The divine wind go over the fact that friendship is a slipery notion in many form. firstly with hart and mitsy, mitsy and jamie and also jamie and hart, as well as alice and mitsy. While these friendship were once very tight they develop and end in a sad context. Hart and mitsy go from friends to lovers to having hateful sex. While at the start their relationship is one of secret lovers, they fight when mitsy beleive hart has brushed her away. Their friendship is never really as good until harts father lets mitsy and her mother Sad ako live in their house so they won't be interned.

here they become nighty lovers however one night this stop as Hart become increasingly scispisios other. While in the interment camp Mitsy writes to hart their friendship wil never be the same again mitsy and jamie are friend lovers in a sense and then turn in to hater once jamie has to intern them, even though it is his job and he dosn't want to. Jamie first real friend in Broome is Hart and hart makes him fell very welcome by inviting him to his birthday party a bord the 'ida penrose' however jamie begin to self pity himself when he is injured and jamie joins the army and hart become very jealous. this jealousy leads to a bad relationship where Jamie nearly dies as a result of Hart deciding not to save him. Alice and Mitsy were best friends however things change when mitsy father dies and the japanesse are heavily involved in the war. while the turn enemy they are eventually relighted however their friendship is never the same.

This book explores the idea that friendship is a slipery notion and is shown with friendship breaking down many times.