My World View The concept of worldview is a very important topic. Worldview would also be important in establishing a person's identity, and the influence it has on a person's interpretation of surrounding emotions and feelings. This would be essential to a person's view of the world and the environment. I often view my surroundings in a way that alters and provides myself with different ways of thinking. One example would be music and appreciating things that come to you. Music has been a very important part of my life and it has shaped in many ways how I view the world.

Music allows me to put myself apart from the rest of the world. Music is in someway, shape or form my hiding place. There are many ways a person could look at this situation. Many people are affected by music everyday and these experiences can affect the way a person thinks of them. As a young child, the moment that I learned what music was and how I could use it to shape my own life, I began to fall in live with it. I discovered that music was more than just sound and that it could be used to express emotions as well as a way of communication.

Music has made a very large impact on my life, and it has taught me who I really am and what I can become. Throughout my life I have been very active in chorus and concert choir. I have also been active in musical theater. I am now active in the UNC P concert choir here on campus.

I can truly say that music is my life and just being 18 years old I have a long road ahead of me. When I graduate from college I hope to become a very famous singer and actor. My goal is to touch the lives of people who have never really experienced "true" music. In Edward Birge's, History of Public School Music in the United States, a very valuable tool is taught. "In the next generation the aim is to have every child learn to read music because the power is the key to an understanding of its treasures, a valuable which was concerned mainly with the child's future.

(Birge pg. 159) I feel that music has been the foundation to many things in the world such as allowing people to compose it and adapting a fan club. The perfect example of this would be Britney Spears. She has grown to become a true teen idol. She saw the world with a positive out look and now she has reached her goals and she is rich and famous. The meaning of the word music is, an organized tones, in sequences and combinations, which make up a continuous composition involving pitch, harmony and rhythm.

This could be very symbolic to our lives. We could be in pitch with other people, in harmony, meanings "complete agreement", and we could all have rhythm and keep life in a steady pace. One person that has affected the way I view the world and has aided in helping me discover the true me is Leonard Bernstein. Bernstein was a wonderful composer and conductor who had a very large impact on the lives of people in the 1950's. Bernstein discovered that recent shows in that era were neither "opera" nor "light entertainment", but something "between the lines." (Crawford pg. 770) In essence to my worldview, I feel that many people have many ways that they view their surrounding and they way that they influence our experiences.

I feel that "Music" has been the biggest aspect of me thus far. There are many questions that one could ask, "How do I define my world? What experiences have shaped my concept of the world? What experiences have shaped my sense of identity? I feel that worldview come deep within and it is only up to the person to seek it out and discover it. I see the world as a place that has many opportunities. It is up to that person to discover those possibilities and put them to use. As I get older my worldview may change. I may soon find more things that interest me and things that I would want my life to be crafted after.

Right now, at this present moment it is music, and I can say that it has been a good experience. Maybe in the years to come I can find someone that would want to share the experience with. Worldview is a very important topic and it is up to you to discuss the possibilities.