Steroids have over-inflated the popular demand for conformity within the male muscle and has enhanced the fashionable yet hazardous method of enhancing one's body to correspond with the muscular and dexterous shape portrayed advocated from the media and the propaganda from extension of time. Testosterone in the male is produced mainly in the testis which a small amount being produced in the adrenal which is synthesized from cholesterol causing the regulation of its production of the stimulating hormone within the human body. Steroids are used to reduce the fat level within the body and discharge the muscle stimulating hormones which can often cause the over-inflated development of the muscular and skeletal structure of one's body. Given doses through either oral or injectable dosages and since athletes whom intake these illegal substances are subject to detection, they choose oral dosage since it lasts for a shorter duration within the body and personally, I think that the implementation of this substandard method of winning is devious and agree with the stringent regulations of professional sports in correlation to the execution of these harmful possessions. The optimistic sides of steroids are that they seem to be able to squelch the body's fabrication of the stress hormone cortisol preceding exercise and since cortisol is actually a muscle tissue destroyer, keeping the levels of cortisol down reduces muscle damage and allows for faster recuperation after extraneous exercising so that athletes are kept in fit shape. Even though these steroids have had a positive impact on the world of professional sports, they evidential ly are destroying the fate of virtuous sports since these deceitful forms of augmentation of the muscular structure and amplification of the muscles and bodily configuration.

Even though steroids have sufficed the wondrous image of the muscular male body, they have had profound effects upon the human body whilst they have produced a false imagery of the muscular representation which the media has embellished within the popular demand. Steroids can often have conniving effects upon the body and they can often result in outrageous effects upon the body which can be deviously repented for in the obscurity of the body figure and they can even be fatal when used inadequately or in wrong supplements. Anabolic steroids are synthetic hormones that cause the body to produce muscle and prevent muscle breakdown and implementation within professional sports can often result in termination of their contract or suspension within the league until the athlete can attain a true body figure without the mischievous implementation of steroids. Steroids can often result in death since the overworked bodily hormones can therefore cause the muscles to over expand at a impulsive rate which to many, is a deadly process.

Ultimately, athletes should just refuse the deadly hormone and work virtuously toward their goal of conventionality to the popular demand. The imagery of the muscular image can undoubtedly be assimilated to due to hard work and extraneous exercise so that they can therefore be part of the popular demand without using false techniques toward attaining their fundamental objective. Steroids can cause the human body to violently react to foreign substances and chemicals which are unnatural to the body. Whenever athletes portray themselves within a valiant structure whilst implementing the devious form of steroids which can falsely embellish expectations within the popular image. The steroids can undoubtedly kill and damage the conformity of attractiveness and popular demand. Conclusively, steroids are a form of devious backstabbing and cheating method in which to gain popularity and this irreconcilable form of self development can have tortuous effects on the human body and they can eventually provide an athlete with a winding path of death due to the steroids' effect upon their mental and physical well-being.

Athletes simply cheat their own personal imagery when they distort their bodies with these malicious supplements which can have irreversible effects upon the athletes body and hormone stimulants so eventually, they will actually loose their wondrous conformity. Which was once a wondrous drug and stimulant has now turned into a deadly substance which has been banned by the national sporting leagues and has been looked down upon for years due to its horrendous reputation so that inevitably, athletes will resort to other forms of muscular gain and skeletal development. The popular imagery of a steroid indulged being has been demoralized so that those whom advocate their inexpensive and efficient muscular gain are now ill-legalized due to their false gain and imagery of stature whilst those whom work hard to attain the body that they desire must take the perilous road to supremacy. Whilst the steroid partaken athletes can wallow within their bodily success, their triumph is only temporary since they will inevitably loose in the long run due to the un-moral aspects of the stimulant which has caused many athletes their professional career and holds future peril for those whom choose to implement the method within their daily workout and strategies. Steroids are comparatively banned and should remain so due to the dissipated fates which they hold for athletes and since the national federation of sports are stringent on their detection of steroids within an athlete's body, many are now forced into alternative methods of muscular build-up so that conclusively, the world will remain partially virtuous due to their hard work and studious exercise rather than efficient gain from a phenomenon advantage..