is the intentional killing by act of the dependent person for his or her benefit. There are four types of euthanasia. Voluntary and direct, is chosen and carried out by the patient. Voluntary, but indirect, is chosen in advance. Direct, but involuntary, is done for the patient without his or her request. Indirect and involuntary occurs when a hospital decides that it is time to remove life support.

The first doctor name Harold Blazer was charged for the death of his daughter; he performed euthanasia in 1935. His daughter was a victim of cerebral spinal meningitis. He killed her by placing a handkerchief soaked with chloroform over her face until she died. He had taken care of her for thirty years then, suddenly, he killed her. He was acquitted in his trial. Euthanasia has positives and negatives aspects, but, negatives overweight the positives.

One of the positive aspects of euthanasia is it relieves the patients from the pain forever. Once you decide, euthanasia will be performed by the doctors. People who would prefer euthanasia are especially the older ones. There are many old patients who have uncontrollable pain and suffering; they consider euthanasia as the only solution instead of finding the cure. Therefore, they try to get rid of the pain forever with euthanasia, which is one of the positive effects of euthanasia. However euthanasia provides the possibility of preventing advancement in the medical field.

Most doctors and nurses are totally committed to saving lives. It is their duty to save lives and find cure for pain instead of giving up. Quitting is not the solution of solving a problem, especially when we talk about life. If we legalize euthanasia then the doctors and nurses might not try hard enough to save the patient. They will quit their medical tasks easily if they have any option of euthanasia. It is an insult for doctors and nurses if any patient dies.

When they try their best at least they would be satisfied of their work. If they have the option of euthanasia, then they will not commit a lot of time to medical research for the benefits of patients. In addition, euthanasia is an unethical act. Many people embrace euthanasia, especially old people, people with disabilities, also people who are ill and depressed all the time. This is because they don't want to live in pain and suffering.

Pain and suffering are natural parts of life, which can be harsh and unusual, but killing or taking a life away is not a solution; even the doctors have no right to take away a life. Religious people don't believe in murder. Euthanasia goes against religious beliefs; and it considered unethical by most religion. "Thou shall not kill is also translated as you shall not murder." (The controversy over euthanasia). Life is beautiful; suffering from pain shouldn't make it worse such that you consider about killing yourself. Doesn't it sound right you were born naturally and you should die naturally? Let your death come naturally when it is meant to be.

Most family members benefit from euthanasia as they watch their loved ones who were in constant pain and leave their world of misery. On the other hand, people would like to see their loved ones recover. Therefore, they are against euthanasia. Euthanasia has negative effects on society as it prevents the advancement in medical science. Also, it is considered as an unethical act in most religions.

Instead of trying to legalize euthanasia, the people should make sure that the doctors are taught and uses, effective pain management. Euthanasia is a wrong act, it shouldn't be legalized.