip school. So parents should not spank their children, for it is abusing. Spanking should be considered as abusing children, because children copy most of their habits from their parents. If spanking were always introduced to children, they would be aggressive. Although parents made children understand that fighting, and other violent behavior would not be tolerated, and that the consequences are bad, but if parents spank children every time, parents are raising violent children. Furthermore, spanking shouldn't be use as a form of punishment.

Parents should not spank their children because; children need love from their parents. Dr. Kyle Pruett, said, "Responding to your child's needs is not spoiling." It is true; parents need to respond to their children's need. Parents need to show their children passion, and also cherish them.

Because, when children are lovelorn they would do the contrary. Therefore, parents should substitute spanking with other methods of punishments like-no television or early bedtime. However Parent should stop spanking their children. Spanking has made children scared and run away from home. Spanking has made children abusive to other children and also to their teachers in school.

Spanking is not a way of raising children. Above all, spanking has made children to be mentally unstable. Therefore, parents should not spank their children.