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  • Gun Control Is Not Losing Your Target In The Recoil - 1,259 words
    Guns, like many other issues of the day, have two distinct and opposing views with many people in the middle or undecided. Even following the tragic events of December 7, 1993, when unemployed handyman Colin Ferguson boarded the LIR's 5:33 out of Penn Station. Ferguson waited until the train, filled with local commuters on their way home, pulled out of the Hicksville station before drawing a 9mm pistol. Ferguson then opened fire walking up and down the aisle shooting passangers indiscriminately, stopping only to reload, twice. When he was finished six were dead and 19 were injured.Gun control advocates think that outlawing guns would have stopped the killings from ever happening. While gun r ...
  • Gun Control Is Not Losing Your Target In The Recoil - 1,198 words
    ... o agree that we as Americans have an individual right to "keep and bear arms." Even in our own beloved "Constitution State" the people who brought you the first written constitution also saw the need to spell out the people's rights to the state government. In our present state constitution Connecticut's declaration of rights, under Article One says, "That the great and essential principles of liberty and free government may be recognized and established, we declare: Every citizen has a right to bear arms in defense of himself and the state." It would appear the state of Connecticut is on my side also.Gun control advocates who concede the point that we have a constitutional right to own ...
  • George Gershwin - 501 words
    George Gershwin was born Jacob Gershowitz on September 26, 1898 in Brooklyn, New York. George began his professional career in 'Tin Pan Alley,' a location in New York City where aspiring composers and songwriters would bring their scores to a publisher trying to sell the tunes for cash. Two years after he started work for Jerome Remick, George had his first song published. 'When You Want 'Em You Can't Get 'Em' was not an instantly famous, but it did begin to attract the attention of some of the Broadway composers of the day. During this time of professional growth, George kept his job as a rehearsal pianist and studied piano, theory and orchestration with the best of the best. George's first ...
  • Girls Like Us - 1,061 words
    Girls Like Us Girls Like Us is an intimate portrayal concerning four girls who grew up all with different ethnic backgrounds and various forms of parental guidence. Anna Chau is Vietnames with strict parents and good beliefs, Lisa Bronca is a Caucasion Catholic, De'Yonna Moore is African-American with strong goals who lives with her Grandma and Raelene Cox is a young white girl who comes from a broken home with little parental guidence. Girls Like Us shows examples of structural functionism, and conflict theory, as well as symbolic interactionalism. This movie really intersted me because I actually got to see each of these girls grow up. This film also contained implications for the science ...
  • Gatsby Read - 364 words
    The Great Gatsby F.S. Fitzgerald, New York, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1998 F. Scott Fitzgerald's 'The Great Gatsby' is rich in symbolism, which is portrayed on several different levels in a variety of ways. One of the most important qualities of symbolism within this novel, is the way in which it is so fully integrated into the plot and structure. Some of the symbols are used mostly as tools for characterization such as Wolfsheim's cuff links, Gatsby's huge library of uncut books, and Tom's repeated gesture of physically pushing other people around. Other symbols such as Gatsby's car, symbolizing material wealth in America and its destructfulness, have a function in the plot as well as a more ...
  • God V Satan - 1,206 words
    The bible is one of the most will known books in the world (manly because there are a lot of cristons that fell it is necessary to tell as many people as possible). The bible has been translated and printed then and re-translated and re-printed for centuries {from [original langue]}. The bible was all so written about 40 years after the events that it describes. The ferst part of the bible was written by "James, half brother of Jesus" ( wrote it in the "40's or 50's" ( or Galatians written by Paul in the year 49. With all this it is very likely that something got mixed up in the translation. The bible has mixed s ...
  • Genetic Engineering - 1,189 words
    Genetic Engineering is an issue that touches upon the most profound ethical issues. When discussing the topic of genetic engineering we must be aware that there are two different types: therapeutic and enhancement. Therapeutic treatment is considered to be a type of gene restoration, where one's genes would be altered to fit within the parameters of typical person's. On the other hand, the other form of genetic engineering, gene enhancement is the idea of improving average typical genes to be above average. Therapeutic treatment is acceptable, if parents can prevent their child from having a serious or fatal disease, they should be able to pay for genetic treatment if they can afford to do s ...
  • Genetic Engineering - 1,187 words
    ... if they notice that you will develop a disease in the future. The same will hold true with employers, employers do not want an employee to work for them, who is going to be hit with a disease sometime in the future, and they want employees who have a healthy future ahead of them.'You are entitled to know this information just as you are entitled to know your blood type, or your cholesterol level' (Torr 198). In this quote, Torr is referring to knowing your children's genetic future. From, just a tiny sample of your blood, you would be able to identify your child's entire future and map out their life by setting your expectations, limitations and goals. When you find out this vital inform ...
  • Genocide - 858 words
    Genocide is an extremely broad subject with various different definitions. Genocide could be one or more leaders trying to get rid of a large group of people by killings or attacks, or it can be against a smaller group of people in a less violent manner. Genocide has been a very extreme problem in society and various reports of genocidal events have been recorded in history, but how does one go about finding the precise and accurate definition of a "genocide"? Genocidal acts are placed into different categories and are defined in different degrees. The Commission on Human Rights has set up seven treaties that describe acts of genocide. Regardless of committees' attempts to limit or abolish a ...
  • Genetic Engineering - 816 words
    The Pros and Cons of Genetic EngineeringGenetic engineering is the growing science of the world and is increasingly under the spotlight over ethical issues. Is biotechnology going to save lives, rather than destroy them? and will the benefits outweigh the risks? The main problem with such questions is that we don't know the answer until we try them out. Like all sciences it is hard to predict outcomes, so far there have been more failures being told than success stories. Genetic engineering is the splitting of DNA out of an organism's gene, and then transplanted and recombined into a hosts DNA sequence. This method allows the host organism (if successful) to then show the desired trait or ch ...
  • Glory - 670 words
    I believe Robert held very high standards for his soldiers even though they were black. He treats them with dignity and equal respect as would be given to the soldiers who are white. He gives them a sense of humanity and dignity as if they belong there and are just as willing, competent, and capable of being good soldiers. By treating them with this respect they fight for a different reason other than because they have to, rather because they must meet the standards presented by their leader by proving they have all of these qualities. This is very important because his soldiers treat him with more respect and care for him opposed to them fearing him and not feeling any compassion toward him ...
  • George Gershwin - 1,610 words
    One of the most influencial composers of the 1920's was George Gershwin. Gershwin was the most celebrated and wealthiest American composers of the 1920's. In this paper I will discuss Gershwin's life as a child and his upbringing and how his music expressed the dreams of every American Citizen by mixing different styles of music like Jewish, black, jazz, classical, blues and put them into one genre and created absolute music.George Gershwin was born in Brooklyn, New York on September 26, 1898. As the son of immigrant parents, Georges father had many jobs, so they were forced to live in many locations. George had two brothers, Arthur and Ira, and one sister, Francis. Although, George was the ...
  • Governan?a Corporativa No Brasil: Uma Nova Panac?ia? - 1,766 words
    GOVERNANCA CORPORATIVA NO BRASIL: UMA NOVA PANAC'EIA? Roberto M. Tomaoka (UFSCar) - . INTRODUC~AOA Governanca Corporativa no Brasil tem recebido destaque crescente nos meios empresarial e acad^emico bem como na m'idia em geral. Mas seria ela uma nova panac'eia ou uma efetiva ferramenta de gest~ao?Parte da pol^emica inicia-se na sua conceituac~ao. Por um lado, o conceito original, proveniente do processo de "mundializac~ao do capital", no sentido proposto por Chesnais (1996) e destinada `as empresas de capital aberto; do outro, a vis~ao de uma soluc~ao geral para os males empresariais.Essa dicotomia poderia ser superada com o estabelecimento de uma abordagem conciliat'oria, considerando tanto ...
  • Governan?a Corporativa No Brasil: Uma Nova Panac?ia? - 1,699 words
    ... rinc'ipios para a distribuic~ao do poder de comando de uma sociedade, objetivando a maximizac~ao de resultados tanto de curto como principalmente de longo prazo (PL"OGER, 2005).5. MAIS UMA PANAC'EIA?Mas seria a governanca corporativa uma ferramenta eficiente de gest~ao? Configura-se uma soluc~ao para as empresas ou 'e simplesmente mais um modismo, uma panac'eia oferecida pelos consultores para os males empresariais, como abordado por Gill e Whittle (1992)? A vis~ao parece aproximar-se da de um modelo de gest~ao, "uma representac~ao simplificada da realidade, que ajuda na compreens~ao de relac~oes complexas" (Pereira e Santos, 2001). Ao tornar o complexo em simples, pode permitir uma atua ...
  • Galileo: Scientist, Scholar, Rebel - 1,697 words
    Seventeenth-century European study was controlled by two powerful forces: the Roman Catholic Church, headed by the Pope, and ancient philosophy dominated by the 2000-year-old ideas of the Greek philosopher, Aristotle. The Church had an overwhelming influence on the lives of most Europeans. During Galileo's time one in twelve people living in Rome was either a cleric or a nun.1 The Church forbid any teaching that deviated from what was taught in the Bible. To enforce this control, the Church set up the Inquisition. Galileo was targeted by the Inquisition for his observations and experiments. 2 Because his teachings differed from the socially accepted ideas of Aristotle, the Inquisition believ ...
  • Gun Control: Is It A Problem? - 516 words
    Gun Control: Is It A Problem?Ten-thousand, five-hundred, twenty-seven people die a year in a handgunrelated incidents in the United States. This number, by far, out weighs thosegun related deaths in countries such as Sweden, Great Britain, and Japan, whichnumber 13, 22, and 87 respectively. What is the reason for such drastic differences in numbers? The lattermentioned countries have stricter gun control laws and they require bare armsafety courses. These laws have a direct relationship to the number of gundeaths which occur each year from country to country. Perhaps if the U.S. wouldadopt some of those laws the number of deaths would drop accordingly. Winthrop addressed such a dilemma almos ...
  • Gatsby - 727 words
    The American Dream I have just read a novel called 'The Great Gatsby' this novel was based in the 1920's. In this novel there are lots of drinking, and parting. In this essay I'll be writing about how the novel condemns the belief of 'The American Dream', this belief states that, hard working people are successful and live happy lives. And in this novel 'The American Dream' was just a mirage. One of the characters in the novel that represents the American Dream is Wilson he was one of the character that was a hard worker and own his own mechanic shop, he was one of the characters that worked every day and every night to support his family. For all he did for his family he was rewarded by his ...
  • Greek Engineering/architecture - 1,430 words
    TABLE OF CONTENTSTable OF contents / List of Illustrations..................................... .................iPreface......................... .................................................. .................iiThe Tunnel of Eupalinos......................................... ...............................1Intro to Greek Architecture...................................... ..................................2Tools and Materials Used.............................................. ..........................3The Greek Orders............................................ ....................................4Doric Order............................................. ........................................ ...
  • Greek Engineering/architecture - 1,663 words
    ... d in a building was timber. It was used for the roof frame and internal ceilings, and terracotta was used for the tiles.(5, 120)THE GREEK ORDERSAll through Greek architecture there are three main orders that formed an integral part of structures great and small, the Doric, the Ionic, and the Corinthian orders. The orders are also known for their columns style. The best examples of columnar buildings are, of course the temples. These normally consisted of a rectangular central hall, the cella, with a porch at the front and a false porch at the back, and an encircling ring of columns, the peristyle, sometimes doubled in the Ionic temples. There is one great quality of the order which is, " ...
  • Gap Exploitation - 1,637 words
    Gap Inc. was founded in 1969 by Donald and Doris Fisher in San Francisco, California, with a single store and a handful of employees. Today, they're one of the world's largest specialty retailers with three of the most recognized and respected brands in the apparel industry - Gap, Banana Republic and Old Navy. Gap Inc. has more than 153,000 employees supporting over 4,200 stores in more than 3,100 locations in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, France, Japan and Germany. Their 2004 Sales were well over $15 billion, bringing in a net income of $1.03 billion, a 115.7% income growth from previous year. Gap Inc contracts factories in 64 Countries, allegedly also making clothes within the ...

1628 results found, view free essays on page:

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