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  • Communism - 1,392 words
    ... ht about by the Industrial Revolution and sought to improve the welfare of workers. As manager of a cotton mill, he enhanced the environment of his workers by improving their housing, modernizing mill equipment for greater safety and sanitation, and establishing low-priced stores for the workers and schools for their children. Owen believed that workers, rather than governments, should create the institutions of a future communistic society. Motivated by mutual interest rather than profit, workers would band together in cooperative societies for the purchase and sale of commodities. In 1825 Owen took over a colony in Indiana, naming it New Harmony, and transformed it into a community mod ...
  • Carl Gustav Jung - 920 words
    Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist andfounder of the school of analytical psychology. Heproposed and developed the concepts of theextroverted and introverted personality,archetypes, and the collective unconscious. Theissues that he dealt with arose from his personalexperiences. For many years Jung felt as if he hadtwo separate personalities. One introverted whilethe other was extroverted. This interplay results inhis study of integration and wholeness. His workhas been influential not only in psychology, but inreligion and literature as well. Jung was born onJuly 26, 1875 in Kesswil, Switzerland, the onlyson of a Protestant clergyman. At the age of fourhis family moved to Basel. His c ...
  • Comparison Of The Characters In "a Dolls House" And "the Stranger" - 1,548 words
    Comparison of the Characters in 'A Doll's House' and 'The Stranger' In the real world there exist many different people, of different racesand ages, each one unique. Some live secluded lives with few friends and otherslive very rich and complex lives surrounded by friends and acquaintances. Nomatter what type of life is led it is human nature to adjust one's externalpersonality to suit the specific situation, much like putting on and removingdifferent masks. People tend to be polite and respectful to others in publiceven though they may not know the person well or not care for them, yet behindclosed doors that mask may disappear and their true feelings may come to thesurface. People may adju ...
  • Comparing Nathaniel Hawthorne - 1,134 words
    'Dr Heidegger's Experiment'An eccentric aging physician, Dr. Heidegger, calls together his oldfriends and contemporaries to test his waters of the 'fountain ofyouth.' As the doctor himself sits by to enjoy the show, each of hisfour aged friends eagerly quaffs more and more of the magic potion,each draught further carrying them backwards into their shared youth.Having grown young, smooth-skinned and agile again, the three men beginto fight for the favors of the fourth compatriot now restored to herformer beauty. In the heat of the fracas, they begin to grow tired andwithin minutes the effect of the 'waters' has worn away. Theparticipants in the brief respite from old age are devastated by the ...
  • Client Vs Snow In August - 536 words
    Character Development Comparison/Contrast (BR 2) One traumatic experience can alter the course of one's life. In Snow in August, the main character sees a brutal beating by the local bully, and from then on he is forced to live in fear by never saying a word about what had happened. In The Client, almost the same conflict, the main character witnesses and is told valuable information from a lawyer, who mob ties, and commits suicide. With this he is also marked for death by the mobsters to ensure his silence. Perhaps the saying "being at the wrong place and the wrong time" got these two characters in a heap of trouble. In Snow in August, Michael changed when him and his mother were attacked b ...
  • Computer Fraud And Crimes - 937 words
    Computer Fraud and CrimesIn the world of computers, computer fraud and computer crime are very prevalentissues facing every computer user. This ranges from system administrators topersonal computer users who do work in the office or at home. Computers withoutany means of security are vulnerable to attacks from viruses, worms, and illegalcomputer hackers. If the proper steps are not taken, safe computing may becomea thing of the past. Many security measures are being implemented to protectagainst illegalities.Companies are becoming more aware and threatened by the fact that theircomputers are prone to attack. Virus scanners are becoming necessities on allmachines. Installing and monitoring th ...
  • Christopher Marlowe - 1,880 words
    Christopher MarloweMany major and influential authors emerged during the Renaissance. Among these talented individuals was Christopher Marlowe. Marlowe and his fellow writers of the late sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries, impacted the course of writing, which preceded their life. Their works continue to be read and studied by numerous people, to this day. Christopher Marlowe was a dominant English poet and playwright, who perhaps was William Shakespeare's most important predecessor in England (Britannica 917). Of all writers in the Elizabethan era, he was perhaps the most dashing, tempestuous, and appealing (Microsoft Encarta). Although Marlowe was considered the most important drama ...
  • Cathcher - 456 words
    The Catcher in the RyeThe book Catcher in the Rye is a story of Holden Caulfield's thoughts aboutlife and the world around him. Holden tells many of his opinions aboutpeople and takes the reader on a 5-day trip into his mind. Holden,throughout the book, made other people feel inferior to his own. I canrelate to this because although I do not view people inferior to me, Ijudge others unequally. Holden and I both have similar judgements ofpeople from the way they act and behave. We also share feelings aboutmotivation as well as lack of it. After reading this book, I came to theconclusion that Holden and I are much more similar than I initiallybelieved.Holden portrayed others to be inferior to ...
  • Critically Examine The Political And Social Effects Of Industrialisati - 1,882 words
    Critically examine the political and social effects of industrialisation in 170 -1850Industrialisation occurred in many countries, each taking a different approach to the implementation of new machinery and technology. The most notable for leading the way in industrialisation is Britain. Industrialisation not only made dramatic changes in the economic structure of countries but also in the social and political areas of countries.Industrialisation led to much upheaval, especially socially since the whole way of life was changing. The emergence of the working class and the growing divide between classes also meant that a new political and economic structure was developed: capitalism.Industrial ...
  • Child Abuse - 1,412 words
    Any type of Child Abuse, carried out for a long period of time, may cause long-term mental damage. In this paper I intend to explain child abuse in intimate detail. I hope to inform you of the exact definition of abuse and its various types. I hope to enlighten you on pertinent facts and information on the causes and effects of this cruel act. I will also show you statistical information showing that continued abuse against a child may cause long-term mental damage. I will also show improvements being made over the years to improve and prevent child abuse. Child Abuse is defined as intentional use of physical force or intentional omission of care by a parent or caregiver that causes a child ...
  • Creative Writing: Jimmy Valentine The Safe Cracker - 326 words
    Creative Writing: Jimmy Valentine the Safe CrackerAs Ralph D. Spencer strolled down the sidewalk, he knew of a few thingshe had to do. For he liked being Ralph Spencer and did not want to return tobeing Jimmy Valentine.First, he went back to the bank where everyone was still trying to graspahold of what just happend. He took his soon to be wife by the hand and as theywalked to the shoestore, he tried to explain.He told her everything about his previous life. The way he broke intosafes, the many times he had been in and out of jail, the tools he had to breakinto safes, and most of all the way she had changed his life. He also told herwhy he even had the tools with him in the first place.After ...
  • Could The South Have Won The Civil War? - 1,798 words
    "In all history, no nation of mere agriculturists ever made successful war against anation of mechanics...You are bound to fail." Union officer William Tecumseh Sherman to a Southern friend. "Why did the North win the Civil War?" is only half of a question by itself, for the other half is "Why did the South lose the Civil War?" To this day historians have tried to put their finger on the exact reason for the South losing the war. Some historians blame the head of the confederacy Jefferson Davis; however others believe that it was the shear numbers of the Union (North). The advantages and disadvantages are abundant on either sides of the argument, but the most dominate arguments on why the So ...
  • Chicano Studies: Ignacio M. Garcia And Guadalupe San Miguel - 1,356 words
    The first article I have chosen is, "Juncture in the road: Chicano Studies Since: "El plan de Santa Barbara" by Ignacio M. Garcia. I have chosen this particular article for various reasons. One is because reading the first few paragraphs of the article stirred up many emotions within me. I found myself growing angry and once, again, repulsed by the United States discrimination system. The more knowledge I obtain on the United States, on its past and how it develops today, I can finally say that I resent everything it stands for and embarrassed being part of it. I would rather say that I am a country of one...myself. The second reason for choosing this article, was because it was an easy read ...
  • Clinton Administration Policy Toward The Caribbean Country Of Haiti - 745 words
    Clinton Administration Policy Toward the Caribbean Country of Haiti The topic for this paper is the United States policy towards theCaribbean country of Haiti during the Clinton administration. The subjectswhich will be discussed are the issues of: Refugees, Foreign Aide as well ashuman rights the United States involvement in Haiti issues of nationalinterests. What will also be examined is what the Clinton administration tryingto achieve concerning Haiti. What the United Nations and the U.S. roles were,and what the public thought was concerning these issues. Also why the UnitedStates was involved with the internal dispute of a third world country where thenational interest was not clearly de ...
  • Critical Review Of Undaunted Courage - 853 words
    Critical Review of Undaunted CourageStephen Ambrose's Undaunted Courage is a remarkable piece of nonfiction literature. His work is so thorough that one wonders how he has time to do much more. Yet he has created time in his life to go west and go camping and hiking and canoeing in the summers with his family. Which possibly shows that anything can be raw material to the open mind, for it was on those trips that he developed a great fascination with the Lewis and Clark expedition that explored the West when the country was twenty-five years old. Ambrose creates a precise and true story of the expedition in witch most readers would be enthralled. His style is smooth, readable and enjoyable, u ...
  • Cigarette Smoking - 1,550 words
    Cigarette SmokingThe effects of cigarette smoking can be horrifying. Smoking is dangerous not only to those who smoke, but to non-smokers and unborn children as well. Cigarette smoking is also physically and socially harming. The large particles in cigarette smoke, commonly known as "tar", collect in the branching points of the lungs. The tar contains carcinogenic compounds that increase the risk of lung cancer. The small particles in cigarette smoke, including carcinogens, irritants, and corrosive chemicals, collect in the small air sacs in the lungs and damage them. These air sacs are where the blood absorbs oxygen from the air. When the small particles from the cigarette smoke are absorbe ...
  • Canada- Facts And Figures - 4,399 words
    Education in CanadaEducation has two main goals: to give individuals the opportunity to developthemselves, and to provide society with the skills it needs to evolve in its bestinterests. Canada's educational system is based on finding a coordinated approachto the pursuit of these sometimes conflicting goals. Comprehensive, diversified, andavailable to everyone, the system reflects the Canadian belief in the importance ofeducation. Education in Canada consists of 10 provincial and two territorial systems, includingpublic schools, 'separate' (i.e., denominational) schools, and private schools.Children are required by law to attend school from the age of 6 or 7 until they are15 or 16. To make i ...
  • Canada- Facts And Figures - 4,554 words
    ... n which people of all backgrounds feel a sense ofbelonging and attachment to Canada Civic Participation. Developing citizens that are actively involved in shaping thefuture of their various communities and their country Social Justice. Building a nation that ensures fair and equitable treatment and thatrespects and accommodates people of all origins Campaigns and Promotional Activities Promotional activities seek to improve public understanding of multiculturalism andracism and to encourage informed public dialogue and action on issues related toethnic and racial diversity in Canada. March 21 Campaign: 'Racism: Stop It!' The March 21 Campaign is at the heart of the Multiculturalism Progr ...
  • Costa Rica - 1,073 words
    Costa Rica Known for it's natural beauty and gracious people is a small country located in Central America. Located between the countries of Nicaragua and Panama, bordered by both the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea is a true gem, the Republic of Costa Rica. Located ten degrees north of the equator Costa Rica is in the tropics and even though it is a small country it has a very diverse landscape and a variety of weather as well. One unusual aspect of Costa Rica is that the country has no army and instead of a national hero being a general it is a young barefoot campesino (farmer). Costa Rica prides on the idea that they have gained through evolution what other countries have tried to attain ...
  • Courtly Love - 2,372 words
    The Enduring Popularity of Courtly LoveNot long after the turn of the first millennium, C.E., a phenomenon known as 'courtly love' emerged in medieval Europe. Andreas Capellanus, chaplain to Marie de France and author of the classic The Art of Courtly Love, defined Love as '. . . a certain inborn suffering derived from the sight of and excessive meditation upon the beauty of the opposite sex, which causes each one to wish above all things the embraces of the other and by common desire to carry out all of love's precepts in the other's embrace.' Lauded by nobility and idolized by troubadours, the ideal of 'pure' love (which included strongly self-deprecating behavior and servitude by a man fo ...

4191 results found, view free essays on page:

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