Poetry unit critical evaluation Chose one poem by Seamus Heaney that you have found memorable. Explain how the poet made the poem so memorable for you. In your critical evaluation you should refer to turns such as: the topic of the poem: the structure of the poem and any other poetic techniques like lexical choice, imagery, sound. Onomatopoeia and tone.

I have recently read three poems by Seamus Heaney. I enjoyed reading them all but one poem which really seemed better than all the others is "mid term break." It is about the poet as a schoolboy. He is called home from boarding school to find his four year old brother had been knocked down and killed. This poem is so memorable in my opinion because of the different poetic techniques used. This poem is memorable due to the exceptional lexical choice. There are many good examples of this and here are just a few "cooed"soothed" and "knelling" are some good examples of how detailed this poem really is.

All these words seem to add great detail to the image when they are used in the poem. The image the poet creates is incredibly clear and detailed. He is able to do this in quite a few words there are lots of examples of imagery: "Snowdrops and candles soothed the bedside": this seems to have the image of a room that has been set aside just for this purpose. "With the corpse, stanched and bandage by the nurses": this gives the image that the nurse was a kind.

Gentle and caring person when they could have not cared at all. These two examples seem to give the best imagery and seem to use hardly any words. The sounds in the poem seem to make it even clearer to the reader "knelling"cooed" and "whispers" all give a great scene of what the poet was listening to and what image he seems to get at this point as well as the reader getting a very descriptive image. Having looked at "Mid term break in detail I believe Heaney clever content along with striking poetic techniques make this poem extremely memorable.