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  • Christ In The Ot - 4,145 words
    ... 1:13); Malachi says that people should seek the law from the mouth of a priest, who is a 'messenger (mal'ak) of the LORD' (Mal. 2:7). Let's look at a couple of key verses in the story of the Israelites' escape from Egypt: EXODUS 13:21 And the LORD went before them by day in a pillar of cloud to lead the way, and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light, so as to go by day and night. (NKJV) EXODUS 14:19 And the Angel of God, who went before the camp of Israel, moved and went behind them; and the pillar of cloud went from before them and stood behind them. (NKJV) In these verses we see the one who shepherded the Israelites out of Egypt identified. In Exodus 13:21 he is called YHVH. ...
  • Child Abuse And Neglect - 916 words
    Child Abuse and NeglectAbuse of children has become a major social problem and a main cause of many people's suffering and personal problems. Neglect, physical abuse, and sexual abuse have an immediate and long-term effects on a child's development. The long-term effects of abuse and neglect of a child can be seen in psychiatric disorders, increased rates of substance abuse, and relationship difficulties. Child abuse and neglect is a huge problem. People that abuse are people who have been abused and neglected themselves.There are links between neglect and abuse and later psychological, emotional, behavioral, and interpersonal disorders. The basis for this linkage is the impact that abuse an ...
  • Critical Analysis Like Water For Chocolate - 876 words
    An oppressed soul finds means to escape through the preparation of food in the novel, Like Water for Chocolate, 'A Novel in Monthly Installments with Recipes, Romances, and Home Remedies,' published in 1989, written by Laura Esquivel. The story is set in revolutionary Mexico at the turn of the century. Tita, the young heroine, is living on her family's ranch with her two older sisters, her overbearing mother, and Nacha, the family cook. At a very tender age, Tita is instilled with a deep love for food "for Tita, the joy of living was wrapped up in the delights of food" (7, Esquivel). The sudden death of Tita's father, left Tita's mother's unable to nurse the infant Tita due to shock and grie ...
  • Capital Punishment: Costs Of The Death Penalty - 571 words
    Capital Punishment: Costs of The Death PenaltyLet us suppose that killing as a form of punishment is a moral anduniversally accepted practice. Would it then be acceptable to issue thisirreparable sanction to a select few while allowing others, equally accountable,to avoid it? It is acceptable to our criminal justice system for it seems to bestandard operating procedure. Many embrace the death penalty based on the 'eyefor an eye' concept. There is certainly some merit to this argument and itseems quite fair and logical. Unfortunately our use of the death penalty isneither fair nor logical. Our criminal justice system's 'lip service' to theage-old concept is an insulting disguise for such an o ...
  • Cingular Raises At&t Wireless Bid - 273 words
    This article is about Cingular Wireless and Vodafone Group's bids to buy out AT&T Wireless. Cingular and Vodafone are arch rivals and are both trying to buy out AT&T Wireless. As of right now the second largest U.S. cell phone group Cingular, bid for AT&T is $38 billion dollars, and the world's largest mobile phone group Vodafone, is expected to at least meet the offer. AT&T is apparently hurting financially because of a fourth quarter loss of nearly 40% of its customers. Vodafone already owns a 45% stake in U.S. mobile phone leader Verizon Wireless, but some Vodafone investors are concerned about the bold offer to buy AT&T Wireless, but this would give the company the control of a company i ...
  • Carpe Diem - 821 words
    The words carpe diem mean "seize the day" in Latin. It is a theme that has been used throughout the history of literature and has been a popular philosophy in teaching from the times of Socrates and Plato up to the modern English classroom. Carpe diem says to us that life isn't something we have forever, and every passing moment is another opportunity to make the most out of the few precious years that we have left. In the poems "A Fine, a Private Place" by Diane Ackerman and "To His Coy Mistress" by Andrew Marvell, carpe diem is the underlying theme that ties them together, yet there are still a few key differences throughout each of these two poems that shows two very different perspective ...
  • Critical Essay Of Slaughterhouse Five - 1,603 words
    Slaughterhouse FiveKurt Vonnegut Critics of Kurt Vonnegut's are unable to agree on what the main theme of his novel Slaughterhouse Five may be. Although Vonnegut's novels are satirical, ironical, and extremely wise, they have almost no plot structure, so it is hard to find a constant theme. From the many people that the main character Billy Pilgrim meets, and the places that he takes us, readers are able to discern that Vonnegut is trying to send the message that there will always be death, there will always be war, and humans have no control over their own lives. Most of the book is the narrative from Billy Pilgrim a unique character who has the ability to become "unstuck in time", which me ...
  • Carlos Santana - 277 words
    Carlos Santana Carlos Santana naci'o en 20 de julio, 1947, en Autl'an de Navarro, Mexico. En 1955, la familia se movi'o de Autl'an de Navarro para Tijuana. Como un adolescente, Santana realizada en tira Tijuana forma un club. En los inicios de 1960s, Santana se movi'o otra vez con su familia para San Francisco, donde su padre esper'o encontrar trabajo. En San Francisco, despu'es de que varios a~nos gastaron hacer las veces de un lavaplatos y tocar en las calles, Santana resolvi'o convertirse en un m'usico profesional. En 1966, 'el forj'o a la Santana Blues Band con amigos y artistas callegeros David Brown y Gregg Rolie. La banda tocada en Woodstock en 1969, y soltado un 'album con Columbia R ...
  • Censoship - 2,158 words
    ... suitable material on the Net. In addition, Meleedy, a computer science graduate student at Harvard University, questions that if 'the Internet makes democracy this accessible to the average citizen, is it any wonder Congress wants to censor it?' (Meleedy 1) Allison and Baxter assert that, 'the most significant new properties of the Internet media are the diversity of information sources and their ability to reach almost anywhere in the world. Authors range from major corporations such as IBM and Disney to school children' (Allison and Baxter 3). As predicted by Corn-Revere, 'At the very least, the law will force content providers to make access more difficult, which will affect all users ...
  • Critical Analysis - 499 words
    "I Stand Here Ironing" by Tillie Olsen is a depiction of a mother-daughter relationship that lacks involvement and warmth. The whole story composed of the mother's memory of her relationship with her daughter, Emily. The memory was a painful one comprised mostly of the way the mother was much less able to care for Emily. The forsaken of Emily demonstrates the importance of physical and emotional support.The mother was an invisible parent for Emily. Her reason for not being there for Emily was because she was a "young and distracted mother" (Olsen 262). The real reason she was inattentive was because she was inexperienced. She lacks the understanding of how essential it is to be there physica ...
  • Cruel World - 1,544 words
    ... ere, they hold a gun to their heads. they make the son sleep with his mother. if it is a daughter and father, they do the same thing' (p.12). If they resisted they would shoot them. 'The soldiers held a gun to Lionel's head and ordered him... to become intimate with his mother. Lionel refused. Their mother told him to go ahead and obey the soldiers because she was afraid they would kill Lionel on the spot.... Lionel did as his mother told him, crying as the soldiers laughed at him, pressing the barrels farther into his neck' (p.23). The rain of terror from the mascoutes did not stop with forcibly incest. They would also tie families up with rope and make them watch as one of the females ...
  • College - 625 words
    So far, the college experience has made me a changed person. College changed me into a better person on many occasions. I have learned to be more responsible, when it comes down to getting work done. In college you must be responsible. I have also changed my attitude. Moving from high school to college is a big step; if you don't change your ways for the better then you might not be successful in college. When you reach college then is the time that you become an adult.First off, the college life has changed me for the better. I am much more responsible in many different ways. I had to change my study habits, or should I say I have to get study habits. I high school I never studied, because ...
  • Cancun - 372 words
    I have always been an argumentative person and have always tried to win any argument that I have ever got into. I especially get into fights with my parents all the time about everything. It always seems that they are out to get me and cause a conflict between us. There was this one time that I was able to weasel my way out of an argument by using persuasion to get the outcome that I wanted. During my last year at High School all my friends planned a trip to Cancun, Mexico for a week of relaxing and partying. I told my parents as soon as possible which I thought would make a difference but it did not. I fought with them for several months everyday, every minute. They brought up several point ...
  • Copyrights - 1,529 words
    Copyrights: Intellectual Property and Technological ChallengesThe Government and many other agencies around the world are continuously at work to improve protections for intellectual property rights and the enforcement of intellectual property laws. In today's age of digital madness, passing legislation and actually enforcing of those laws becomes a very daunting task. However, the protection of intellectual property has both individual and social benefits. It protects the right of the creator of something of value to be compensated for what he or she has created, and by so doing; it encourages production of valuable, intangible, creative workIn order to understand the difficulties surroundi ...
  • Career As A Military Officer - 1,821 words
    I. Text researchDefinition: A military officer, a member of the U.S. Armed Forces, is responsible for the protection of U.S. citizens. This is a broad responsibility however and each officer has a distinct role that (s) he plays in the maintenance of national defense. As a member of the military, an officer signs a contract and must serve a number of years before retirement is possible. There are five branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. The Army is the senior service and fight mostly on land. They had around 572,000 personnel in 1993. The Navy is seaborne the force of the U.S. Naval officers and enlisted spend long periods at sea and travel all about the world. In 1993 the Navy had about 510, ...
  • Career As A Military Officer - 1,925 words
    ... nce of commands immediate and without question. The military always come first in military life. This affects hours and working conditions. However, most military personnel work 8 hours a day and 5 days a week when not deployed on a mission. When off duty military personnel do not have to wear their uniforms and participate in family and recreational activities like most civilians. At some points in time military service requires weekend, night, or 24-hour call work. Multiple relocations and great deals of travel are quite common for the military also. Depending on the branch of service, assignments could be extended periods at sea in cramped quarters or overseas assignments in undevelop ...
  • Confederate - 789 words
    The issue of the Confederate flag has created one of our countries age long debates. It stems from its presence during the Civil War; where it represented the Confederate states, all of which supported slavery. According to many the Civil war was fought in order to end slavery in the United States, so accordingly, to those the flag represents a past of slavery that they would much rather forget. In opposition to those who feel this way about the Confederate flag, others see it as just a symbol of their Southern heritage whether they are ancestors of slaves, slave owners or sharecroppers; their heritage is the Confederate South. The Confederate Flag should be outlawed and not used as a symbol ...
  • Code Of Ethics - 512 words
    Code of EthicsWhen face with major problems and dilemmas in management accounting and financial management practitioners look to the "standards of ethical conduct for practitioners of management accounting and financial management. While looking at ethical standards one has to look at four different areas they are competence, confidentiality, integrity, and objectivity. These four areas are the backbone of what management accounting and financial management are made. When faced a possible violation with in this backbone of the ethical standards one should ask themselves two questions," Will my actions be fair and just to all parties affected?" and " Would I be pleased to have my closest frie ...
  • Conflicting Directions Of The - 419 words
    Often in novels, a character faces conflicting directions of ambitions, desires, and influences. In such a novel, like "The Awakening," the main character, Edna Pontellier, faces these types of conflicting ideas. In a controversial era for women, Edna faces the conflict of living in oppression but desiring freedom. The patriarchal time period has influenced women to live only under the husband's thumb but at the same time, break away from such repression. These opposing conflicts illuminated the meaning of "social awakening" in the novel. In the first direction, the reader witnesses the era when women only existed to make the male happy. The main character Edna finds that she has nothing to ...
  • Chemistry Planning And Designing Lab - 327 words
    Lab#Date:Topic: The reactivity seriesProblem: Which of the following metals are more reactive with acids - magnesium, zinc, aluminum, iron, lead, and copper?Hypothesis: Aluminum is the most reactive with acids because it occurs in group III.Aim: To perform a comparative test on which metal is the most reactive with acids.Experiment: A comparative test is done using time to find which metal has the fastest reaction Skill: P & DApparatus : Equipment: 1. 6 beakers2. Water3. Measuring cylinder4. Watch or ClockMaterials: 1. Aluminum foil2.Copper coin3.Lead pellets4.Zinc from a battery5. Magnesium from Antacid6. Iron ShavingsReagents: 1. HClProcedure: 1 Rinse the containers with distilled water.2. ...

4191 results found, view free essays on page:

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