I believe that the Ten Commandments have a rightful place in any courthouse who would like to display them in their courthouse. This case has come up in several different states and the results vary. They say it is unconstitutional because of separation of state, but I believe they are wrong. Showing the Ten Commandments in a courthouse does not cross the line of church and state. Although the ten commandments originated from the Bible, Torah, and other religions it is one of the earliest sets of law sand has a place in a courthouse, a place were the judge determines verdicts using laws. Also the constitution was developed and written by christian men who were influenced largely by the ten commandments.

So the Ten Commandments being posted could not be unconstitutional because they are part of the basis of the constitution itself If they are to remove the Ten Commandments then what is stopping them from removing the "In God We Trust" from our money. It is hypocritical of our government to remove the Ten Commandments from our courthouses and spend money everyday that has the words "In God We Trust" everyday. They should have a set law if it is that big of a problem to definitely separate all religious involvement from any thing to do with the government or constitution. This is not possible though because our nation was founded on religous principles While I believe that the Ten Commandments should be allowed in the courthouse the subject is very controversial and their is no exact right or wrong only a gray area so I can see the other side of the point. Because their is no right or wrong the issue is strictly an opinion and does not have a definite law to back it up. If people are heavily offended the simpler soul tion would be to just get rid of the Ten Commandments or let everyone put their religous laws in the courthouse, and I would think it would be easier to just remove the Ten Commandments.

That would just be the easy solution to the problem but I believe that the commandments have a right to be in the commandments.