There are several reasons why people in general should not smoke. It can cause many diseases, cost alot, and death can be the final result. Many health related diseases can come from smoking. I can cause lung problems and throat problems. By smoking a pack a day you take the risk of never being able to use your voice again. By smoking a pack a day you also risk damaging your lungs which in most cases is always the end result smoking.

Smoking anywhere you go cost so much money. Someone who smokes a pack a day will spend about one hundred dollars a month on cigarette. The price of smoking is only going to go up, and the more you smoke the more money you are just throwing away. Death is the final result of smoking. People who smoke just damage there health so bad that it ends up resulting in death. It is shown that hundreds of people die each year from smoking.

Smoking is a serious thing and should not be taken lightly. Smoking is very addictive and only negative things can result from smoking. Before you light another cigarette think about all the poeple that have died from smoking so much. So many poeple harm their bodies each day and do not even realize they are doing it to themselves. So when the next time you get a need for a cigarette remember what you are doing to your body and how much harm you are really doing yourself.

You are the one making that choice so choose wisely.