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  • Conflict Resolution In The Workplace - 1,277 words
    Conflict Resolution in the WorkplaceConflict DefinedLook up the word conflict in the dictionary and you will see several negative responses. Descriptions such as: to come into collision or disagreement; be at variance or in opposition; clash; to contend; do battle; controversy; quarrel; antagonism or opposition between interests or principles Random House (1975). With the negative reputation associated with this word, no wonder people tend to shy away when they start to enter into the area of conflict. D. Jordan (1996) suggests that there are two types of conflict: good, which is defined as cognitive conflict (C-type conflict) and, detrimental, defined as affective conflict (A-type conflict) ...
  • Conflict Resolution In The Workplace - 1,205 words
    ... at was built on, modified and added to, in order to gain the success of a job well done. The movie Apollo 13 comes to mind when I think of this. The scene where three astronauts are stranded in the lunar landing module designed for two and they are creating too much carbon dioxide. The engineers on land are called to modify the existing air filter. A box of materials is poured onto the table. The manager of the group tells the engineers they need to make a round filter fit in a square box and that was all the materials they had to work with. Talk about conflict! Their first reaction was: "No way!". They worked as a group, argued, disagreed, fought, confirmed calculations, and disproved c ...
  • Construction Of The Great Pyra - 1,171 words
    Of the three theories on how the Great Pyramid was built, in descending order of acceptability, the most suitable theory is Clifford Wilson's followed by Joseph Davidovits' and Erich Von D"aniken's argument. Clifford Wilson's theory is the best because he illustrates how the pyramids were built and provides the evidence to prove his theory, however; this is unlike Joseph Davidovits' theory because Davidovits does not fully answer questions that arise concerning his theory. The three theories have similar points, but contain very different ideas on the construction of the Great Pyramid. This is obvious in Clifford Wilson's argument where he is repeatedly disproving Von D"aniken's theory that ...
  • Color Blindless - 660 words
    Color Blindless Color blindness is the inability to distinguish particular colors. Itis generally an inherited trait, but can result from a chemical imbalance or eyeinjury. There are three primary colors. They are red, blue, and yellow. Allother colors are the results of different combinations of primary colors.Special visual cells, called cones, are respon-sible for our ability to seecolor. People with normal vision have three different types of cones, eachresponsible for a different primary color. The absence of particular cones causes the absence of particular colors.This can be one cause of color blindness. There are four types of colorblindness. The rarest forms are mono-chromatism and ...
  • Correctional Facilities - 798 words
    The realities of correctional enterprise concur with justifications of punishments with some cases. All criminals are not the same. There are criminals that need help but do not get help there for result in criminal activity. Then there are the criminals that are flat out insane. The correctional stage can be effective; it just depends on the sanity of the criminal. We are pretty successful with achieving the purposes of the criminal law. Criminal law keeps everyday Americans safe and gets many bad guys of the streets as possible but the three strikes law is drastic. It definitely seems like an affective deterrent but the sentencing is unbelievable especially, if it's not a serious crime. "T ...
  • Cerebral Palsy - 1,609 words
    Cerebral PalsyAccording to the website www.cpal/, I found some valuable information to help me with my report about exceptionalities in students. This website was almost like a tutorial that walked step by step through the disability, causes, and treatments. I found that in definition the words Cerebral Palsy are used to describe a medical condition that affects control of the muscles. Cerebral means anything in the head and palsy refers to anything wrong with control of the muscles or joints in the body. If someone has cerebral palsy it means that because of an injury to their brain (that's the cerebral part) they are not able to use some of the muscles in their body in the nor ...
  • Competition Techniques - 1,118 words
    Competition Techniques A complete pole vault jump is best explained by breaking it down into 9 basic steps. The steps are pre-run preparation, beginning the run, the acceleration and pole drop, the speed plant, the take off, the Tap Swing, the rockback, the clean to turn to push, and the Bar clearance. First thing to do after warming up properly is to step to the back of the runway and place the left foot on the starting mark. The right foot will be slightly behind and to the right of the left foot for good balance. Hold the right hand along side of the body at or above the waist. The left hand holds the pole a few inches in front of the chest. The pole is balanced in an almost vertical posi ...
  • Competition Techniques - 1,111 words
    ... er of energy there is also a loss of energy. Do not try to 'row' or move hands forward to a position above or in front of the shoulders after coming off the ground. This will do two things. It will redirect the energy of the run into the box. The box is a barrier. We are trying to roll the pole over the box, not compress it into it. 'Rowing' the hands forward also limits the rise of the hips. If you row, you cannot clean the top of the pole. The pole vault tap swing is a transition point between the horizontal forces generated from the run and the downward vertical forces generated in the rockback, clean and push. The tap swing is initiated with the driving down of the trail foot to brin ...
  • Cigarettes - 1,579 words
    Since 1971, the cigarette industry has not been allowed to advertise on radio and television. However, the ban has not worked as well as it was planned to work. The reasons are that advertisements are not the primary reason that teens take up smoking. Another reason is that the industry has gotten around the ban by using forms of hidden advertising and corporate sponsorship. The industry has also heavily relied on the print media to advertise its product. Smoking has become influential due to many different forms of advertising. Up until 1971, cigarettes had been advertised like any other consumer product, but health concerns led to a government-imposed ban on broadcast advertising. "July 27 ...
  • Crime And Punishment Dream Ana - 761 words
    Dreams of Good and Evil Dreams are windows into peoples sub conscience and their true emotions and gives important clues to emotional disturbances. Sigmund Freud, the first person to systematically study dreams, said that desires are revealed in the form of dreams. Freud said that dreams gratify those desires which that a person would never express while awake. Psychiatrists today tend to view dreams as attempts to solve problems rather than as the fulfillment of unconscious desires. Whatever dreams are, they gratify a physiological and psychological need of humans. In Crime and Punishment, Raskolinov manifests guilt itself in a dream in which Ilya Petrovich mercilessly beats his landlady. T ...
  • Character Analysis Of Arthur Dimmesdale In "the Scarlet Letter" - 461 words
    Character Analysis of Arthur Dimmesdale in 'The Scarlet Letter' The Scarlet Letter is a story of characters that have to live and dealwith the effects of sin in different ways. Of these characters, the ReverendArthur Dimmesdale is the character portrayed as the most weak and unnoble.Despite this portrayal Dimmesdale was a stronger character than given credit for.His unbelievable amount of control in his way of handling his burdens displayshis great sense of strength and intellect. We first see Dimmesdale portrayed as a nervous and sensitive individual.Despite his outer appearance, inside Dimmesdale is a very stable, strong person.Chapter Three states that he showed, "ynervous sensibility and ...
  • Computer Software Piracy And Its Impact On The International Economy - 1,604 words
    Computer Software Piracy and it's Impact on the International Economy The PC industry is over twenty years old. In those twenty years,evolving software technology brings us faster, more sophisticated, versatile andeasy-to-use products. Business software allows companies to save time, effortand money. Educational computer programs teach basic skills and complicatedsubjects. Home software now includes a wide variety of programs that enhance theusers productivity and creativity. The industry is thriving and users stand tobenefit along with the publishers. The SPA (Software Publishers Association)reports that the problem of software theft has grown, and threatens to preventthe development of new ...
  • Computer Software Piracy And Its Impact On The International Economy - 1,600 words
    ... mous' ('LatinAmerica...' Internet). Gowning along with the increase of sales and productionis the threat of software theft 'with the average piracy rate in 16 countriesestimated at seventy-eight percent in 1994' ('The Impact...' Internet). The effect of international piracy organizations is a major problem thateveryone is aware of. Another element which is beginging to make its presenceknown is the small-time software pirates that distribute software on BBSs(Bulletin Board Systems) or over the Internet. As with most topics dealing withthe extremely new Internet underground and Internet crimes, it is very difficultto obtain information on these subjects. In order to acquire information ab ...
  • Cubism & Expressionism - 644 words
    In this paper I will be comparing the expressionist art movement with the cubist art movement. I will discuss some of the artists that made these movements a stepping-stone for the other movement that followed. I will look at Picasso and Kandinsky to name a couple. Expressionism, which began in 1905, was the term used for early 20th century art that conveyed emotional and spiritual preoccupations of the artist, using a variety of styles and subject matter (Arnason 124). These expressionist artists built on techniques of the post-impressionist movement; they generally relied on simple and powerful shapes that were direct and sometimes crude expression (Arnason 124). All this was to heighten t ...
  • Cannery Row By John Steinbeck- Short Summary - 417 words
    Cannery RowBy John Steinbeck In Cannery Row, John Steinbeck describes the unholy community of 1920s Monterey, California. Cannery Row is a street that depends on canning sardines. It is where all the outcasts of society reside. Steinbeck himself, in the first sentence of the book, describes Cannery Row as 'a poem, a stink, a grating noise, a quality of light, a tone, a habit, a nostalgia, a dream.'Lee Chong, the owner of the local grocery, Dora, the owner of the Bear Flag Restaurant, (a cover for a whorehouse) and her girls, and an old Chinaman who nobody knows all inhabit Cannery Row. However, the story focuses on the lives of Doc, a local marine biologist, and Mack and the boys, a group of ...
  • Christian Humanism - 510 words
    Christian humanism was the humanists' efforts to unite classical learning with the Christian faith. The Christian humanists rejected what they regarded as medieval Christianity's excessive emphasis on other worldliness. They desired to bring their knowledge of the classical languages to bear in their effort to attain a deeper knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith. Christian humanism was properly nothing but a reclaiming of the basic inheritance of history and the natural connection of culture with the religious vistas of the human being. Desiderius Erasmus was probably one of the biggest and most outstanding of the Christian humanists. He was known as the "Prince of the Humanist ...
  • Casablanca - 537 words
    Casablanca was a very interesting film. The first time that I watched it, I really had no idea what was going on. I found it a little hard to follow. But, after the second time around, a good portion of the movie became very clear to me. The setting takes place in Casablanca, Morocco and in Paris, France. At first the movie takes place in December 1941 at Rick Blaine's saloon in Casablanca. Rick has to deal with some illegal visa papers that he was given, and he hides them in the piano. Rick's former lover Ilsa comes with her husband Victor Laslo to the saloon. She is friends with the piano player Sam, and tells him to play the song As Time Goes By; Rick and Ilsa's 'song.' Rick comes in and ...
  • Co-teaching - 277 words
    Co-TeachingCo-teaching is where two or more teachers work together to plan, set up and deliver the curriculum to a group of students. For use with Inclusive Classrooms Co-Teaching is often the practice of pairing a special educator with a regular educator in a single classroom. As educators strive increasingly to include students with disabilities in the classroom, the need for regular educators to have greater expertise with students of special needs increases as well. An extra teacher in the classroom also helps to lower the student-to-teacher ratio. This means that there is more individual attention given to each student.Co-Teaching Strategies: Discuss learning style preferences. If one c ...
  • Christian Worldview And Multiculturalism - 1,451 words
    The Christian Worldview and MulticulralismRacial reconciliation should be a top priority for every Christian, of any race or cultural background. But will this demand for a 'multicultural center of learning' produce a less prejudiced society? Multiculturalists insist on greater sensitivity towards, and increased inclusion of, racial minorities and women in society. Christians should endorse both of these goals. But many advocating multiculturalism go beyond these demands for sensitivity and inclusion; here is where Christians must be careful. One of the difficulties of accepting multiculturalists is that defining a multicultural society, or institution seems to be determined by one's perspec ...
  • Christian Worldview And Multiculturalism - 1,507 words
    ... ving toward inclusion for some time. In order to make up for the neglect of women and people of color in past texts, some historians and publishers have gone a bit overboard in their attempts at finding the right balance. In one text, The American Nation, of the 13 religious leaders mentioned in short biographies, only two are non-Hispanic white males--Brigham Young and Ralph Waldo Emerson. Often women and minorities are injected into the text in odd ways. In this book, Senator Margaret Chase Smith is cited for challenging Senator Joseph McCarthy. While she was an early critic of McCarthy, she had little to do with his eventual political demise. Another example is Native American chief G ...

4191 results found, view free essays on page:

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