The Hollywood players are the writers, directors, executives, actors, etc. Basically, it's a game. A game of fame, agreed, success and money. The movie, the player gives us a glimpse into the shady, s honky, world, that is Hollywood. Most of my generation, though, I hate to admit it, are a product of Hollywood. We grant believing in Hollywood, as this perfect place, where everything is a happy ending.

The player has really opens my eyes to the corruption and gluttony which lies behind the scenes. The players of the game desired success, and materialistic gain. As we see, Griffin Mill (studio executive) is very heartless, and when it comes to achieving this goals he isn't going to let anyone standing his way. Especially not some disgruntled writer, who feels he's been shafted because Griffin never gave him a chance or some hot new executive over at fox. The writer is furious e with Griffin, and by sending him the threatening postcards we see another form corruption entering the Hollywood scene. Griffin somehow nails down whom he thinks the writer is a goes to sort things out with him.

The writer, David Kahan e, is obviously not a big fan of Griffin's. He is not afraid to tell Griffin, exactly what he thinks of him and Griffin can not handle this. In a fit of rage, we see Griffin murder David. The difference between this movie and your typical Hollywood blockbuster is in this case, the villian, Griffin, is not brought to justice, through the corrupt and underhanded deeds of the studio to protect themselves and Griffin stopped. Griffin knows he was provoked, and that the murder was not his intention and therefore seems to excuse himself from any wrongdoing. The worst thing about this is that we as an audience actually feel compassion to Griffin.

We actually sympathise with a man who was killed another. And the most ironic thing is. David is not even the writer threatening him. Even after learning of this he still seems to feel no remorse that his actions and only concentrates on his own survival.

In Hollywood, it's all about survival of the fittest. Griffin receives a pitch from movie, he thinks will be a complete flop. The writers particularly emphasised how they want no Hollywood stars, " this story is too important to be overwhelmed by personalities. No stars, no pat happy endings, no stick ups" Griffin excepts the film and hands it to Larry Levi.

Larry thinks it will be a wonderful film, as Griffin sits back, wait through to flop with test audiences, so he can come in and save the day. By making it with big name stars and the most important thing, a happy ending. Of course, as always in the movies, he pulls it off. He gets to be head executive of the studio, gets the girl, and lives happily ever after.

Bonny She row is the only character, we see who has a conscience, and he knows what is right and what is wrong. You could almost say, she is moral voice of the film. As an audience would respect at the same time, we feel sorry for Bonny. She works hard at the studio. She supports Griffin and helps him to through his hard period.

See successfully gets the Tom Wolf protect and also backs Griffin when he comes up with the Habeas Corpus idea, not knowing. It is Griffin's way of making Larry Levi look foolish in front of the whole studio. Bonny is the victim of corruption when, after all, her morality is the only breath of reality. She is fired and turned upon by Griffin, the same man she once loved and trusted. Corruption is rife in Hollywood, and it is evident in the player. Underhanded schemes and tricks to further enhance one standing in Hollywood cutthroat society.

Griffin plays the game sometimes too well and it makes him many enemies, but his intricate web of lies and deceit come at a price, his morality and respect from Bonny. Corruption has claimed Griffin but he can not be blamed, it is a Hollywood society that he works and lives in, and that's reality.