Sun or snow? Whichever you choose, there is always something to do. Summer and winter are the two seasons we experience in different points of our days. Summer is the best time for vacation, and winter is the time for winter sports that keeps the body in shape. During these periods of time, the weather, variety of clothing, and stimulating activities are what makes each season the most enjoyable parts of the year. The winter and summer months have drastic differences in weather. In the summer, the weather is warm and sunny most of the time.

Some of the disadvantages that take place at this point are allergies from pollen, filling the thin, oxygenated air, and obtaining some discomfort illness from bugs. In the winter, the weather is very cold, and it snows a lot. Therefore, bugs and pollen are not present at this time. In addition, there are natural occurrences that each season receives. The main problem of summer is drought, causing excessive heat rash and dehydration.

Mother nature calls on monstrous storms and blizzards during winter. These differences proves how summer and winter are opposite. The clothing people wear in the winter and summer have some similarities, but many differences. The only similarities between summer and winter clothes are people can wear whatever makes them comfortable for the weather they are in. A major difference is in the summer time; most people wear fewer clothes, and the clothes they wear are a lot more comfortable.

Under the sun, ostentatious bathing suits, tank tops, shorts and open-toed flip flops are worn by each individual. Unfortunately, skin disorders are likely to be high as a result from over exposure to the flaming, radiant sun. When the weather starts to cool down, and the sparkling white snowflake drop from the clouds, we start covering our skin with long, thick sweaters and knee-high boots. Wearing an abundant amount of clothing in the winter time is very uncomfortable, and sometimes a hassle. That is the reason why most people prefer summer to winter.

Winter and summer have many activities that are similar and different. One activity that they both share is skiing, but in the winter, they ski on snow and in the summer they ski on water. The difference is that laying on the sands of the beach, family BBQs and picnics, playing basketball, road trips, theme parks, and mountain climbing are some of the activities done best during summer vacation. Although the hottest season has its merriment recreations, winter can also be pleasurable.

Snowboarding, skiing, staying warm in front of the fireplace, giving and receiving Christmas gifts, and playing in the snow are some of the things done during winter break. An activity people cannot do in the winter is going to the beach or lake to swim or get a tan. In the summer, people can't make a snowman. All of these similarities and differences make summer and winter more alike than most people think. Winter and summer are two different seasons.

Summer is the time for relaxation and leisurely activities, while winter is the best time to be physically healthy and in shape. Furthermore, the advantages and disadvantages between summer and winter will always be an imminent event in your life that would make each incident memorable. Its miscellany type of clothing, extrinsic weather, and pleasurable activities proves how each season is unique in its own kind.