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  • French Revolution - 507 words
    Nick AshmoreMarch 1, 2005Hist 121Professor PrattFrench Revolution A historian once wrote that all revolutions need ideas to fuel them. Can this assertion be applied to the French Revolution? Yes, new ideas are the root to any revolution because new ideas are needed to change old ways. The dictionary states that a revolution is: A sudden or momentous change in a situation. In this case the situation would be political and social reform. Some of the ideas that lead to the revolution are; a change from a monarchy to a democracy, religious tolerance, science and reason challenge the church, protection of natural rights, and uplifting of economic restraints. One of the biggest ideas that lead to ...
  • Fortune - 334 words
    "Fortun'e"The short story, "Fortun'e" by Rikki Ducornet, written as a horatian satire, utilizes first person narrative by allowing the narrator to refer to himself in the first sentence, "My passion for Egypt was sparked at the opera." By referencing to himself in this way, I learn two things: first he has a love for Egypt; and second he has been to the opera. Two sentences later, interestingly enough, I discover that the author has adopted a persona to create irony, and that persona is a dog, "... had me bouncing up and down yapping: "Wow! Wow!"" The repeating of the "Wow! Wow!" through out the story is an effective use of an epizeuxis, and insures that the reader does not forget that the s ...
  • Fbi Warns Of Cyber Attack - 278 words
    FBI Warns Infrastructure Vulnerable to Cyber-AttacksRonald L. Dick said that a cyber-attack seriously could damage the nation's economy without closer cooperation among federal agencies and better coordination between corporate America and the FBI-led, multi-agency National Infrastructure Protection Center (NIPC). Dick, who introduced a new, high-level NIPC team including representatives from the CIA and the Defense Department, said there are about 1,400 active investigations into cyber-crime with the number mounting daily. Dick concurred about the need for improved cooperation among federal agencies. The private sector also has established industry groups of its own in technology, telecommu ...
  • Frankenstein: The Memorable Monster - 1,060 words
    Mary Shelley: FrankensteinThe Memorable Monster In 1818, The British Critic, a British literary magazine, assessed Mary Shelley's new novel, Frankenstein, The Modern Prometheus. The reviewer wrote: 'We need scarcely say, that these volumes have neither principle, object, nor moral; the horror which abounds in them is too grotesque and bizarre ever to approach near the sublime, and when we did not hurry over the pages in disgust, we sometimes paused to laugh outright; and yet we suspect, that the diseased and wandering imagination, which has stepped out of all legitimate bounds, to frame these disjointed combinations and unnatural adventures, might be disciplined into something better. We hea ...
  • Factory Farming - 599 words
    Animal rights are practically non-existent in many different ways today. Factory farming is probably the worst thing they can do to the poor helpless animals. Factory farming effects chickens, cows, pigs, and many other animals that are used for food, milk and eggs. One of the biggest organizations against factory farming is called Compassion Over Killing (COK). They go to great lengths to protest and inform people about animal cruelty. Chickens have to endure suffering that no living thing should have to go through. The egg laying chickens have to be forced into tiny cages without enough room to stretch their wings. Up to 8 hens are crammed in to a cage that is the size of a folded newspape ...
  • Fetal Cell Transplants - 446 words
    Transplanting fetal cells is an issue that is considered by some as a like saver, and at the same time considered murder by others. It is a very controversial subject, which can be looked at in different ways. Once researched, people make their own personal opinion on the subject. Many who develop their own "views" have no background knowledge of it, which should not be done. After reading, "Difficult Decisions: Fetal Cell Transplants," I have developed my own opinion. In certain situations, it is almost the right thing to do, in my mind. Many children are the result of an "accident". A portion of those fetuses are aborted. By donating, you can help save a life. In the United States alone, 1 ...
  • Fibonacci Numbers - 536 words
    Fibonacci NumbersThe Fibonacci numbers were first discovered by a man named LeonardoPisano. He was known by his nickname, Fibonacci. The Fibonacci sequence is asequence in which each term is the sum of the 2 numbers preceding it. The first10 Fibonacci numbers are: (1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89). These numbersare obviously recursive. Fibonacci was born around 1170 in Italy, and he died around 1240 inItaly. He played an important role in reviving ancient mathematics and madesignificant contributions of his own. Even though he was born in Italy he waseducated in North Africa where his father held a diplomatic post. He did a lotof traveling with his father. He published a book called Lib ...
  • Film Review (the Money Pit) - 273 words
    Film Review (The Money Pit) The Money Pit is a love comedy directed by Richard Benjamin in 1986. This movie was performed humorously by Tom Hanks who usually perform comedy. The movies he has performed before were The Man with One Red Shoe, Splash, Bachlor and etc. Tom Hanks and Shelley Long play Anna and Walter, a young couple just married. They spend most of their time dealing with managing their new house. The performed the unstable love of the couple clearly. Alexander Godunov plays Mac, the antagonist who interests in Anna and created conflict between the young couple by lying or saying that Anna slept with him when she was drunk. The plot of the story is not very special, but the actor ...
  • Friar Analysis - 311 words
    Shakespeare's Religion During Shakespeare's time, the majority of the people in England were Protestants. They believed in the Church of England, which was started by King Henry VIII. In 1534, Henry broke away from the pope through the Act of Supremacy. This act declared, ' The King's majesty... to be... the only supreme head in the earth of the Church of England. Henry had a plan to gain power, and he simply executed it. Shortly after breaking away from the pope, King Henry decided to close down all monasteries within England. In doing so, he gained 1/3 of the lands within England. He, then sold the land to nobles and members of the rising middle class. Suddenly, there were many English lan ...
  • Flash! - 633 words
    FLASH! On august 6, 1945 an atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Thousands of people died instantly from the initial blast. Others died later because of flash burns and radiation sickness. Those who lived had to move away from their homes and toward the parade grounds and parks. Any doctors that were uninjured had to work nonstop all day and night mending wounds. Some people mysteriously die and others are unrecognizable because of the flash burns covering their bodies. The few people that had survived the blast had to try to put their lives back to normal. Homes had been destroyed and family members killed. Now new people had started moving into Hiroshima once news spread that is was safe. ...
  • Femininity In Greek Myth - 613 words
    Is femininity in mythology? Yes because there is a division between men and women in mythology. Biology tells us that we are two different people. Men and women see the world in different ways. Women are passive, intuitive, submissive, and subjective. Women value love, communication, beauty, and relationships. Men are aggressive, rational, dominant, and objective and they value power, competency, efficiency, and achievement. The ways we see the world are different because we are either man or women. We are also similar as well as different. This paper will discuss the how women/goddess are viewed in the works of "Works and Days", "Theogony" and "Hymn to Demeter." And see that these women/god ...
  • Freedom And Reason In Kant - 1,461 words
    Freedom and Reason in KantAlice Furnari24 /2/97Morality, Kant says, cannot be regarded as a set of rules which prescribethe means necessary to the achievement of a given end; its rules must be obeyedwithout consideration of the consequences that will follow from doing so or not.A principle that presupposes a desired object as the determinant of the willcannot give rise to a moral law; that is, the morality of an act of will cannotbe determined by the matter or content of the will for when the will ismaterially determined the question of its morality does not arise.This consideration leads Kant to one of his most important theses. If themoral character of willing is not determined by the cont ...
  • Frankenstein: Technology - 1,558 words
    Frankenstein: Technology In Frankenstein or The Modern Prometheus, written in the latenineteenth century by Mary Shelley, Shelley proposes that knowledge and itseffects can be dangerous to individuals and all of humanity. Frankenstein wasone of our first and still is one of our best cautionary tales about scientificresearch.. Shelley's novel is a metaphor of the problems technology is causingtoday. Learn from me. . . at least by my example, how dangerous is theacquirement of knowledge and how much happier that man is who believes hisnative town to be the world, than he who aspires to become greater than hisnature will allow (Shelley 101) The popular belief of how Frankenstein came to be writ ...
  • Fed Ex Vs Ups Case Analysis - 1,372 words
    Executive SummeryThe parcel service industry is made up of four main competitors. These competitors are UPS, FedEx, Airborne Express, and the U.S. Postal Service. Since 2000, American consumers have spent more than $50 billion to ship parcels, packages, and overnight letters. New parcel distribution patterns developed due to the way U.S. manufacturing companies are operating. The Internet has expanded the reach of direct marketing, particularly with retail transactions requiring home delivery. Globalization has also created the need for parcel carriers to expand worldwide. UPS and FedEx are the leading parcel carriers in the U.S. FedEx has significantly expanded their capability to compete w ...
  • Fed Ex Vs Ups Case Analysis - 1,388 words
    ... nd stay on the top of technological advances. They also play a strong role in the economy. Not only are they looked to as one of the top transportation companies, but they also contributed to a large percentage of our nation's Gross Domestic Product (GDP). UPS concentrates on strongly on delivering on its promise. UPS holds 47 percent of the market share. They provide ground and air parcel services. They are the market leader in the $17 billion ground segment. UPS has consistent financial success with a AAA credit rating. UPS concentrated strongly on delivery on its promise and in return UPS built strong relationships with its customers. They also focus on having strong community commitm ...
  • Farewell To Arms - 1,438 words
    "You are all a lost generation" -Gertrude SteinThis quotation's importance on author Earnest Hemmingway is reflected in his modern Romeo and Juliet novel entitled A Farewell to Arms. The recurring tone of the novel suggests that the only reality is the harsh truth which is anything but romantic and proves that in the end, all is futile. This generation in which Stein spoke of to Hemingway is the generation of romantic war times. This idea is symbolized in the character Catherine Barkley's vision of her wartime love where she states " ' I remember having this silly idea he might come to the hospital where I was. With a sabre cut, I suppose, and a bandage around his head. Or shot through the s ...
  • Fundamentalist Islam - 1,210 words
    The key issue in the Middle East, increasingly, has less to do with the Arab-Israeli conflict and more to do with fundamentalist Islam. What is fundamentalist Islam? On the one hand, it manifests itself as a new religious conviction, reaffirming faith in an awe-inspiring God. On the other hand, it appears as a militant ideology, demanding political action now. One day its spokesmen call for a jihad (sacred war) against the West, evoking the deepest historic resentments. Another day, its leaders appeal for reconciliation with the West, emphasizing shared values. Its economic theorists reject capitalist greed in the name of social justice, yet they rise to the defense of private property. Its ...
  • Fundamentalist Islam - 1,210 words
    ... the ancestors of fundamentalist Islam. No subsequent fundamentalist movement could quite shake them. Indeed, several thinkers subsequently turned these biases into a full-fledged ideology.An Ideology of Revolution In the middle of this century of beliefs, the fundamentalists set out to make over Islam into the most complete and seamless ideology of them all. All-encompassing Islamic law, based upon the Qur'an and the traditions of the Prophet Muhammad, constituted their ideological policy and program. Many of the necessities of that law had been remote ideals, enforced unevenly over the centuries by weak states. Now fundamentalists, recognizing the enhanced coercive power of the modern s ...
  • Flowers For Algernon - 270 words
    The book Flowers for Algernon is a great book. It gave me many mixed opinions about the writing style that Daniel Keyes used to write the book. I liked the way he wrote everything in journals. It was a great idea. I didn't like the way he wrote some words that were to hard for Charlie to spell write the right way. They make reading the story harder. On the other hand they were a great way to show Charlie's progressions later on in the story. The journal format was a great idea. It really helps to get the feel for Charlie. All threw out the story you can see the way he gets smarter by the way he writes in his journals. The whole book is written in journals so you can really see how bad he sta ...
  • Faulkner - 961 words
    Stunning Comparison in Faulkner's A Rose for Emily and Barn BurningIn the words of Oscar Wilde, 'The well-bred contradict other people. The wise contradict themselves.' Conflict between the 'well-bred' people and their 'wise' counterparts satiates William Faulkner's short stories 'A Rose for Emily' and 'Barn Burning.' The inability of Emily Grierson in 'A Rose for Emily' and Abner Snopes' father in 'Barn Burning' to accept and cope with their changing environments leads to an even greater quarrel with their neighbors; in each of Faulkner's stories, this inability escalates into a horrific murder. 'A Rose for Emily' and 'Barn Burning' are filled with gross contradictions that make conflict un ...

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