As a beautiful international city, Montreal has been attracted many immigrants from different countries to reside. As a sequence, there are many kinds of delicious foods in Montreal. First of all, the French foods are serviced everywhere. In these French restaurants, one can find dainty French foods, such as fried goose liver, boiled snail, etc. Next, as the well loved food in the world, it is impossible that there is no Chinese food in Montreal. In the China town of Montreal, the spring rolls and the dumplings are general foods provided in any restaurant.

Moreover, each restaurant has at least one kind delicious dish that it is good at and dose well than other restaurants. These dishes may be pepper chicken, garlic pig foot, etc. Similar with the Chinese, Vietnamese people also like noodles. The Vietnam noodles are unforgettable for its delicious soup and fresh bean sprouts. If one someone like rice, the Japanese sushi is healthy and re mainly made by rice and fish. There are more than 30 kinds of sushi in Montreal.

Another food from Asian is Korea pickled vegetables. Except these, the Indian pancake and the Mexico corn pancake are also very tasty. Of course, the Hamburg and hot dog are the fast food that can be found everywhere. In conclusion, not only has Montreal beautify scene and wonderful multi-culture, but also it has the various and delicious food. If one plans to travel in Montreal, never forget to taste these foods. Once one tries them, he (she) will never forget them..