Running head: THE NEUMAN'S SYSTEM MODEL This group did an assessment of learning needs for the class regarding neuman's system model, and found out that some students were still unclear about the applications of this system model. Students needed more in depth education of the different levels of prevention and how they apply to the nursing process. When the instructor presented the neuman's system theory in class, there were students who had difficulties differentiating the three levels of prevention. The group presented an in depth introduction with different scenarios of the three levels of prevention. The group also engaged the class with discussion and had the class answer questions to the different scenarios, while using power points and pictures to give more visual interpretation. The group emphasized the nurse's role in the context of neuman's system model.

Think about a client getting a coronary artery bypass surgery in the context of the NSM. For example, does the type of surgery or even the underlying medical diagnosis matter to the NSM nurse? Or does the NSM nurse look at a client's systems regardless of medical procedures and medical diagnosis, in terms of intra personal, interpersonal and extra personal stressors in each variable area and the strength of their flexible and normal lines of defence and their lines of resistance? (Neuman B, 2002. Message from betty Neuman. , http.

web p. 5). This is a good essay since it shows how nursing models are now applied by the nursing department in their daily work. Thesjjhghhhhh njhhdshhdjs hsdhhjdskkds dhsjkdsjjjds dshhdhkdk dsk ki s ii iui sdi du ds fio 8 ss uomo dso s.