The Sound And The Fury was written by William Faulkner in 1929. Faulkner was born in Mississippi and grew up in the South. The book is based around the Compson family. It shows the different steps that the family takes, which in the end, leads to annihilation of the Compson family.

The fall of the family name symbolizes the region in the South during the time period of Faulkner's life. The book also gives off the feeling that Faulkner believed that life was without meaning, and in the end time only brought defeat. The plot was about the Compson family and how dysfunctional they are. It shows how a family that once had a very proud name can fold beneath its feet as time went on. In the end of the story, one son was dead due to suicide. Another son was mad at the world and sent his own brother off to the metal institution.

The daughter ran away and would not return, leaving a kid behind. Both Mr. and Mrs. Compson were dead, and the maid was fired.

The story is told from three different points. Benjy, who is mentally handicapped and thinks like a five year old, first tells the story. Quentin tells his side of the story and ends when he kills himself. James, another son, who is greedy and a thief tells the other side of the story. After hearing several peoples stories you finally get the idea of what actually happened.

Then you pick out the truth and the fiction. The story was based around the Compson family. The father was an alcoholic who never spent time with his family. Mrs. Compson was always feeling sorry for herself, and she did not pay much attention to what was going on with her kids. Mr.

And Mrs. Compson had three boys and one girl. Their oldest son, Quentin, committed suicide when he was a freshman in college. Their second oldest, Jason, was bitter and angry at the world. He was mad at his sister, Caddy, for driving Quentin over the edge when she lost her virginity and became pregnant.

Caddy eventually ran away and sent her kid to be raised with her Jason and her mother. Then there was Benjy who was Mr. and Mrs. Compson's youngest son. Benjy was a thirty-three year old idiot. Benjy was very fond of Caddy and always loved being around her.

Benjy never got along with Jason, and after Quentin's death and his sister that ran away he did not have much to hope for. Delsey, the maid pretty much raised the kids for Mrs. Compson. She was the only one that had a good grip on life. William Faulkner wrote this story from several different characters points of view. He wanted to make the reader decide what really happened and what was fiction.

This causes you to be very confused at the beginning of the book and wondering what is going on. You have to read the middle and the end before you can really realize what went on in the beginning. This style was quite unique and enjoyable to read once everything falls into place.