Chantelle Simmonds drummed her fingers on the arm of the chair in her room. She could hear the rain pouring outside and the chatter of excited voices. 16 year-old Isabelle squeezed excitedly into the same chair as her so that she could peer outside the door and spy into the foyer. ! SSIs it them? !" Chantelle asked. A quick glance and Belle whispered! S SIts them alright, Chantelle. All of them all cold and red.

!" She giggled. !" I wonder which one is Melanie! |s beau. !" ! SS Be quiet! They! |ll hear you! !" ! SS Help me hang this coat up Jared. !" A shrill voice whined, ! SS So I can go to the fireplace. My fingers are frozen. !" Chantelle shifted uneasily.

Mel was always so spoilt, expecting everything to be done for her but still she loved her sister dearly. ! SS Chante-elle! ! ! Where are you? ! Come meet Jared! !" Mel yelled from the lounge. She got up from her chair and walked to the mirror. Running a fine comb down her fine brown hair and retouching her lip-gloss, she was ready to meet Mel and her boyfriend of nearly a year. > -- -bcda Ssoh! K heres my little princess. Say hello to your sisters boyfriend, Jared.

!" Her father still hadn! |t gotten the point when she had busted with anger on her 16 th birthday because he had called her his princess. She thoroughly recalled herself yelling furiously at her dad. ! SSD ad you stupid cow! ! ! Don! |t you know I! |m not your princess anymore? ! I! |m already 16, not 10 years old! Why do you always have to embarrass me like that? Do you enjoy making my life hell? ? !" She cringed at the thought of her previous outburst and felt even uneasier when he had turned bright red and quickly marched out of the room. She snapped back out of her reminiscing and into the lounge room holding out her hand.

! SSHow delightful to have finally met you Chantelle. I! |ve heard an awful lot about you, !" he said casually with a little twinkle in his eye. ! SS Yes, the same to you too. How was your trip? Oh, and you can call me Nelly.

!" She replied awkwardly. ! SS Our trip was soo boring and cold. Gees, my hands are still frozen. Mu-um! Kis dinner ready yet? We! |re starving! !" Mel quickly butted in, grabbed Jared by the arm and dragged him away. Chapter Two! SS Hello, Nelly? It! |s me, Dan.

I was wondering if you would do me the honour of being my partner to the spring festival dance. Call me ASAP See ya! Beeeeeep!" Nelly smiled quietly to herself. Dan was the hottest guy in school and most probably in town too. She couldn! |t believe that he had asked her to be his date. Out of all the girls, he chose had chosen her to be his date. Every girl would! |ve died to be her.

Even Belle. Though she was Nelly! |s own private maid, she was never really treated like one and was very popular among her family. She was exactly the same age and Nelly and they were best of friends. Sadly, Belle! |s parents had died in a car crash a couple of months ago. Before their deaths, Belle had only worked for the Simmonds! | family to make enough money for college but since the tragedy, all that money was used to pay for her parents! | hospital bills and she had even sold nearly all her belongings just to provide enough food for herself.

She had gone through depression and had even attempted suicide a couple of times. Luckily for her, the Simmonds family took her in and treated her as their daughter. They were one big happy family but Nelly couldn! |t help but notice that Belle sometimes seemed a little weird and distant. But anyway, she could just see Belle! |s face when she heard that Dan had asked her to the dance. > -- -bcda SS WHAT! Kat such late notice? I don! |t think you were his first choice. Nelly, I! |d be careful if I were you.

I don! |t want your feelings hurt. !" Belle sat on Chantelle! |s bed. Chantelle looked hurt. How could Belle say that? ! SS You! |re just bloody jealous. Just because you couldn! |t get a date.

Just because you! |re a no good cleaner girl. !" Chantelle retorted, marched outside and slammed the door shut. Chapter Three Chantelle hadn! |t spoken to Belle in nearly a whole month. Belle had tried to talk to her but Chantelle just didn! |t care. ! SSI don! |t give a flying pig what she thinks. !" She reminded herself as she walked up the stairs.

! SS I won! |t think of Belle tonight anymore. She! |ll just ruin my mood. !" Chantelle made up her mind a walked into her room. Chantelle smiled to herself. Finally, it was the night she had been waiting for. She slipped on her beautiful sea blue halter dress and carefully did her hair in a bun, curling all the loose bits with her curling tongs.

After applying her make-up, she was ready to go. > -- -bcda -- -< Chantelle arrived at the dance fashionably late. ! SS Whoops!" she smirked to herself as she entered the reception. She peered inside the hall. It was covered in sea blue silk, and people were dancing everywhere. She felt a chill and didn! |t know if it was from the cold or the excitement she was having.

Slowly she walked inside, ready to sweep everybody off their feet. She chuckled to herself as she pretended to be Marilyn Monroe from one of her favourite movies. Chantelle walked around looking for Dan everywhere she went but she just could not seem to find him. ! SSOh well.

He! |s probably still getting ready or maybe he! |s stuck in a traffic jam. !" Reassuring herself, she sat down on one of the lavishly decorated chairs and watched the people dance. They seemed so happy. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw someone waving to her. It was Belle. Scowling, she hurriedly made her way towards the toilets.

! SSC an! |t she just leave me alone? ! !" Chantelle walked through the dimly lit foyer and headed towards the ladies room. There were some people sitting around holding hands and kissing. She smiled and shivered with excitement. She couldn! |t wait till Dan arrived. She snapped back into reality as she saw two people kissing passionately right in front of the entrance to the toilets. ! SSHow very rude!" .

She muttered under her breath as she waved the hand to catch the girls attention. After a couple of awkward attempts, the girl finally looked up and glared. It was Shirley, one of the most popular girls in the year and she was known as a player. ! Ssoh! K excuse me, but I need to go to the toilet. !" Chantelle mumbled as the couple moved away. As she was walking in, she glanced at the boy she was kissing.

! SS Who would kiss a girl with such a bad reputation! K? !" She wondered, but she nearly fainted when she saw who it was. ! SSD AN! ! ! !" she choked out. ! SSI! Kum! Chantelle! I! Ker! KI! |m so sorry! K!" he said nervously. Chantelle couldn! |t take it. She pushed the bathroom door open, rushed into one of the cubicles and locked the door. She didn! |t know how long she had been crying when she heard a little whisper.

! SS Nelly? Are you Ok? ! !" It was Belle. She could tell it was her any day. Slowly and reluctantly, Chantelle opened the door. ! SSOh Nelly, I! |m so sorry! !" She murmured as she held Chantelle in a hug. ! SSI was trying to tell you when you got here that I had seen Dan kissing Shirley, but you disappeared!" .

! SSI! |m! So! Sorry! !" she blurted in between long sobs. Belle didn! |t say anything. She didn! |t need to. All she need to do was comfort and hug Chantelle, and she did just that.