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  • Genetically Modified Organisms - 1,417 words
    Modifying the WorldThe world has come to a point where anything and everything can be customized; yet never could one have foreseen the customization of life forms. The term "genetically-modified organisms" (GMO's), is most commonly used to refer to crop plants created for human or animal consumption using the latest molecular biology techniques (Whitman, 2000). GMO's offer dramatic promise for some of the greatest challenges of the century, however, like all new technologies, they also possess risks more imperative than benefits. Controversies accompanying GMO's commonly focus on human and environmental safety, economic dependence of farmers and other natural suppliers, and food security in ...
  • Genital Herpes - 1,034 words
    I have infected 45 million Americans and will infect 1 million more Americans each year. Who am I? Herpes, from the ancient Greek meaning to creep or crawl, is the name of a family of viruses of which herpes simplex virus 1 and herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV-1 and HSV-2) are the most serious human pathogens. HSV-1 is normally associated with orofacial infections and encephalitis, whereas HSV-2 usually causes genital infections and can be transmitted from infected mothers to neonates. Both viruses establish latent infections in sensory neurons and, upon reactivation, cause lesions at or near point of entry into the body. While HSV-1 and HSV-2 are different viruses, under a microscope, HSV-1 and ...
  • Gettysburg - 426 words
    Gettysburg is the bloodiest battle on U.S. soil. It started when Vicksburg was under siege by General Grant. General Lee thought that he would drive them out by invading the North. There plan was to first invade Harrisonburg, but Lee then saw that Gettysburg was a great place, because all the roads lead into it and it would be easier to gather his army. Stuart was in charge of the South Calvary, which is in charge of keeping track of the position of the North's army, but he was of causing havoc in some northern towns. In light of Stuarts disappearance General Longstreet Hired a southern actor named Harrison to spy on the north. With his information the decided to move towards Gettysburg. Whi ...
  • Gun Control - 666 words
    Do you ever worry when you wake up in morning that you might not live to see the next day? That giving someone the wrong look or cutting someone off on our dangerous roadways would take you to your grave. The problem that would cause this worry is guns. The focus of this paper is to inform you about gun control, how much it is needed and that it guns need to be much more difficult to obtain. A fact in the United States is that of the two hundred and seventy million people there are two hundred million guns. Murder is not the only form of death caused by guns; suicide is also an immense problem. Accessibility to guns has grown over the years and causes such things as school shootings. For ins ...
  • Gilgamesh - 1,154 words
    Many of the same ancient stories can be found in different cultures. Each story differs in a small way, but the general idea remains synonymous. One story that is paralleled in several cultures is the legend of a great flood. The epic of Gilgamesh resembles the Bible's story of Noah's Ark, but specific details differ in several aspects. The story of Gilgamesh originates from twelve fire-hardened, mud tablets, written in cuneiform, in the Mesopotamian culture from around 2500 B.C.E. It has been passed down through generations for centuries, teaching obedience to gods. The story of Noah's Ark, found in the Christian Bible, seems to do the same thing; teach obedience to God. Many aspects of bot ...
  • Gangs - 1,125 words
    Street gangs are an organization of young people that are usually in their teens and twenties. They join together and claim a territory or neighborhood as their own. They are known for being violent and heavily involved in drug peddling. On the streets graffiti is the means of communication of territorial limits and to challenge other gangs. A challenge can be anything from making a mark on enemy territory or crossing out enemy tag. There are generally 4 types of individuals associated with street gangs. The "hard-cores" are the members who talk, act, dress, and commit criminal acts as a gang member. The "Associates" will identify themselves with gang members in there neighborhood, but rarly ...
  • Gender Role In Social Construction - 1,180 words
    This paper got a 3.2 In my RHT 160 College Class.... Here it is Everyone's life is affected by social construction. This is the belief that knowledge is determined by society, and in turn (knowledge) is formed by the individuals that belong to the society. When an individual thinks of a doctor, lawyer, priest, engineer, or manager they usually picture males. While nurses, teachers, and housewives (emphasis on wives) are purely female professions in our society. This is social constructionist thought on what role a male/female should play in today's society. These may not be the professions of choice for the individuals, but what the individual believes is socially acceptable. "Most of the be ...
  • Gullivers Travels - 1,204 words
    Gulliver's TravelsFebruary 27, 1996 As a seemingly wise and educated man, throughout the novel Gulliver'sTarvels, the narrator cleverly gains the reader's respect as a thinking andobservant individual. With this position in mind, the comments and ideas thatGulliver inflicts upon those reading about his journeys certainly have their ownidentity as they coincide with his beliefs and statements on the state ofhumanity and civilization in particular. Everywhere Gulliver goes, he seems tocomment on the good and bad points of the people he encounters. Sometimes, hefinds a civilization that he can find virtues within, but he also encounterspeoples and places which truly diusgust him in their manner ...
  • Gun Control - 833 words
    By: Jamie Scott E-mail: babes Jamie Scott Tina Smeby English Comp I December 10, 1999 Law Making and Enforcement There are new laws and regulations being made all the time in the United States these days. Politicians think that by making these new laws it will fix their current problems. This is the case right now with the problems they are having with gun control. These new laws do help and prevent a lot of crimes and accidents from happening. This is mainly because of the fear punishment will bring by getting caught. Thus justifying the increases in punishment that we are seeing in many areas in the justice system today. For the most part these new laws have largely helped in fighting cri ...
  • George Brenard Shaw - 1,105 words
    On the night of July 26th, 1856 one of the greatest playwrights in history, George Bernard Shaw, was born. George's mother, Lucinda Elizabeth Gurly, was an aristocrat, while his father, George Gurly, was a poor alcoholic. Shaw had two sisters, Elinour Agness, who died of tuberculosis at age 20, and Lucinda Frances who died of starvation at age 40. Both were spinsters and had no children. In Dublin the theatre was the only thing that actually interested, and had something to offer to Shaw. George also went to many schools while living in Dublin, including the Wesleyan Connexional School, but said he learned little from schools and was self-educated. In 1876, mother, daughters, & son left thei ...
  • Global Warming - 876 words
    Throughout the world, the presence of particular diseases and other threats to human health depend largely on the local climate. Extreme variation in temperature can directly, and indirectly, cause the loss of human life. The threat of a gradual increase in temperature could be catastrophic to the world, as we know it. As recently as 1999, a heat wave killed more than 250 people in Chicago alone (Union of Concerned Scientists). Many right off such an event as a natural disaster. However, scientist warn the average global temperature has increase 0.5 "a F in the past 40 years. This is half of the total increase in surface temperature, 1"aF, since the late 19th century. At its current rate, th ...
  • Goodbye Chicken Little - 419 words
    The name of my book is Good-bye, Chicken Little, and was written by Betsy Byars. Betsy Byars has written over fifty books for young people. Her first book was published in 1962 and since then she has published regularly. She also won the Newbery Medal in 1971 and the American Book Award in 1981. Good-bye, Chicken Little is a book written for younger readers which I consider to be an adventurous book. Good-bye, Chicken Little takes place in Morgantown, West Virginia. The story is written from a modern-day viewpoint. Jimmie Little, the main character, is a typical young boy who enjoys spending time with his friend Conrad. Mrs. Little, Jimmies mom, is a widow woman who has two children, Jimmie ...
  • Gypsies - 1,615 words
    Regan ChewningEssay 4/Draft111/19/00Gypsies: The last nomads, the free-spirited, passionate bohemians with their mysterious rituals and powers. This romanticism is nearly as unfair as the fear and hate distracting us from recognizing the hardships and persecution these "carefree" people have undergone for centuries. In Europe, the Roma (as they wish to be call) have been cast out, burned at the stake, sterilized, ghettoized, forced to give up their traditional way of life, caught in other people's wars, and more than half a million were slaughtered in the Holocaust.Roma misfortune can be attributed to the vicious cycle of poverty that paralyzes so many minorities situated in an unforgiving s ...
  • Gender Moments - 1,374 words
    "He throws like a girl!" This insult is heard all too often and is harsh to boys because of the perception of girls being weak. We are constantly bombarded with moments emphasizing gender in everyday situations. After training myself to see these differences my eyes have been opened to something I have previously believed "natural" and allowed a new perspective to push through. I see attitudes and behavior now as socially constructed and not usually inherent. In R. W. Connel's book Gender, he defines gender as "the structure of social relationship that centers on the reproductive arena, and the set of practices that bring reproductive distinctions between bodies into social processes" (pg 10 ...
  • Global Stratification - 306 words
    Global Stratification There are many different income groups that make up the world. There is high income, middle, and low income groups. The high income groups average about 10, 000 to 25,000 dollars a year. These include countries such as the United States and Switzerland. The countries in this group perform some sort of specalized work. The middle income groups average about 2,500 to 10,000 annually and account for as much as one-third of the worlds humanity. This group includes countries such as the former Russia, and Eastern Europe. Low income groups, unfortunately are mostly farmers and account for about sixty nations globally. This group has no industrial technology and makes up close ...
  • Gods Grandeur - 542 words
    Gerard Nanley Hopkins' poem "God's Grandeur", illustrates the relationship connecting man and God. Hopkins uses alliteration and stern tone to compliment the religious content of this morally ambitious poem. The poem's rhythm and flow seem to capture the same sensation of a church sermon. The diction used by Hopkins seems to indicate a condescending attitude towards society. The first stanza states that we are "charged with the grandeur of God", or the direct quality of God's being. This statement begins to express the overall feel or idea of a lecture by stating that society will be held accountable for its actions. Hopkins exhibits his lack of faith in humanity by stating that God's qualit ...
  • Government Invtervention Of The Internet - 1,346 words
    During the past decade, our society has become based solely on theability to movelarge amounts of information across large distances quickly. Computerization hasinfluenced everyone's life. The natural evolution of computers and thisneed forultra-fast communications has caused a global network of interconnectedcomputers to develop. This global net allows a person to send E-mail across theworld in mere fractions of a second, and enables even the common person to accessinformation world-wide. With advances such as software that allows users with asound card to use the Internet as a carrier for long distance voice calls and videoconferencing, this network is key to the future of the knowledge so ...
  • Government Invtervention Of The Internet - 1,340 words
    ... 'Why do you need PGP (encryption)? It's personal. It's private. And it'sno one'sbusiness but yours. You may be planning a political campaign, discussingourtaxes, or having an illicit affair. Or you may be doing something thatyou feelshouldn't be illegal, but is. Whatever it is, you don't want yourprivate electronicmail (E-mail) or confidential documents read by anyone else. There'snothingwrong with asserting your privacy. Privacy is as apple-pie as theConstitution. Perhaps you think your E-mail is legitimate enough that encryption isunwarranted.If you really are a law-abiding citizen with nothing to hide, then whydon't youalways send your paper mail on postcards? Why not submit to drug t ...
  • General Mills History - 444 words
    Table of ContentsI. Introduction A. History of General MillsB. The company, General Mills, for which I was assigned, proved to be a worthwhile investment researching since it contains a large portion of the market share of its "niche," that being breakfast cereals and the like. In conducting the research necessary to find out if a potential investor might strike interest upon General Mills, we find out a myriad of things. By drawing our attention towards the spreadsheet, which contains the bits of information we need to infer conclusions, we can see the patterns that develop over a 5 or 10 year period involving such things as: stock price, EPS, ROI, and many others. The following will give s ...
  • Genome Project - 1,765 words
    The Human Genome Project has been marked by criticism since the projects initiation in the late 1980's. The Human Genome Project (HGP) was an international, combined research program, which sought to completely map and understand the human genome and to identify all genes present in it. The two parties involved in deciphering the human genome were the privately funded Celera Genomics and the publicly funded Human Genome Project (Celera was set up eight years after HGP commenced). The two rivals later combined and shared their respective data - reaching completion of the project sooner than expected. It was announced on April 14, 2003 that the HGP was successfully complete, with 99.99% accura ...

1628 results found, view free essays on page:

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