Villarreal 1 Jacob Villarreal English 1301 Mr. Graver 23 September 2003 The Preparation The seats empty, as an eaten box of cracker jacks that lies in the aisle, are folded up waiting to be sat in. The empty aisle, full of popcorn and trays of half eaten nachos, waited to be cleaned. The smell of grass overwhelmed the air, followed by the smell of wet paint. The grass, recently cut with a John Deere lawnmower, without a slither of cut grass glistened within the freshly painted boundaries. Nor was there an area that appeared as though it had been deviated.

The lawnmower now sat at one of the two end zones marked 49 ers, as a gray haired man wearing white clothing and his headphones blasted Elvis Priestly. He began pushing along a worn down painting implement from the same end zone. The painter was very cautious in ensuring the pureness of each yard line. The labors of the painted lines were completed with the intent, that the act was meritorious.

While the unsettled paint continued drying, a second gray haired man with a mustache, the equipment manager, began driving down the sideline in a noisy three-wheeled "EZ-Go" go-cart full of field markers and bright-orange pylons. The equipment manger started at one corner of an end zone and put out two orange pylons, then he continued driving down the sideline putting red and white numbered field markers, every ten yards. Once he reached the opposing end zone, he would put two more bright pylons, one at each corner. An identical act was committed to the opposing sideline.

Villarreal 2 The equipment manager would then removed himself from the go-cart, and placed soft 49 er marked pads around each vivid, yellow field goal post. In order to secure the pads the equipment manager used various Velcro straps on the underside and laced it up from the outside. During all of this field preparation, a crew of about twenty franticly worked to clean up the stands. The painter then proceeded, to paint the numbers, hash marks, and sideline boxes on each sideline. Afterward, the painter continued onto the end zone and began painting with red, gold, black, and white paint, in order to revitalize the faded "49 ers'" logo in each end zone. The equipment manager went to the equipment room and brought out several tables.

The equipment manager and a younger man quickly unfolded the tables and placed three on each sideline, within the sideline box. The two returned to the equipment room and came out with four orange Gatorade jugs, filled with red Gatorade, leaking from the top. The two men placed two jugs on each sideline. They also came out with a box full of headsets for the coaches on each side.

After setting down the jugs, the two began to assemble the headsets and then testing them to ensure they were functional. One of the headsets seemed to be giving them problems, so they grabbed another from the equipment room. While the equipment manager and the other man were setting up the headsets, another young man came out in a red collared shirt with a 49 ers' logo and trainer embroidered in white, on the right breast. He came equipped with an immense bag of training equipment and began unloading it on his own table next to the others. The team came out and formed stretch lines, where they began warm-ups and agilities.

The quick feet of the wide receivers and the running backs stomped on the grass, as they ran their routes, which brought out the smell of the dirt Villarreal 3 beneath. Music began to play as the team warmed up and a man on the microphone said "Testing, Testing 1... 2... 3!" Once the team had finished, they all quickly jogged to the locker room. The lights began to flicker as they attempted to turned on. The bright, white lights eventually completely turn on, as it put a glare on the semi-moist grass.

The stadium was now ready to hold the 49 ers' home, season opener against the Arizona Cardinals. An hour before kick off, the seats slowly began to fill up. As the seats began to fill, the aroma of stadium food filled the warm, evening air. The attire of many in the stadium, consisted of, red and gold to cheer on their team.

The much anticipated kick off was near and the crowd was growing wild. The players began to run out in their red and gold uniforms, through an arc-shaped tunnel. Before the players reached the end of the tunnel, the clicking of cleats against the ground echoed through the tunnel. Once they reached the end, a sudden explosion of sound waves filled the air as the announcer presented the 49 ers. The captains of each team met at the center of the field for the coin flip and the 49 ers called tails, and elected to receive the football.

Each team had their eleven men on the field, to position themselves for the kick off. The kicker set up the brown leather football onto the rubber tee and took five steps back. He raised his right hand; as soon as he dropped his hand his teammates began running hastily down the field. The season for the 49 ers had now begun as they prepared for a 17 game season. Villarreal 4 Commendation: In my description, I attempted to associate various techniques in the writing. In the writing I use a combination of description and narration.

I first use suggestive description with an observer. The description is from a fixed point of view, where the observer sees all that occurs in the stadium. In the beginning, I attempt to display details, in order, to foreshadow the location. I used the end image technique to focus the reader on the details and then present the image near the end of the writing. To ensure this, I used less-than-obvious detail to not give the location away to soon. The writing also contains an impressionistic pattern.

I used various olfactory words, which I highlighted, to display the texture and environment. I also used descriptive sentences to develop the environment. I incorporated as many different that are similar, to make the writing realistic.