People consider friendship to be one of the most complex and ever changing concepts that individuals try to comprehend but companionship can be the most amazing thing in the world. Friendship contains many components that make it unique but the main one are that friends must enjoy one another's company and be useful to each other as Robert N. Bellah correctly states in his passage "Citizenship and Friendship." Bellah accurately affirms that friends enjoy each other's company even though they possess different perspective on issues that they are committed. In friendship, people confide in others when they needs emotional support, guidance, and help in tangible situation; hence, the importance of comradeship is that friends enjoy one another's' company, help one another, and possess a common commitment to the good. People take pleasure in other individuals' presences, which make human beings develop a friendship between each other. Bellah correctly states that in order people to become friends, individuals have to enjoy one another's company.

In the twentieth first century, people were friends with other individuals because they enjoyed being in the company of people that they were fond of. People would rather be in the presence of someone that they like than some person that they dislike because people favor to be in an atmosphere where hate does not present itself. People choose to be in the presence of people who they enjoyed being with rather than being in the company with people who they dislike and possess a great amount of wealth, which people did in the early 1900 s. Therefore, people would rather have the company of people who makes them happy.

My grandfather Diem and his neighbor Juan were friends from when my grandfather came to America in the mid 1950 s to the day he died. They did everything together from exercising to fishing because they enjoyed each other's company where they would laugh and talked about political issues. In addition, they enjoyed each other's presence because they could give each other guidance and help each other in tangible situations. Therefore, my grandfather and his neighbor were friends because they enjoyed each other's company. Furthermore, people can enjoyed one another's company and help each other in order to become friends. In friendship, individuals aid each other when they need help with their problems.

Bellah abhors that people need to be useful to one another in order to be friends, which Aristotle, the apprentice of the famous scholar Plato, agrees as well. In friendship, people help and motivate their friends to succeed in achieving their goal, which make them useful to each other. When my friend Steven gave up on reaching his goal to attend college, I helped him to keep on trying to achieve his dream and never to give up on his it. In addition, I reminded he reason why he wanted to attend college, to succeed in life and to open his own automobile business. By supporting and helping him to reach his goal, I motivated his determination to achieve his dream and became a better friend. The support when a friend gives to another companion brings out the determination to succeed and to support a comrade.

Therefore, I was useful to my friend Steven, which made us become friends in the first place. Furthermore, I became friends with someone else when he was useful to me rather than me helpful to someone else. When I went through depression over the death of my father, my friend Long helped me to go on with my life and stopped me from inflicting any more damage to my soul and body. Long gave me the support to go on with my life by saying things such as "Does your father want you to live your life miserably and hurting yourself by not eating and crying." He helped me to wake up from the black hole that I had made of depression because he said things to encourage me to live my life and accepted my father's death. Therefore, our friendship grew stronger because he helped me escape from depression and accepted that my father was deceased. Therefore, people become friends because they are useful to each other that they help each other from ruining their lives.

Throughout the many unique and individual experiences in a friendship, having something in common is one of the most important attributes. Bellah affirms that the traditional ideas of friendships consists of three essential components such as that "friends they must share a common commitment to the good." John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were friends that wrote to each other continuously but the letters stopped when they chose to do virtuous deeds on different political side. Even though Adams and Jefferson chose to commit themselves to be on different political sides for good, they remained friends after the republic's emerging party struggle. Their friendships grew as they "put their common concern for the public good ahead of their partisan disagreement." Their friendship existed with enriching letters until both of them died on the nation's fiftieth anniversary, July 4 1826. Therefore, friendships exist because people must share a common commitment to the good. Furthermore, comrades put their differences aside and focus on doing something good for the nation rather than arguing over the issues that does not help the nation.

In World War, people developed friendships with other individuals as they performed good deeds for their nations as well as other in order to deal with the occurring crisis. Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of Great Britain, and Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States, became friends when they fought to stop Hitler's reign of terror and the annihilation of the Jews. Although they started as strangers in the beginning of the war, they ended becoming friends as they went to repetitive meetings about the war and to stop the world war from getting worse. Churchill and Roosevelt became friends as they plotted to end the war even though they had different perspective in politics and battle strategies. Therefore, by working together for the common good, they became friends even though Roosevelt died before the war ended.

Furthermore, Churchill and Roosevelt confide in each other with their ideas, found a common bond that made them friends, and end Hitler's reign of dictatorship. Moreover, people became friends because they share a common commitment for the universal good. Additionally, individuals become friends because they share commitment for the good, which benefits the world. A friendship is the most amazing entity in the world because friendship is certainly one of the most important elements in the in a person's life. The essential components that make up comradeship is that friends must enjoy one another's' company, must help one another, and must possess a common commitment to the good.

No matter what aspects that cause people to not become friends in the past does not hinder the presents due to the fundamental components of friendship.