Graham Greene lived between the years 1904 and 1991. She was born just outside the city of London and lived in different places throughout the city during her life. The short story, "The Destructors", was published in 1954. Nine years after WWII, from September 1940 to May 1941, many families of London lived underground in subway stations to avoid the bombing attacks. A few boys came together to rebel against their fears by using vandalism to express their anger. The 12 boys involved in the " Worsley Common Gang" include Trevor, Mike, Blackie and Summers and more.

They have current infatuation with an old man named "Old Misery." This story is based around a vile plan they have against this man. "T." was invited into the home of the notorious and mysterious, "Old Misery." The old man was kind and generous to the boy during his visit, but had never imagined the enormous prank the boys would soon plan for him. T. told the other boys about his visit and informed him that the man would be away from his home for the bank holiday. They wanted to destroy his house. Their elaborate plan worked.

They tore apart the majestic house and left it in shambles. When "Old Misery" returned home later, he found his house destroyed, and he was also emotionally damaged. This story was depressing and upsetting. It was interesting how the story was linked historically.

The theme and writing style was intriguing, but I would not suggest this story to anyone simply because I did not feel that ending was necessary.