With technological advances every day, the human heart and the artificial heart are beginning to bridge the gap between the artificial and the natural. These two objects are becoming very similar, yet the human heart still has many advantages over the artificial heart. The human heart still ranks superior over the artificial heart because of its structure, design, and the fact that it can be medically treated and become stronger. Primary, the human heart differs from the artificial heart because of their unique operating characteristics. The human heart runs off of energy produced by the body, in the form of sugar. The human heart also grows with the body as the person matures, and can adjust to different situations it encounters like exercise and stress.

The artificial heart operates differently than the human heart. An air compressor located outside the body must power the mechanical device. It does not change in size nor adjust to the different demands that it may encounter during normal activities and stresses of the human body. Another aspect in which the human heart differs from the artificial heart is their different physical characteristics. The human heart has several distinguishable traits.

The human heart is proportional to a person's body, weighing approximately 300 grams in an adult. The human heart is a muscular, cone-shaped organ about the size of a clenched fist. The human heart makes a sound that resembles a thumping sound and pumps at 70 beats a minute. Lastly, it is very strong and resilient, and is unlikely to stop until you die. The artificial heart has many different traits than the human heart. First, it is a dull colored, lifeless machine.

It is made of molded polyurethane plastic and is hollow with valves and chambers to resemble the human heart. The artificial heart does not sound like the human heart. It only makes a slow, whirling sound. The mechanical device may become defective, and the human body can reject the foreign materials. The complications of replacing a defective or rejected device are life threatening to the human body. The last reason why the human heart is better than the artificial heart is because of the medical treatments and exercise that affect both hearts.

The human heart can receive surgery and medication that will help make it work longer and more efficiently. The body also accepts the human heart which helps run every organ of the body. The human heart is able to get stronger by doing exercises, maintaining a healthy diet, and living a wholesome lifestyle. Ultimately, the heart can become healthier and stronger. The quality of life with a human heart is greatly enhanced with choices and freedoms to lead a productive, satisfying life.

The artificial heart is different because it is immune to medical treatments. This means that if the artificial heart is defected, it cannot be treated to help the person live. The body also can reject the artificial heart. With an artificial heart, your life in consumed with constant medical supervision. Your lifestyle and choices are restricted by the limitation of an artificial heart. The artificial heart cannot get stronger by doing exercises because it is made of plastic, and the plastic will stay the same as long as the person lives.

In conclusion, the similarities of the human heart and the artificial heart are progressing towards each other every day, yet the human heart still has many advantages over the artificial heart. The human heart is a near perfect machine only hindered by the harmful choices of humans. The human heart has been near perfection since the beginning of man, and an artificial heart will never surpass it.