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  • Germany 2 - 935 words
    Germany is located in Central Europe. It borders the Baltic Sea and theNorth Sea. It is between the Netherlands and Poland, south of Denmark. It isslightly smaller than Montana. Germany's economy was the world's third most powerful in 1997. TheGerman economy benefited from robust exports, particularly to other members ofthe EU and the US, as well as strengthening equipment investments. But anemicprivate consumption and contraction in the construction industry limited theexpansion. Unemployment continued to set post-war monthly records throughthe end of 1997 and averaged 4.3 million for the year. In preparation for the firstof January 1999, the start of the European Monetary Union, the govern ...
  • Gms Contract - 1,279 words
    The new GMS contract PCTs should consider how community pharmacists can be better engaged to help general practice meet the targets in the GMS quality framework and as an alternative provider of enhanced GMS services. In some cases, the core services proposed as part of the new pharmacy contract will actually ensure GP practices meet certain quality standards. The National Pharmaceutical Association (NPA) resource pack 'A quick reference guide to the Quality Indicators in the new GMS contract' describes the key quality indicators, what services community pharmacy can offer to support GP practices and examples of the published evidence base. This is available in the NPA section of DrugInfoZon ...
  • Graffiti - 945 words
    GRAFFITI: A VISUAL DIALOUGEGraffiti: term applied to the arrangement of institutionally illicit marks in which there has been an attempt by an individual or group of individuals (usually not professional artists) to display upon a wall or surface that is usually visually accessible to the public. Even if one has never seen graffiti before, a negative image would probably pop into one's mind after reading this definition. Graffiti is not only a work of art, it also includes the underground culture that surrounds and reveres that art. Graffiti has been found in early societies, but is most commonly associated with modern, urban environments. Modern Graffiti originated in the 1970's, just as th ...
  • Galileo - 1,391 words
    'Galileo was that guy whoinvented the telescope.' This is what most people say whenthey think about Galileo. However, Galileo did not eveninvent the telescope; he only made improvements to it so itcould be used for astronomy. Galileo did use it to makemany important discoveries about astronomy, though; manyof these discoveries helped to prove that the sun was thecenter of the galaxy. Galileo also made many importantcontributions to Physics; he discovered that the path of aprojectile was a parabola, that objects do not fall withspeeds proportional to their weight, and much more. Forthese discoveries, Galileo is often referred to as the founderof modern experimental science. Galileo Galilei wa ...
  • Gene Therapy - 1,716 words
    Genetic disorders have been plaguing people for ages and causing fatalities. However, with new information and research, and something called gene therapy, hope now exists for these unfortunate individuals. Gene therapy is a technique for correcting defective genes responsible for disease development. It has been around for a while now and is getting more advanced with time. Experimentation is an ongoing process with gene therapy. Ethical issues are something that has been accompanying the procedure since it has been used. New facts on gene therapy continue to be uncovered as we speak. To start off, an overview of why people need gene therapy should be covered. Each of us carries about half ...
  • Gangsta Rap: Crime - 572 words
    Gangsta Rap: CrimeThe cultural majority in America is up in arms over the rising levels ofviolence and horrific images that have seeped into popular entertainment.Movies, television, and music have always been controversial, but even they cancross the line between poor taste and immorality. Entertainment corporationsand record labels don't even blink, when told of the excessive torture orsatanic lyrics found in material. Producers and directors continue to push theenvelop on what is "done in good taste." Gangsta rap is one of the current problems of society. Popular musicfor teens has always been controversial, or at least in conflict with middleclass attitudes. Teen music has always been un ...
  • Greek Politics - 2,712 words
    ... s own good with public order." A sense of the value of the individual was thus one of the primary conditions of the development of political thought in Greece. Political life expressed a shared, ordered self- understanding, not a mere struggle for power. This ideal led to the birth of a new government, a self-governing community - the Greek city-state. A city-state is "an aggregation of free human beings, bound together by common ties, some of which may be called natural ties, some artificial." Natural ties are those such as race, language, religion, and land - the territory occupied by the city-state. Artificial ties include law, customs, government, commerce, and self-defense. A govern ...
  • Great Expectations 3 - 1,739 words
    A Whole New PerspectiveShe walked toward the light. She felt a slight tug on the leash and realized that she had to stop. She guessed that the light was red and that was the reason the dog came to a halt. However she could feel the breeze of people passing by her and was curious as to why the dog stopped walking. Suddenly the dog pulled and they continued on their everyday route. Past the bakery, where she could smell the most delicious breads and pastries; she walked past the hair salon on her left and then the car garage. She learned of all these places when she moved to the little town because her kind mother explained it all to her in great detail. As she felt the side walk tilt up a tou ...
  • Gun Control - 2,011 words
    Gun ControlGovernment 230102 November 1996A Well regulated militia, being necessary to thesecurity of a free State, the right of the peopleto keep and bear arms , shall not be infringed.Amendment II, Bill of RightsConstitution of the U.S. The Second Amendment has been a major issue in American politics since1876. In question is the intent of this Amendment. Was it meant to insure thatpeople in general have arms for personal service, or was it intended to insurearms for military service? The nation's powerful gun lobby, the National RifleAssociation, holds that it means the right to keep and bear arms -any arms.This privileged right is given to those 60-65 million people who choose to ownguns ...
  • Gun Control - 2,001 words
    ... e Lopez ruling, Chief Justice William Rehnquist called the 1990Gun-Free School Zone Act 'a criminal statute that by its terms has nothing to dowith 'commerce' or any sort of economic enterprise.' He also stressed thatfederal authority to regulate interstate commerce cannot be used to 'obliteratethe distinction between what is national and what is local and create acompletely centralized government.' The outcome of the Lopez ruling was that Congress received a strongmessage from the Supreme Court to curb it's practice of broadly interpreting thecommerce clause to enact legislation that can be handled by the states. It istoo early to know how or if this decision will impact other gun laws, ...
  • Geography Of World Commerce - 1,513 words
    Demographics and World Commerce PaperJosephine L. BarralesGEO 150Mr. Bruce LeeJune 6, 2005 The recent development of the Internet has created a technological and commercial revolution throughout the world. By essentially shortening the distance between companies and consumers, the Internet has created a competitive global market unlike any other. Many countries are fighting hard to become major players in this potentially lucrative venue. Over the past five years, Western nations have had a considerable advantage in this race, since the concept of the Internet originated from the Western Hemisphere. Yet many Asian countries have a huge market potential for on-linebusinesses, and have been st ...
  • Ghengis Khan The Great - 1,608 words
    His name struck anguish in the hearts across Asia, yet he remains an icon to the people of Mongolia. He could slay thousands without flinching. He was considered one of the most barbaric people ever, yet he ruled fairly. He gave his enemies one simple choice: surrender and be enslaved, or die. By consistently enforcing discipline, rewarding skill and allegiance, and punishing those who opposed him, he established a vast empire. His empire was far greater than Alexander the Great. Meet the man behind the myths, the incomparable Genghis Khan. Yisugei was relived after his son, Temujin was born. The chief thought that the boy was going to be a worthy successor to his throne. Temujin had a fire ...
  • George Washington Could Not Afford To End Slavery - 1,709 words
    In his writings, George Washington felt very strongly that slavery was aninstitution that needed to be eliminated from American society. However, there wereseveral circumstances that arose following the American Revolution that would preventWashington from actively pursuing the elimination of slavery during his lifetime. It iscertainly plausible that George Washington's personal economic short-comings, forefront in the setting of conflicting political agendas and the nation's revolutionaryclimate, prevented this founding father from actively pursuing the nationwideemancipation of slaves. Prior and during the American Revolution, little was written by Washington onhis feelings about slavery. ...
  • Great Gatsby - 806 words
    The novel The Great Gatsby is a story that takes place in the 1920's. The storytells about Nick Carraway moving to New York and the actions that take placeduring his time in New York. The two main characters of the story are NickCarraway who moved to New York and the other main character is Jay Gatsbywho is Nicks new neboir and a very rich man who always has parties. The mainconflict in the story is Gatsby's long lost love who is Nick's cousin, Daisy, reuniteand her husband finds out about the affair . The story starts out with Nick moving to New York and then going todinner at his Cousins he meets Jordan Baker who he begins a relationship with. At the dinner party they make planes to go to ...
  • Generation View Of Reality - 1,254 words
    Generation's View of RealityBen Stiller's 1994 film, Reality Bites, portrays the broad based struggles of America's twentysomethings through a lighthearted glimpse into the lives of the movie's main characters. Four friends, recently graduated from college, find themselves over-educated and under-employed, a theme reiterated in the lives of many Generation Xers according to critic Marilyn Gardner. She states, "unemployment is higher for those under 25 then it is for the workforce as a whole." (pg. 14, col. 1) Though Reality Bites bills itself as "a comedy about love in the 90's," the film is more of a commentary on the issues facing young adults today (Kempley, Sec. C., pg 7). The central th ...
  • Gatsby 2 - 566 words
    A great lecturer once said, ^3Man is so caught up in his own recklessness that he does not notice the values of life.^2 The theme proclaimed in the quote reflects literature in the abundance that it is used in throughout the history of writing. Author F. Scott Fitzgerald, spokesman of the Jazz Age, illustrates the shallow emptiness, careless recklessness, and materialistic concerns of the rich in his novel The Great Gatsby. First and foremost of all are the issues of the materialistic concerns of the rich. Jay Gatsby, a young rich bachelor, had so many personnel possessions because he wanted Daisy, the first love of his life, so much that she was the equivalent of ^3Winter Dreams^2 to him. G ...
  • Get Back To Work! - 545 words
    A couple of months ago, my company installed a system to record the phone calls of certain employees. They set the recorder to record only the employees who have outside contacts with customers, regulatory boards, or contract personnel. The company implemented this system to resolve conflicts, clarify positions, protect the integrity of the company's contracts and verbal commitments, and provide for sales and customer service training. Naturally, this did not go over well with some of the employees who thought this was an invasion of their privacy. Some of the employees started using their cell phones or other company phones to make their personal calls. Others would complain to their cowork ...
  • Gun Control - 1,020 words
    Gun ControlSince the early days, gun control has been a never-ending debate. It is because of the fast increase in crime, the fight for the right to own a hand gun, the introduction of legislation for gun control in order reduce the crime in the United States, that this issue has been hotly debated in recent years. The streets of America are now a war zone especially right here were we live. ?Florida has the highest crime rate of any state and the sixth highest homicide level?( A sad fact but true. Many people feel that gun control violates their right to own a gun the second amendment says so: ?the right to bear arms?. I personally share that point of view for it would not ...
  • Gun Control - 570 words
    If I were to write a paper on gun control I would have to say that finding the information on the topic was very readily available. The Internet is A fairly reliable means of obtaining important and accurate information. There were also numerous books dedicated to the Issue of Gun Control. I could write a number of papers with the information I collected. Such as Different form of gun control, why gun control works, and Why should we Fight Gun Control. I could easily write a paper in support of Gun control but on the same note I could write a paper against gun control. I would start any of the papers with statistics that I collected. The information they provide paints a pretty good picture ...
  • Genetic Engineering: Technological Advancements And The Potential For - 636 words
    Current technology has made what once seemed impossible, mapping the human genome, a reality within the next decade. What began over forty years ago with the discovery of the basic structure of DNA has evolved into the Human Genome Project. This is a fifteen-year, three billion dollar effort to sequence the entire human genetic code. The Project, under the direction of the U.S. National Institute of Health and the department of Energy is ahead of schedule in mapping what makes up an individual's genetic imprint. Much of the current efforts in genetic engineering have been focused on genes that cause disease and to date, about eight hundred and eighty of these 'disease' genes have been found. ...

1628 results found, view free essays on page:

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