I am pretty confident that I am a healthy person; I always keep myself active about 3-4 days a week in many activities such as basketball, weight training and other, activities that keep my heart rate elevated and working at or close to my predicted max heart rate. As an athletic individual I try to eat healthy and working at different intensities and levels but to be accurate of how hard you are working a polar heart rate monitor will give me a clear outlook at heart rate during activity or exercise and that will be a great self assessment test. The positive factors of the results from the polar graph were that I had an accurate graphing of what my maximum heart rate was at the moment of activity. It gives a precise measurement of exercise intensity, you can train at your own pace with a heart rate monitor, and it is a good tool for regulating frequency and intensity of workouts.

I was able to allocate the average heart rate, any increase or decrease that can help as a starting point for determining whether I need to change my exercise to increase and strengthen overall health and how prescribe exercise to help develop a better way to increase cardiovascular health. While reading the graphs the heart rate had a sudden drop during the run because of the polar heart rate monitor and its ineffectiveness at times. I was surprised that my heart rate didn't elevate past the maximum heart rate, because I thought I was working harder then the output of the graph, I thought that I was well at or above the level because of the heart rate I took through the pulse rate at my neck. And the values didn't correspond to what I thought was the rate but it may have been due to human error. As far as efficiency I think the polar heart rate monitors are very useful and should be used as a way to keep track of improvements and deficits with my exercise..