By John Steinbeck Elisa Allen, a woman who is content with her love of growing the best chrysanthemums, but is not as successful in her growth relationship in her marriage. She feels her husband does not understand her need to grow chrysanthemums, because she gets the attention from others how beautiful and big her flower grows. One day a stranger came up where she was working in the chrysanthemums garden, looking for work for food or money. She explained that there was no work to be done around her place. He quickly realized her love for the flowers and used that for away to get what he wants. All a long he felt her desire for attention, for a man to notice the beauty of what she was doing.

Elisa, was very excited that a man was interested, in her growing hands, it what something her husband did not give her. After the stranger had left, Elisa felt some self self-confident with her inner beauty. She began getting dressed for dinner with her husband as she was as pretty as the chrysanthemums. And if a stranger could notice how pretty the flower where, she could do the same for herself and her husband would notice. he did notice how pretty she was that night, not in away she wanted, he said "you look nice." She wanted to be as pretty as a flower not nice. While driving to dinner, she notices her flowers on the ground.

But the pot she had given was not there. She felt used. She now realizes that she was getting all she was going to get from a man including her husband. She began a conversation about the fights, and thought that her husband would enjoy going to the fight. He was not interested in the fight that night. He wanted to spend the evening with her eating and drinking wine.

She began crying weakly, she felt that the love she has to give she can only give it to her chrysanthemums she is alone in the world for the beauty of herself.