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  • Douglas Macarthur Commander Forces Army - 478 words
    Douglas MacArthur was a US soldier, born in Little Rock, Arkansas, USA. The son of a Union army hero during the Civil War (they are the only father and son to win the Congressional Medal of Honor) and a mother ambitious for his success, he trained at West Point (1903), rose steadily in the army, and demonstrated his bravado on a secret mission to Mexico (1914). In World War 1 he commanded a brigade in combat in France (1918), where he earned a reputation for bravery (wounded three times) as well...
  • Dealing With Society Edna Pontellier's Battle With Social Class - 1,962 words
    Edna Pontellier, the main character in Kate Chopins novel The Awakening, is a woman trying to form her own identity, both feminine and sexually, in the repressive and Victorian Creole world of the latter nineteenth century. She is met by a counterpart, Mademoiselle Reisz, who is able to live freely as a woman. Edna herself was denied this freedom because of the respectable societal position she had been married into and because of her Presbyterian up bringing as a child. The role that Mademoisel...
  • Descartes Existence Of God - 596 words
    The existence of God has been a question since the idea of God was conceived. Descartes tries to prove Gods existence, to disprove his Evil demon theory, and to show that there is without a doubt something external to ones own existence. He is looking for a definite certainty, a foundation for which he can base all of his beliefs and know for a fact that they are true. Descartes overall project is to find a definite certainty on which he can base all his knowledge and beliefs. A foundation that ...
  • Demolition Man San Angeles - 746 words
    'Demolition Man' 'Demolition Man' is an action / science fiction movie staring Sylvester Stallone as a police officer named John Spartan, Wesley Snipes as a criminal named Simon Phoenix, and Sandra Bullock as an SAID officer named Lenina Huxley. The movie begins in the year 1996 in the 'out of control' city of Los Angeles. The city is out of control. John Spartan arrests Simon Phoenix for a hostage situation, but the hostages are killed and Spartan is charged with their murders. Both men are th...
  • Didn Needed Life Surgery - 1,411 words
    ~Before I begin this letter, I want you to know that the reason why I'm sharing this with you is because I feel that I have to be completely honest about something that's very personal to me. Originally, I wanted to tell you, but I just did not feel comfortable and I did not trust you enough. But, I can not keep this from you any longer. I hope after I explain this that you can understand why I did so~ The past two years of my life have been filled with extreme hardship. Although I have had posi...
  • Depression Depressive Illness - 3,125 words
    DepressionEverybody's mood varies according to events in the world around them. People are happy when they achieve something or saddened when they fail a test or lose something. When they are sad, some people say they are 'depressed', but the clinical depressions that are seen by doctors differ from the low mood broughton by everyday setbacks. Psychiatrists see a range of more severe mood disturbances and so find it easier to distinguish these from the normal variations of mood seen in the commu...
  • Dragons Sea Serpent - 1,909 words
    Dragons Introduction: The dragon, long considered a mythical creature, which indeed once existed but is now extinct. The last one having died in captivity in 1911, was part of a traveling zoo where it was falsely labeled as a rare winged garter snake. Although scientists have so lonely disputed the existence of dragons because their attributes, anatomy and abilities appeared scientifically improbable. The key word being here: "improbable" and not impossible. Few fossils of dragons have ever bee...
  • Drug Addict Life Friends Care - 463 words
    DRUG ADDICT Life is tough and some of us need something just a little more. In high school all you want to do is fit in but how can you when you are an outsider. This world of drug use you did not even know about so no wonder you didn't fit it. Once introduced everybody wants to get messed up with you cause you are really a cool person. You start making good friends and hanging out with them everyday. You begin to forget about your family and everything else all you want to do is hang out with ...
  • Diomedes Battle Kudos Gods - 463 words
    Since Agamemnon refused to return the daughter of a priest of Apollo, Agamemnon agrees to release Helen only if Achilles gives him his prize of honor. This is when Achilles found it unfair and withdraws from the battle including all his soldiers. Achilles then asks the gods to grant him revenge. Agamemnon the had attacked because a dream had encouraged him to. Paris flees the battle with the help of a divinity and Menelaus rages on with his brother demanding the release of Helen. As the battle ...
  • Divided We Speak Space Artist Rogala - 822 words
    Divided We Speak The 'Divided We Speak' PHSCologram tryptich is a unique collaborative study in sculpture, photography, sound and poetry, based on an audience interactive media symphony in six movements, by Miroslaw Rogala. The work was commissioned and shown by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago in the Fall of 1997. Divided We Speak has been designed to mimic life in the information age. The viewer activates or encounters seemingly random shards of information (sound, computer, and video i...
  • Dark And Lovely Hair Mother Head - 647 words
    When I was sixteen years old I was going through teen peer pressure of trying to fit in with the people in high school. Well, one hot summer day I decide to relax and color my own hair without my mother's permission. I went to B-Plus hair designs and purchased a Dark and Lovely relaxer and Ms. Clairol honey blonde permanent dye. Once I got home from the hair store I sat outside and talked with my mother and neighbor Deatrice. As soon as my mother turned her back to go to the ice cream man I ran ...
  • David Wilmot And The Wilmot Proviso - 430 words
    David Wilmot David Wilmot was born in Bethany, Pennsylvania, on January 20, 1814. Wilmot received his academic education in Bethany and in Aurora, New York. He was later admitted to the bar at Wilkes barre, Pennsylvania, in 1834. He soon began practice at Towanda, where he afterward resided. He was first brought into public notice from his support of Martin Van Buren in the presidential race of 1836. He helped to found the Republican Party and was a Republican Senator from 1861 to 1863, filling...
  • Dead Poets Society Facial Expression - 1,131 words
    Dead Poets Society Scene where Knox Overstreet is on the telephone to Kris. Knox Overstreet played a fair part in the film Dead Poets Society. One particular scene that Knox was in was the phone conversation with the girl he loves, Kris. The scene starts with Knox at the telephone. The camera closes in on his face and his fingers dialing the telephone. The camera stays on his face as the phone rings and awaits a pick up. When Kris picks up the phone, Konx's facial expression changes from one of...
  • Drivers Types Of Driver - 854 words
    Drivers Trying to sort out what type of driver a person might be is an extremely challenging task. In a person's own mind, they think they are the aggressive type of driver, or the cautious type, but no one will ever admit that they are the 'I got my license in a cracker jacks box driver'; . The only fact that is certain about a person is they are never always aggressive or cautious while they drive. A person's driving type varies from time, place, and, the most important reason, their attitudes...
  • Determination Of Man's Role In Latin America - 1,433 words
    Determination of Man's Role in Latin America How society describes what is meant by a man's role is an important definition in every culture. What is right or wrong for men to do in terms of behavior depends on each community, and on people's own perceptions. Latin American culture has a strict set of values on sexual issues, reflecting a man's role in society. For all of the communities in Latin America there exists a relation between a man's role and machismo. The exaggerated sense of manlines...
  • Denali's Wolves National Park - 1,987 words
    Argumentative essay 12/15/2004 Denali's Wolves For many years my family and I have traveled around the country to visit our national parks and view the wildlife they protect. I've been from Hawaii to Maine to the Virgin Islands. My favorite memories as a child are those of camping with my family in these national parks. One of the few parks I have not had the pleasure of visiting is Denali National Park in Alaska. Last year while reading a magazine, I learned of something that troubled me very m...
  • Discriminalize Marijuana Rolling Stone - 1,355 words
    John B. Pattison Cynthia Quam English II 11/6/99 Decriminalization of Marijuana Think for a minute about alcohol. It's something we are well accustomed to in our every day lives. We associate it with celebrations, parties, relaxation, and many other things that involve leisure. What else do we associate alcohol with How about drunk driving and the deaths that occur as well. The thought of alcoholism and the destruction of the body as well families might spring in to mind. Now think about mariju...
  • Days' Taking No Fish Man Book Day - 533 words
    The book "The Old Man and the Sea" was written by Hemingway in 1951. Just as Hemingway himself said, the work is the best one he ever wrote in his life. The book was so successful that it enabled Hemingway to win the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954. The story of is quite simple: an Cuban fisherman finally fished a very big marlin after eighty four days' taking no fish, but the fish was too big, the old man spent three days conquering the marlin. However, on his way home, he and the big fish w...
  • Dali Lama Virtuous Child Aristotle - 885 words
    Can a Child be Virtuous? In this paper I will argue against Aristotle and his idea that children cannot be virtuous, as we discussed in class. I will do this by giving concrete examples that a certain widespread religion believes in this virtuosity of a child. I will also use a more common example that occurs all the time in America. Aristotle says that children cannot be virtuous because virtues are something that, to be acquired must be practiced over and over again. A child has not had enoug...
  • Definition Paper Beauty Beautiful Physical - 458 words
    Beauty is commonly referred to as "Qualities that ignite the senses and exalt the mind." The term "beauty" was borrowed from the French term "beaute'." I personally believe there is no accurate definition, because no ones eyes interpret beauty similarly. My personal definition is based solely on past experiences. When my eyes adjust to view what I seem to be studying so intently, and I am comfortably aware of the attention I am giving it, I am assured that it is full of beauty. To analyze its ex...

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