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  • Biography Of Toulouse Lautrec - 377 words
    Artist Biography and Painting Critique Henri-Marie-Raymond de Toulouse-Lautrec Monfa, commonly known as Toulouse Lautrec, was born on November 24th, 1864. He lived out the entirety of his life in France, and died on September 9th, 1901. Born into a family of noble but inbred blood, he had inherently frail bones, and after a series of horrendous accidents, was crippled for life. During his recovery from one such accident, he discovered his love and talent for drawing and painting. He spent a considerable amount of time in Fernand Gormon's studio, and met with Vincent Van Gogh. He also visited many locations Van Gogh has worked at. They were both of the pre-impressionistic era. Lautrec's body ...
  • Benito Mussolini - 1,886 words
    History Benito Mussolini's Rise and Fall to Power BenitoMussolini had a large impact on World War II. He wasn'talways a powerful dictator though. At first he was a schoolteacher and a socialist journalist. He later married RacheleGuide and had 5 children. He was the editor of the Avanti,which was a socialist party newspaper in Milan. BenitoMussolini founded the Fasci di Combattimento on March of1919. "This was a nationalistic, anti liberal, and anti socialistmovement. This movement attracted mainly the lower middleclass."1 Fascism was spreading across Europe. Mussoliniwas winning sympathy from King Victor Emmanuel III.Mussolini then threatened to march on Rome. Thispersuaded King Victor Emma ...
  • Bethel School District Vs. Fraser - 539 words
    On April 26, 1983, Matthew Fraser, a student at Bethel High School in Bethel, Washington, delivered a speech nominating a fellow student for a student elective office to his fellow high school mates. The assembly was part of a school-sponsored educational program in self government. During the entire speech, Fraser referred to his candidate in terms of 'elaborate, graphic, and explicit sexual metaphor.' However, no obscene language was used. Fraser discussed his speech with three of his teachers. Two of the teachers testified at the trial that they informed Matthew the speech was 'inappropriate and that he probably should not deliver it.' They also mentioned that the speech might have 'sever ...
  • Biscarlvet - 452 words
    Mike MorenoDaughter: Mommy i know you have told me that no noses is common in our family but im old enough know to figure thats a bunch of b.s. So stop feeding me all this sheet and tellme the truth.Mrs.NoNose: Well honey its a long story actually. your father wasnt the only guy that i was married to. There was somebody before your father. He was biscarlervetieoes the horrible werewolf. He used to treat me Like i was his biotch and thats all. i was to afraid to break it off for fear of a de-nosing. When i learned that he was a werewolf though i flipped of course. What would you do. I was even more scared. So i hired your wonderful father to help me exterminate him. Now your father has always ...
  • Ben Frank - 873 words
    Benjamin Franklin, through hard work and perseverance, transformed himself into a philosopher, diplomat, inventor, writer, and scientist. (SOURCE) Franklin's contributions and ideas significantly encouraged major progress in the development our country and improvements that continue to affect society. He showed that with a strong desire and honest and hard work anything is possible. Unlike most politicians, he was a common person. He is also a hero in that he symbolizes hope and possibilities for many Americans. However, Franklin was not a perfect human being, and for that reason, some believe that his face should not grace the $100 bill. His legacy is undeniably a major part in our history ...
  • Brave New World - Is It A Warn - 1,107 words
    Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World in the 1930s. He made many future predictions and many or most of them have already come true but not to the extent that he writes about. The society in Brave New World is significantly different to the present one, and to the society in Huxley's time. Aldous Huxley wrote Brave New World not as a warning, but as something to look forward to.The people in Brave New World are everything we, as a society, want to be. Mustapha Mond sums up the perfections of the society in Brave New World with an explanation he gave John: "The world's perfect now. People are happy; they get what they want and they never want what they can't get. They're well off; they're safe; ...
  • Buddhism - 256 words
    Ravi ParikhPhil 2055/20/02Presentation Proposal1. My essay will basically help the reader get an understanding about what ethics and global ethics are and how they are related to Buddhism. It will also help give a brief understanding on the history of Buddhism. Some key points that I will focus on will be, what is so ethical within Buddhism? And How is Buddhism approach Global Ethics?2. Finally in the last part of the essay I will give my view on Buddhism and what it means to act ethically? I dot here is a solid answer to this and hope to give the easiest and most understanding in what it means. And also I will be talking about the common global ethics among religion, if there is a common gl ...
  • Blaise Pascal - 1,576 words
    Blaise Pascal Blaise Pascal was born at Clermont, Auvergne, France on June 19, 1628.He was the son of 'Etienne Pascal, his father, and Antoinette B'egone, his motherwho died when Blaise was only four years old. After her death, his only familywas his father and his two sisters, Gilberte, and Jacqueline, both of whomplayed key roles in Pascal's life. When Blaise was seven he moved fromClermont with his father and sisters to Paris. It was at this time that hisfather began to school his son. Though being strong intellectually, Blaise hada pathetic physique. Things went quite well at first for Blaise concerning his schooling.His father was amazed at the ease his son was able to absorb the classi ...
  • Baseball And Tobacco - 870 words
    Maybe steroids aren't the biggest problem?Steroids are a big issue now but even bigger should be chewing tobacco.By: Aaron ColeEnglish With all of the hype on the use of steroids in the past month among the baseball community, I think that baseball should also look at another serious affect to its players, chewing tobacco. Chewing tobacco and smoking tobacco has been affiliated with baseball since the 1840s mainly in the amateur leagues. A custom to the winning team would celebrate by lighting up a cigar after the game. But as more immigrants joined baseball through the 1860s and 1870s they brought their culture of rolling their own cigarettes and or chewing tobacco.As baseball grew in popul ...
  • Buffalo Bill - 1,085 words
    Buffalo Bill William Frederick Cody, also known as Buffalo Bill, was born into ananti-slavery family. He had a rough childhood, but despite this hardship hegrew up to be an adventurous wild west showman, and achieve many historicalgoals. On February 26, 1846, near the small town of LeClair, Iowa, William F.Cody was born to Isacc and Marry Ann Cody. At the time William had two sisters,Martha and Julia, and a brother, Samuel. But he ended up with three more sisters,Eliza, Helen, and May, and another brother, Charlie. In the first eight years ofhis childhood, William grew up on a farm his father owned and worked. Duringthis time, William had plenty of space on the Plains to play with his brothe ...
  • Baldwin In A Microcosm - 553 words
    Jessie BurkeAP English-3rd PeriodDr. CovelFebruary 11, 2000Baldwin in a microcosm'Not everything that is faced can be changedbut nothing can be changed until it is faced.'- James Baldwin Racism has been a part of American and world history for centuries, and has become a pattern in cultures. James Baldwin was an African-American author who, like many black men and women, struggled against the inherent hate/racism in America. Baldwin had the opportunity to travel to a microcosmic Swiss village atop a mountain. His story of the native's curiosity towards him and eventually fondness challenges the idea that racism is quickly overtaking the world. A microcosm, by definition is a representation o ...
  • Brave New World - A Defence Of Paradise-engineering - 5,041 words
    BRAVE NEW WORLD ?A Defence Of Paradise-EngineeringBrave New World (1932) is one of the most bewitching and insidious works of literature ever written. An exaggeration? Tragically, no. Brave New World has come to serve as the false symbol for any regime of universal happiness. For sure, Huxley was writing a satirical piece of fiction, not scientific prophecy. Hence to treat his masterpiece as ill-conceived futurology rather than a work of great literature might seem to miss the point. Yet the knee-jerk response of 'It's Brave New World!' to any blueprint for chemically-driven happiness has delayed research into paradise-engineering for all sentient life. So how does Huxley turn a future where ...
  • Brave New World - A Defence Of Paradise-engineering - 5,033 words
    ... is 'false' or inauthentic. In similar fashion, all forms of human genetic engineering and overt behavioural conditioning are to be tarred with the same brush. Conversely, the natural happiness of the handsome, blond-haired, blue-eyed Savage on the Reservation is portrayed as more real and authentic, albeit transient and sometimes interspersed with sorrow. The contrast between true and false happiness, however, is itself problematic. Even if the notion is both intelligible and potentially referential, it's not clear that 'natural', selfish-DNA-sculpted minds offer a more authentic consciousness than precision-engineered euphoria. Highly selective and site-specific designer drugs [and, ul ...
  • Buddhisms Four Noble Truths - 1,616 words
    Sarfo K. Mensah Jr.Buddhism Paper3/22/00Siddharta Gautama was twenty-nine years of age when he abandoned his family to search for a means to bring to an end his and other's suffering. He studied meditation with many teachers. At the age of thirty-five, Siddharta Gautama sat down under the shade of a fig or bo tree to meditate; he determined to meditate until he received enlightenment. After seven weeks he received the Great Enlightenment: the Four Noble Truths and the Eight-fold Path. Henceforth he became known as the Buddha. This Middle Way is a psychological-philosophical insight into the cause and cure of suffering and evil.In The Heart of the Buddha's Teaching, Thich Nhat Hanh provides a ...
  • Buddhisms Four Noble Truths - 1,542 words
    ... s us that true happiness and contentment are possible. When we give up useless craving and learn to live each day at a time, enjoying without restless wanting the experiences that life offers us, patiently enduring the problems that life involves without fear, hatred and anger, then we become content and free. Then, and only then, do we begin to live fully. Because we are no longer obsessed with satisfying our own selfish wants, we find we have so much time to help others satisfy their needs. This state is called Nirvana. We are free from all psychological suffering as well. This is called Final Nirvana."What or where is Nirvana?" one may ask. It is a dimension transcending time and spac ...
  • Business Plan - 2,174 words
    ... Concentric Network Corporation provides complete, easy-to-use Internet business solutions for small to medium-sized companies and customized Virtual Private Network and data center services for larger organizations. Concentric's portfolio of services for small to medium-sized companies includes high-speed DSL access, Web hosting and e-commerce. For larger organizations, the company offers dedicated Web hosting services and VPN solutions that enable an organization to securely and reliably communicate with its offices, mobile sales force, business partners, vendors and customers. Concentric offers a comprehensive portfolio of Web hosting and e-services for small and medium-sized businesse ...
  • Business Etiquette - 1,453 words
    Business Etiquette As your career progresses, you develop skills which are respected andexpected, professional etiquette. Professional etiquette builds leadership,quality, business, and careers. It refines skills needed for exceptionalservice. Whether you are an executive or just starting out, a seminar inProfessional business etiquette, nationally and internationally will definitelybe beneficial to you.Without proper business etiquette, you limit your potential, risk youimage, jeopardize relationships that are fundamental to business success.Etiquette, formerly perceived as soft skills, business professionals have foundthat etiquette influences their success because it differentiates them i ...
  • Business Etiquette - 1,612 words
    ... h, may I introduce Mr. Crane? (informal) AnnSmith, I would like you to meet Bill Crane. The first two examples often arepronounced as statements, not as questions. If you would like to make lessdistinction in who is being presented to who use forms as "this is" or just thepronouncing of names. If it should happen that you mention first the name of the person oflesser importance do not become flustered, simply alter the wording: "Mr. CraneI would like to introduce you to Ms. Smith." If you have reason to believe that two men (or two women) might alreadyhave met, you may choose to use this introduction: "Jack Smith, have you metJim Brown?" However, it is considered improper to ask a women ...
  • Beowulf - 787 words
    Beowulf, the Hero The epic poem Beowulf, which was told from generation to generation honoring modern Anglo-Saxon beliefs, describes a heroic man who saves a village in their time of need. By definition a hero is a man of exceptional quality. Exceptional quality doesn't even begin to describe the man that is Beowulf. Beowulf has many heroic characteristics from his super human strength to victoriously slaying monsters and other ferocious beasts. He has excellent leadership skills and commonly boasts of his achievements. Beowulf emerges as the true Anglo Saxon hero; who risks his life for the lives and well being of others. Others perceive Beowulf as a hero through his physical strength a ...
  • Bullet In Head Analysis Oral - 1,187 words
    Bullet in the HeadThis time the bullet cold rocked yaA yellow ribbon instead of a swastikaNothin' proper about ya propagandaFools follow rules when the set commands yaSaid it was blueWhen ya blood was redThat's how ya got a bullet blasted through ya headBlasted through ya headBlasted through ya headI give a shout out to the living deadWho stood and watched as the feds cold centralizedSo serene on the screen,You was mesmerizedCellular phones soundin' a death toneCorporations coldTurn ya to stone before ya realizeThey load the clip in omnicolourSaid they pack the 9, they fire it at prime timeThe sleeping gas, every home was like AlcatrazAnd mutha fuckas lost their mindsJust victims of the in-h ...

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