No doubt society has been mystified with the perpetual definition of the pleasures of love. Defining the universal meaning was a difficult matter, even trying to explain it seemed to take aeons. Time is awfully short in this world and society's patience to unravel the pleasures of love was all but vanished. From there, individuals have taken up the cause and defined these ever mysterious words on their own beliefs. Today, most people's perception of love is firmly placed on the sexual aspects while others conceived the pleasures of love as "its epiphanies, its ecstasies, its disillusionments, its duties, its burdens or its martyrdom (pg 51)." However, Robertson Davies approached the definition in a different way. By ignoring these popular conceptions, Davies has truly and accurately defined the pleasures of love as the personal experience of lovers which are felt directly.

The main conventional belief expressed was that love can be fully felt through time. But more importantly, are the conversations that are needed to sustain the union between a couple. Both communication and time are essential if lovers are truly to unite with one another. The unity between a couple must survive the test of time in order to experience the true meaning of love. As Davies wrote, the pleasures of love are not fully utilized primarily by our youths since they are usually the first ones in line to experience the aromas of love. So true are Romeo and Juliet who were fallen victims to their first experience in love.

If their attempted suicides have been averted, through time, Romeo and Juliet would see pass their passion and glance directly into their souls. Their differences both in ideas and characteristics would have quickly separated these poor souls. Romeo and Juliet are based on the premise that first love is always short and sweet and were never meant to solidify a bond that is just being created. Amateurs in the game of love, most of our younger adolescents lack the fundamental knowledge of identifying their own tastes.

What they perceived as "final true love" for each other was nothing more than human experimentation, or what society called "dating." Even our revolutionary scientists, did not invent their sophisticated theories or technologies in one single night. These brilliant scientists suffered the process of trial and error while the hands of time flung around and around, stopping for no one. Yet these people have accomplished what was once thought impossible and helped humanity gain an evolutionary step. This same process of trial and error has always dictated a couple's fate. Even if success or failure tittered on the balance, time has always tested couples to their limits.

Those who have stood defiant are the best examples of faithful lovers than those whose love were fragile and weak. Love is strengthened through the process of time and it will be reflected on a couple's bond for each other. In any relationship, communication must also become the highest precedence for any couple who wishes to sustain the fires within them. If human beings were born with their mouths and eyes stitched together, their ears and noses plugged and their ability to touch were numbed, it would awfully frustrating for one to actually get the attention of another human being, let alone make a conversation. If one wishes to sustain a relationship, one must perceive oneself as a member of a hockey team. Communication is necessary since one needs to know from other teammates when to retreat, when to go to the offensive or defensive.

The couple would breeze through life's challenges if communication was practiced. However, if it was non-existent, chaos and destruction would surely ensue and ruin the couple's ability to push forward in life. Davies stated that communication binds the pleasures of love and it must be heeded if couples wish to congeal their relationship. There was cruel saying during the last war that "Ottawa was full of brilliant men, and the women they had married when they were very young (pg 54)." If the neglect in communication was only a myth, then perhaps both men and women could have made a better impression upon society. A silence in communication would spell the death wish for any relationship. Anyone can tell that if one doesn't water their plants on a constant basis, the plants would wither and die out.

Thus, conversation opens many doors between a couple such as stories, emotions or ideas. These reveal any strengthens and weaknesses the relationship might hide and just talking about it reinforces the love between the couple. So much so that it could extend a relationship for many decades to come. As Davies wrote, couples need to understand that the pleasures of love are there to unite them together. These vibrant ambiances build a definition of a couple and with every emotion or feeling articulated; another layer of colour is painted on them. Time is projected as the many vivid colors that increase in intensity as they age.

While communication is crafted as a brush which stylize and deepen the layers of paint. If one would exclude communication and time, it would be impossible for a relation to grow and mature.