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  • Comparision Of Cities - 352 words
    3 Cities Comparison Paper: Alexandria, Egypt There are some differences between Alexandria in 1000 A.D and present day Alexandria, Egypt. There are also some similarities, too. In ancient times, the population of Alexandria was not actually calculated, but definitely far less than today. Presently, there is a population of approximately 3,380,000 people. Along with the increased population, comes a totally different way of life. In the past, people made their living trading products typical to their era and working for more prominent people. Nowadays, there are many factories and industries, such as oil refineries, automobile assembly plants, and textile plants. Trade is still a common way o ...
  • Cigarettes And Their Destruction Of The Brain - 597 words
    Cigarettes and Their Destruction of the Brain Smokers generally feel more comfortable after that especially importantfirst cigarette of the day. Within just a few seconds of 'lighting up,' smokingactivates mind-altering changes. Smokers are well aware of the long-term risksof their habit: such as lung cancer, heart disease, emphysema, and other deadlyillnesses. However, smokers are attracted by the immediate effects of smoking:'a stimulant that makes them seem to feel more alert, clearheaded and able tofocus on work.' Smoking however, does not really have these effects; what thesmoker perceives is an illusion. Nicotine begins to act on brain cells withinten seconds of inhalation, fitting int ...
  • Concepts Of Lifetime Fitness - 614 words
    Concepts of Lifetime FitnessSeptember 1, 1997Homeostasis is the state of equilibrium in which the internal environment of thehuman body remains relatively constant. Two excellent examples of homeostasisare how the body maintains a constant temperature and blood pressure duringstrenuous physical activity or exercise. Although there are many otheractivities in the body that display homeostasis, I will only discuss these two. Temperature in the human body is usually kept at approximately 37 degreesCelsius. To maintain such a strict temperature, the body has a few functions tocombat the outside elements. People cannot make themselves cold as readily asmake themselves hot, however I will men ...
  • Creative Story: A Nineties Love Story - 472 words
    Creative Story: A Nineties Love Story Once there were two people named Marsha and Leroy. They were madly inlove with each other and their personalities were exactly alike. Marsha andLeroy were absolutely perfect for each other except for two characteristicsabout each of them. Marsha had a rather wealthy family and their neighborhoodwas on the East Side of Atlanta. Leroy had no money at all and he lived in theprojects on the West Side of Atlanta. The problem wasn't that Marsha didn'twant to go out with someone who wasn't as financially stable as she was, or thatLeroy was ashamed of where he lived. It was that a few years before they kneweach other they both got in gangs, Leroy got in a gang f ...
  • Censorship - 515 words
    Censorship The freedom to read is essential to the democratic way of life. Buttoday, that freedom is under attack. Private groups and public authoritieseverywhere are working to remove both books and periodicals from sale, toexclude certain books from public schools, to censor and silence magazines andnewspapers, and to limit controversial books and periodicals to the generalpublic. The suppression of reading materials is suppression of creative thought.Books and periodicals are not the only things being suppressed by pressures tothe political and social systems. They are also being brought against theeducational system, films, radio, television, and against the graphic andtheater arts. Cens ...
  • Chillingworths Views - 628 words
    Journal, You should have seen Hester's face when she recognized me, I could see the fright in her eyes. She must have thought I would confess my real identity to these good Puritan citizens, but no, I shall not bring shame to myself, I would rather her hold the self-afflicted burden she carries upon her breast as she has been forced to do so. My only grief is that this 'A', which is the symbol of her sins, is almost as beautiful as she. When I see the magnificence of this scarlet figure, I feel nothing but rage for the evil that has taken Hester from my possession, and also for Hester, the sinner herself. Its beauty leads me to believe that she holds her fellow sinner in high esteem and with ...
  • Canada - 1,124 words
    Investing In CanadaInvesting In Canada - Factors that are attractive for direct investment inCanada.Canada is the second largest country in the world, occupying close to 10 millionsquare kilometres of land bounded by the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic oceans.Canada shares a 6,000 kilometre border and the five largest freshwater lakes inthe world with the United States. Known as the Great Lakes, they provide a routeto the Atlantic via the St.- Lawrence Seaway, permitting direct access tointernational markets.More international companies are investing in Canada. The stock of foreigndirect investment (FDI) in Canada has increased steadily over the past fiveyears to reach over $130 billion last ye ...
  • Canada - 1,133 words
    ... rldeconomy. Countries that ignore what is happening and take a 'business-as-usual'attitude will fall behind. On the other hand, countries that take bold actionsby adapting to new technologies and the realities of today's economy will meetthe challenges of tomorrow head on, seize new opportunities, and build a bettercountry.-Build a positive entrepreneurial climate and help small businesses grow-Expand markets for jobs and growth through trade-Create an efficient and modern infrastructure-Increase global trade and business dealings, and continually upgrade Canadians'skills and knowledge levels to ensure jobs and growth. All Canadians,individuals as well as groups in both business and gove ...
  • Creative Writing: The Present - 982 words
    Creative Writing: The PresentTheme: Greed and stupidity.'Mysterious Fires Breaking out Across Prince Rupert, British Colombia'--John Reeves'I can't believe there is another one' read surprised Henry Peters. 'Thatmust be 5 houses in the last 2 months. Why would anyone do such a vapid thing?''Dad, they don't even know if someone is setting them yet!''Oh Billy, wake up and smell the smoke. Fires like that just don't startthemselves.'Billy knew that as he was walking away, but since he was the cause of allthe fires he did not want anyone to know. He felt ashamed that the only way hecould make money was to set fires and then get called in to the fire station asa part time worker. He had no other ...
  • Charles Darwin - 944 words
    Charles Darwin was born in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. His father was Robert Waring Darwin and his wife was Susannah, and he was the grandson of scientist Erasmus Darwin. His mother died when he was 8 years old, and his sister brought him up. He was taught at Shrewsbury, then sent to Edinburgh to study medicine, which he disliked very much so. Like many modern students, Darwin was only good in subjects that interested him him. Although his father was a physician, Darwin was not interested in medicine and he was couldn't stand the sight of surgery. Eventually he did get a degree in theology from Cambridge University, even though he wasn't really interested in it. What Charles really liked to do w ...
  • Coersion/rape - 1,418 words
    Coersion/Rapeco-erce ko-ers vb co-erced; co-ercing 1: RESTRAIN, REPRESS 2: COMPEL 3:ENFORCE--co-er-sion -er-zhen,shen n --co-er-cive -er-siv adj rape ^r`ap n 1:a carrying away by force 2: sexual intercourse by a man with a woman withouther consent and chiefly by force or deception; also : unlawful sexualintercourse of any kind by force or threat As if the line between normal and acceptable consensual sex and rapewasn't thin enough already, there are those out there that wish to make it aneven narrower, less defined and more twisting line to stay on the right side of.It seems as though somehow, somewhere, someone decided that the two termsdefined above are in some way related. However, in the ...
  • Claudius As Evil In Hamlet By William Shakespeare - 1,005 words
    The abstract concept of evil has vastly transformed throughout human history, ranging for the supernatural and mystical to the very humans amongst whom we live. In modern times, evil has become an entirely ambiguous term. Who is evil? What is evil? Men like Adolph Hitler and Saddam Hussein have been garnered with the term 'evil' for their atrocities against fellow humans. Now it seems evil has a solely human significance; when a person violates the individual rights of others on a massive scale, he/she is evil. In Shakespeare's time - the Elizabethan era - evil had a similar, but somewhat altered connotation in the human mind. Evil was an entity that violated the English Christian monarchial ...
  • Cuban Missile Crisis Analysis - 1,447 words
    Cuban Missile Crisis Analysis The Cuban Missile Crisis was one of the most important events in United States history; it's even easy to say world history because of what some possible outcomes could have been from it. The Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962 was a major Cold War confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union. After the Bay of Pigs Invasion the USSR increased its support of Fidel Castro's Cuban regime, and in the summer of 1962, Nikita Khrushchev secretly decided to install ballistic missiles in Cuba. President Kennedy and the other leaders of our country were faced with a horrible dilemma where a decision had to be made. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara outlined th ...
  • Christopher Comlumbus - 507 words
    THIS PAPER WAS WRITTIN BY AN 9TH GRADER!Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, Italy in 1451. He was named Christofero Columbo, after the patron saint. His father was Donenico Columbo, a weaver and wool dealer. Columbus had two brothers, Diego and Bartolome. Historians are certain that Columbus was not a noble. Columbus's crew on the first voyage were not a bunch of cutthroats. They were mostly hometown boys' from Andalusia, and nearly all experienced seamen. Of the four voyages of Columbus, only the crew of the first voyage is completely known. Alice Bache Gould spent decades combing various archives in Spain, and eventually came up with the list of the 87 crewmen of the Ni~na, Pinta, and ...
  • Creation Vs Evolution - 832 words
    In the beginning there were no cave men, no dinosaurs, no plants, no oceans, no mountains, no sun, no stars. There was nothing, not even space or time. Only God existed.Then God spoke suddenly creating space, time, matter, and energy. Out of this sudden beginning all the galaxies, stars, and planets formed. Then God's spirit began to work over the surface of the ocean. Then God said let there be light and there was light. He called the light "day" and the darkness "night."And God said, "let there be an expanse between the waters to separate water from water.God called the expanse "sky"Then God gathered the ocean water to one place so that the land would appear. Now there was not just water o ...
  • Christianity - 774 words
    ChristianityThe Christian religion, like all other religions has its strengths andweaknesses in our modern society. Perhaps the strengths out weight theweaknesses as this is one of the largest religions in the world. Hundreds ofpeople follow the Catholic/Christian religion yet still a greater number followyet other religions. Perhaps this is because they see the weaknesses or perhapsit is simply because their parents have taught them that it is a sin to followthis religion.The Christian religions do however present much more of an appealing atmospherethan such other religions which are as large as the Christian. The Christianreligion is one of few religions where punishments for sins are not ...
  • Capital Punishment - 851 words
    Title : Capital Punishment Subject : Law Course : Teacher : Student Name : Due Date : In the past, people have invariably felt that if they had been wronged in some way, it was his or her right to take vengeance on the person that had wronged them. This mentality still exists, even today, but in a lesser form because the law has now outlined a person's rights and developed punishments that conform to those rights, yet allow for the retribution for their crime. However, some feel that those laws and punishments are too lax and criminals of today take advantage of them, ie. organized crime, knowing very well that the punishments for their crime, whether it be murder, theft, or any other number ...
  • Changeing Self - 550 words
    ChangeEveryone thinks of changing the world but no one thinks of changing them selves.Good morning class and teacher, no matter what we do we can not avoid change, it is an inescapable concept that some people need and some find hard to accept and in the poem 'Sky High' and movie 'Redemption' both of these solutions to change are demonstrated.Hannah Robert, the author of Sky High describes and relives her childhood by remembering how she used to swing on her clothes line. As she goes back to her childhood memeroy other details come back ti her bit by bit; the almond tree, the nectarine tree and the patchy lawn. When she sees the vegetables that were planted in her niegbours garden she suspec ...
  • Cutting The National Debt - 1,335 words
    Cutting the National Debt'It's time to clean up this mess.' Famous last words heard from themouths of many different politicians when talking about the national debt andthe budget deficit. Our debt is currently $4.41 trillion and we have a budgetdeficit of around $300 billion and growing. Our government now estimates thatby the year 2002 the debt will be $6.507 Trillion. While our politicians talk ofbalancing the budget , not one of them has proposed a feasible plan to startpaying down the debt. In the early days of our government debt was considered to be a lastresort. In 1790, when Alexander Hamilton, as secretary of the Treasury, madehis first report on the national debt of the United Sta ...
  • Cleopatra - 1,037 words
    Cleopatra VII was known for the love she had of her country, a love so great that would lead her to any means necessary for the good of it. She was born into a Macedonian family who had power and rule over Egypt. They were descended from Ptolemy I, a general of Alexander the Great who became king of Egypt after Alexander's death in 323 BC. "The ptolemaic dynasty was interlocked in goodwill and bad with the other Hellenistic states that had been wrenched out of portions of Alexander's empire" (Huzar, 187). In this paper I will discuss who she was, and the measures she would she would go to for the good of her country. Cleopatra VII was born in 69 BC in Egypt. Her father was Egypt's pharaoh, P ...

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