Does the Media really influence the eating habits of today's youth? I think the media is the main reason people have eating disorders. If there was no one in the world to judge you you would think you were normal. But the sad fact is that almost anywhere you go you are judged by your looks and not by your personality. According to Eating Disorders Awareness Prevention, 66 percent of high school girls and 17 percent of boys are on diets at any given time. And one out of eight high school girls has vomited to eliminate calories. Although people's body images play a major role in eating disorders, it's not the only cause.

A number of factors, including cultural and family pressures, chemical imbalances, and emotional and personality disorders, may contribute to anorexia and bulimia. The children most at risk are the people who are so worried about what everyone thinks about them. Another reason people get eating disorders is because they are concerned over their physical appearance, they worry about dating, grades and popularity. Eating disorders are even more common with girls who come from families placing great value on achievement and appearance." Parents and family members should be careful about how they respond to a child's eating habits. Even joking comments may have an effect on a child's perception of her body. Eating disorders are very serious and if anyone has one they should contact an adult.

I think it is wrong to comment on children's problems in a bad way.