It was just about 6: 00 am Saturday morning when, Jessica, came in to the room to wake her two sons, Joe and Bobby. For this, was the day they had been waiting for all year. It was their yearly trip to Six Flags. As the boys got dressed they couldn't help but to think about all the fun they were going to have.

During the car ride, the boys could already smell the popcorn and taste the sugary cotton candy melting in their mouths. As they got out of the car and walk towards the entrance, they could see the people standing in line. Then they heard the roller coasters roaring like hungry lions. As they went through the gates, Jessica asked, Joe and Bobby, which ride they wanted to ride first, to which they suddenly replied The Texas Giant.

And since they were right next to it, Jessica said ok. They didn't have to wait in line for very long for their turn. Right before they got on they realized they had a problem, there was three of them and only two could be to a seat. After looking around for a couple of seconds, they ran into Jason, who was also there with his two sons, Jordan and Chad. So it was: Jessica and Jason, Joe and Bobby, and Jordan and Chad. They ended up to be the only people on this ride at the time.

As they started going up the huge hill, they could feel their hands sweating as they squeezed the handlebars. That's when they heard this weird clanking noise. Then all of a sudden the ride just stopped. At that time the four boys started freaking out and were yelling to their parents.

So in order to keep the boys calm Jason said, how Heather Smith about we each tell a little something about ourselves. I'll go first, I wear a business suit, carry a brief case and a lab top everywhere I go. Jessica said, I'm always sad and I love my sons. Joe said, I'm blind and I love roller coasters. Jordan said, I weight 56 pounds, I swim like a fish, and I love peanut butter sandwiches. Bobby Said, I wear blue overalls, have only my front teeth and have puppy dog eyes.

Last but not least Chad said, I love to get dirty and to play outside. About the time that Chad finished, the ride started back up, and their day went on just as they had dreamed it would be.