"h The play, which I’ ve read, is called The Diary of Anne Frank. "h It is a play about 8 Jewish people hiding out in an attic during the Holocaust. "h When the Nazis first went into power, Anne and her Jewish friends were not allowed do a lot of thing like biking, riding on a street-car or automobile, going to the movies etc. "h Later, as things got even worst, the Frank went into hiding with another family, the van Daans and were hiding in the top floor of a warehouse where Mr. Frank used to work. "h Few months later, another Jew, Mr.

Dussek, a dentist joined the two families in the attic because the Green Police was after him. "h These eight human beings kept completely quiet during ten hours of the day when strangers were working in the warehouse below them and only moved about at night. "h They couldn’ t stand by a window in daylight where someone might spot them, couldn’ t throw trash away that might arouse suspicion, and couldn’ t use the water and washroom until all the workers below them in the warehouse has left. "h The van Daans has a son. His name is Peter.

He is 3 years older than Anne is. "h He is shy, awkward and rarely likes to talk. "h This monologue is of Anne talking in her room. She reveals of her feels about Peter and what she thought of him before and what she thinks of him now after their meeting in Peter’ s room.