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  • Guilt, Duty, And Unrequited Love - 1,105 words
    Guilt, Duty, and Unrequited Love: Deconstructing the Love Triangles in James Joyce's The Dead and Thomas Hardy's Jude the Obscure'It's no problem of mine but it's a problem I fight, living a life that I can't leave behind. But there's no sense in telling me, the wisdom of the cruel words that you speak. But that's the way that it goes and nobody knows, while everyday my confusion grows.' --New Order, Bizarre Love Triangle, from Substance, 1987Most people who have watched a soap opera can recognize that the love triangle is a crucial element to the plot. In fact, the original radio broadcasted soap operas seemed to consist almost entirely of love triangles. The love triangle, for plot purpose ...
  • Galileo, Science, And The Church - 745 words
    Jerome J. LangfordGalileo, Science and the ChurchThe University of Michigan Press, Michigan, 1992 Science and the church, two things that you would not ordinarily think would go together until now, until the man Galileo came along. Galileo, a man that stuck his head out to the world, but especially to the church, when maybe he should have done things a little differently. This particular book shows many accounts of the troubles between Galileo and the church, and with other bystanders. The book goes through the ups and downs of Galileo and the church, the hardships, and friendships that people held, and how hard it was to keep those friendships during the days of Galileo. The book reveals ma ...
  • Genetic Engineering - 1,946 words
    Genetic Engineering Everyday science and new technology are digging their roots deeper into society. Biotechnology is expanding continuously with new fields of research. Genetic engineering has swallowed today's world and many people don't even realize it. Genetically modified foods are in our diets and on the shelves in the supermarket. We are being introduced to new types of food, ones that are more healthy and fresh than before. This modifying process is taking place in biotechnical laboratories all over the world, where scientists study which genes are strong and which ones are weak. They then slice and dice these genes, sandwich them in any order, and pack them "to go". With gene splici ...
  • Great Gatsby - 1,334 words
    The beauty and splendor of Gatsby's parties masks the decay and corruption that lay at the heart of the Roaring Twenties. The society of the Jazz Age, as observed by Fitzgerald, is morally bankrupt, and thus continually plagued by a crisis of character. Jay Gatsby, though he struggles to be a part of this world, remains unalterably an outsider. His life is a grand irony, in that it is a caricature of Twenties-style ostentation: his closet overflows with custom-made shirts; his lawn teems with 'the right people,' all engaged in the serious work of absolute triviality; his mannerisms (his false British accent, his old-boy friendliness) are laughably affected. Despite all this, he can never be ...
  • Genetic Engineering - 422 words
    Genetic EngineeringAlthough genetic engineering is an entirely new field, it has fascinated mankind for many years. Genetic engineering gives the power to change many aspects of nature and could result in a lot of life-saving and preventative treatments. Today, scientists have a greater understanding of genetics and its role in living organisms. However, if this power is misused, the damage could be very great. Therefore, although genetic engineering is a field that should be explored, it needs to be strictly regulated and tested before being put into widespread use. Genetic engineering has also, opened the door way to biological solutions for world problems, as well as aid for body malfunct ...
  • German-american Relations After The Last Gulf War 2003 - 1,101 words
    German-American relations after the last Gulf War 2003There is hope for a future rapprochement between Germany and the USA.The relationships to the USA, since 1949 a leading part of the German foreign politics, deteriorated enormously and in March/April 2003 they hit an all-time low since the end of the Second World War.The administration of George W. Bush considered a military attack on the regime of the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein as an important component for the struggle against the terrorism. The German Federal Government considered the war as an unjustified diversion of the conflict with the terror organization Al-Qaida.The intensity and duration of the German-American annoyance in t ...
  • Great Expectations - 669 words
    Many professors, analysts, and common folk believe that Great Expectationswas one of, and possibly the best work of Charles Dickens. Perhaps it wasbecause of the diverse themes displayed by Dickens, which modulate as thestory progresses. A clear example of the measures taken by the author tocreate diversity, is the application of irony. Dickens uses to create suspenseand conflict in plot events relating to Estella, Miss Havisham, the convict, Joe,and Mrs. Joe. The relationship between Pip and Estella is very complex andironic. It keeps the reader entertained with the humor of sophisticatedchildren. A major irony of situation occurs when Estella kisses Pip afterinsulting and degrading him. Th ...
  • God And Person - 675 words
    God and Person The word "person" can be interpreted and defined in many different ways, and there are many different aspects to consider when stating what a person really is. Accomplishments, goals, likes, dislikes, and experiences in life make a person who he or she really is. Traits most "central" to being a person include consciousness, reasoning, self-motivated activity, the capacity to communicate, and having a self-concept. A mind does contribute to a person's self-a mind is what makes up part of a person, yet does not define one. A soul is the greatest element of a person. Your instincts, personality, and true feelings are all held within the soul of a person. But last, but not least, ...
  • Gun Control (persuasive) - 432 words
    Gun Control "The Right to Bear Arms." Have you heard this before? This is the second amendment out of the constitution. It states that we the people of The United States of America have the right to own a firearm. Recently, our government has been taking the necessary steps to abolish this amendment. Owning a gun is a right, not a privilege. We as citizens have to protect the second amendment so we can protect ourselves if necessary. You can't take away all the guns. Every gun in the country can not be tracked down. The amount of money it will take to go door to door collecting guns; it could be spent on lowering all types of crime. There are a lot of people who won't give up their guns. Wha ...
  • General Management - 2,439 words
    EASTERN AND SOUTHERN AFRICAN MANAGEMENT INSTITUTEEMBAGM501: GENERAL MANAGEMENTTERM PROJECTCHAPTER ONE1.0 INTRODUCTION:The world is experiencing an economic revolution unlike any since the dawn of the industrial revolution and good leadership is particularly crucial now. In order to enhance your effectiveness, you need to be able to measure and quantify your leadership style.1.1 What is leadership?While there is vast disagreement over what exactly leadership is, but whatever it is, it seems to make a substantial difference to organizations. Leadership is typically offered as a solution for most of the problems we have.Leadership in organization has a different and more meaningful definition. ...
  • General Management - 2,429 words
    ... ocess management Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither Agree or Disagree Agree Strongly Agree6a) I can get everything I need to do my job 10% 20% 15% 45% 10%6b) I collect information (data) about the quality of my 5% 10% 20% 55% 10%6c) We have good processes for doing our work 0% 30% 20% 40% 10%6d) I have control over my work processes. 5% 15% 25% 47.5% 7.5%Category 7: Business Results Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither Agree or Disagree Agree Strongly Agree7a) My customers are satisfied with my work 20% 10% 15% 35% 20%7b) My work products meet all requirements 0% 10% 25% 60% 5%7c) I know how well my organization is doing financially. 40% 20% 10% 25% 5%7d) My organization uses my time and t ...
  • Gender Issues - 710 words
    Gender equalityGender equality is an issue constantly in conflict within societies of Eastern and Western countries. Although Vietnamese women living in the United States have equal access to jobs and education and are able to be independent, they still choose to "incorporate the new realities of their lives into the ideological confines of the traditional family system" (Kibria 109). Tradition mandates that women are the support system of principles and values of the traditional Vietnamese family system (137). While Vietnamese women are more reserved and submissive to their husbands, Vietnamese-American women have discovered the strength and power to be the central figure within the newly d ...
  • Georgia?s Role During The Civil War - 648 words
    Throughout the 1850's a division in the country between North and South widened. However, in spite of the rising rhetoric, the state of Georgia was far from becoming a "war machine." In Marietta, the Georgia Military Institute went to the state for funds only three times between 1852 and 1863. Throughout the state, railroads were being built up for economic reasons, not reasons of war. Atlanta was concerned about fighting equipment for its newly formed fire department, not for some secret military unit. Life went on "as usual" until the 1860 Presidential campaign. Most Southerners favored John C. Breckinridge as President of the United States; but Abraham Lincoln won the election with 39.7 p ...
  • Gun Control - 389 words
    The U.S. should not have gun control laws. The Second Amendment to the Constitution states that, "A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." This amendment has been around since 1791, and there has been gun control almost as long as it's been around. The National Rifle Association is an advocate of the Second Amendment and an opponent of those who propose restrictions on guns. Even Presidents Reagan and Bush are members, and Nixon, Eisenhower, and Kennedy were also members. Why do people feel the need to own a handgun? One reason is heritage. For as long as this country has been around, the ...
  • Gallipoli - Australian Film Review - 897 words
    Gallipoli is the remarkable story of two Western Australian mates who are sent to Gallipoli in 1915. Frank and Archie are both very successful sprinters and Archie wants adventure, while Frank wants to stay in Australia, but signs up for the inventory anyway. This story brings back some harsh truths about warfare, and explains why so many na"ive young men joined up, only to suffer deaths well before their time. The troops were headed for the Gallipoli peninsula and the Dardanelles Strait, in southern Turkey, to attempt to take the peninsula. The war was between the Allies (mainly Britain, US, France, Russia, Italy, Japan, and Australia) and the Central Powers (mainly Germany, Austria-Hungary ...
  • Galileos Work - 475 words
    Galileo Galilei was born on February 15, 1564 in Pisa, Italy. In 1570 his family relocated to Florence. Galileo pioneered 'experimental scientific method' and was the first to use a refracting telescope to make important astronomical discoveries. In 1581, Galileo studied at the University of Pisa. There he became interested in the workings of science and concluded that the period (the time in which a pendulum swings back and forth) does not depend on the arc of the swing (the isochronisms).In 1609 Galileo learned of the invention of the telescope in Holland. From the barest description he constructed a vastly superior model. Galileo made a series of profound discoveries using his new telesco ...
  • Ghostaway - 999 words
    In a country that is the melting pot for many cultures, it is hard to interact with all of them. Tony Hillerman educates readers about one culture, the Navajos, through his novel, The Ghostway. After a shooting happens in the quiet Indian reservation, a Navajo police Jim Chee, officer overcomes many obstacles physically, mentally, and spiritually to sort the case out and protect a young girl. He is constantly struggling with his identity, whether or not he should continue living his life as a Navajo or cross over to mainstream "white" life. Although the book's main plot is about a murder and police investigations, a theme that the book is always making references about is cultural difference ...
  • Great Expectations And Oliver Twist - 1,633 words
    Great Expectations and Oliver TwistDuring his lifetime, Charles Dickens is known to have written several books. Althougheach book is different, they also share many similarities. Two of his books, GreatExpectations and Oliver Twist, are representatives of the many kinds of differences andsimilarities found within his work..Perhaps the reason why these two novels share some of the same qualities is because theyboth reflect painful experiences which occurred in Dickens' past. During his childhood,Charles Dickens suffered much abuse from his parents.1 This abuse is often expressed inhis novels. Pip, in Great Expectations, talked often about the abuse he received at thehands of his sister, Mrs. ...
  • Great Gatsby - 979 words
    During the 1920's America was a country of great ambition,despair and disappointment. The novel The Great Gatsby isa reflection of this decade, it illustrates the burning passionone man has toward his 'American Dream' and the differentaspects of the dream. Fitzgerald's work is a reflection ofAmerica during his lifetime. The Great Gatsby shows theambition of one man's reach for his 'American Dream,' thedisappointment of losing this dream and the despair of hisloss. America, 1920, the ambition in people soared; theAmerican people knew that if they tried they could succeed.With the introduction flappers and the women's liberationmovement nothing was impossible to achieve. James Gatz,'[. . .] th ...
  • Greek Mythology - 322 words
    The Greeks believed that the earth was formed before anyof the gods appeared. The gods, as the Greeks knew them,all originated with Father Heaven, and Mother Earth. FatherHeaven was known as Uranus, and Mother Earth, as Gaea.Uranus and Gaea raised many children. Amoung them werethe Cyclopes, the Titans, and the Hecatoncheires, or theHundred- Handed Ones. Uranus let the Titans roam free,but he imprisoned the Cyclopes and the Hundred- handedOnes beneath the earth. Finally, Gaea could not bearUranus's unkindness to the Cyclopes and theHundred-Handed Ones any longer. Gaea joined Cronos,one of the Titans; and together, they overcame Uranus,killed him, and threw his body into the sea. Aphrodite,go ...

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