Time: 5 Hours (All time indications throughout the syllabus are for on-ground students. ) 1. Review the objectives from Week One, and discuss additional insights and questions that may have arisen. 2. Little, Brown Search Activity Have each team member participate in the search. Search for the following information in the text, The Little, Brown Compact Handbook.

Also prepare a one-page, typed list showing the page numbers in The Little, Brown Compact Handbook where the following information can be found: a. Using the University of Phoenix Virtual Writing Lab; b. Developing a thesis statement; c. Making your writing more concise; d. Key elements of a paper that is written as an argument; e. Structuring an introduction for an essay that you are developing; f.

Developing a research question or hypothesis; g. Conducting a keyword electronic search; h. Using transitional expressions to help your writing flow; i. Formatting the first page of your academic paper; j. Uses of the semicolon and the colon; k. Documenting a source in the text of your paper; l.

Documenting a source in the text of your paper when you are quoting someone else; m. Key points to look for when editing a paper; n. Preparing a citation at the end of your paper for a journal article you retrieved from the University of Phoenix Library Online Collection; and o. Editing symbols your instructor may use when marking your papers; 3.

Outline of the Team Presentation on an Adult Learning Skill a. Discuss and choose a topic for the Learning Team Paper and Presentation on an Adult Learning Skill due in Workshops Four and Five. The topic may be any adult learning skill, such as time management, study skills, or stress management. b. Create an outline for the Learning Team Presentation in Workshop Five. These assignments are due in Workshop Two.

Week Two Adult Learning o Analyze and identify personal learning styles. Research Skills o Utilize online search techniques. Team Skills o Recognize the team development process. Written Communication Skills o Identify the five steps of the writing process. o Identify writing mechanics. o Demonstrate an understanding of University of Phoenix resources (e.

g. , the Writing Lab). ASSIGNMENTS  INDIVIDUAL 1. Read Chapters 2, 5, and 6 in the text, Peak Learning. 2. Read "Getting Started" in the text, Tools for Teams.

3. Read "Goal Setting and Time Management" in the text, Keys to Success, and review the application exercises at the end of the chapter. All other assignments will be provided by instructors in the course-specific Course Syllabus, which will be given to you the first night of class. Week Three Critical Thinking Skills o Identify and apply critical thinking skills.

Personal Management o Analyze and identify time management skills. o Analyze and identify stress management techniques. o Analyze and identify useful study skills. o Perform a realistic self-assessment and examine expectations. Research Skills o Demonstrate an understanding of the Internet and the University of Phoenix Library Online Collection. o Demonstrate an understanding of standard library research.

o Explain the concept of plagiarism and how to avoid it. o Apply organizational skills to the research process. Team Skills o Develop an understanding of ways to plan team projects. Written Communication Skills o Identify methods of citation and documentation.

ASSIGNMENTS  INDIVIDUAL 1. Read chapter 7 in the text Peak Learning. 2. Read "Critical and Creative Thinking" in the text Keys to Success. 3. Read "Getting to Results" in the text Tools for Teams.

All other assignments will be provided by instruct.