Anorexia Differing from what most people, including me, had believed before reading The Origins of Anorexia Nervosa. Anorexia is not new to the world as we believe. Most people assume that it originated from the modern models we see on TV and in magazines. But as we very interestingly find out that anorexia has a long history dating back over 120 years. In 1873 Anorexia was determined by two different doctors in two different counties. One in France and one in England.

Charles La segue gave an incite into the minds of young girls, in the nineteenth century, with a dysfunction in the bourgeois family system. In our terms, middle class parents wanted to show off their new found abundance of food. They would fill the table with fancy dishes covered with large amounts of food and topped off with fancy silverware. Bromberg goes on to talk about the pressures of marriage.

The women are put through a lot of different expectations by their father. They needed to look right. They needed to act right. And they needed to do exactly what the men in the family wanted them to do. My not eating, it was an easy way for them to rebel.

It was expect for the daughter of a middle class family to marry a man of a middle class family. Anorexia is a women disorder though. There are not many signs for this. They don't cause large amounts of attention by other people around them. Not eating was a way for some women to act out.

They didn't have to yell, hit people, or make a scene the just did their own thing. For the Victorian middle class this was women like.