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  • Lord Of The Flies: Human Nature - 866 words
    Lord of The Flies: Human Nature'We are all murderers and prostitutes - no matter to what culture,society, class, nation one belongs, no matter how normal, moral, or mature, onetakes oneself to be.' R. D. Laing British psychiatrist. R.D. Laing obviouslybacks up William Golding's point of view that human nature is evil. Humannature is directly affected by the environment; and is constantly changing dueto the experiences of the individual. Oscar Wilde once said 'The only thing thatone really knows about human nature is that it changes. Change is the onequality we can predicate from it. The systems that fail are those who rely onthe permanency of human nature, and not on its growth and developme ...
  • Legal Opinion For 8th Social Studies - 494 words
    Legal OpinionA. I picked the side of New Jersey in the New Jersey vs. T.L.O case. The reason I picked that side is because the girl whas smoking on school grounds and she was not allowed to do that. Another reason is the teacher that found the girl smoking had the right to bring her to the Principals office, because she had a reason to. Finally the girl denied smoking, she said she didn't smoke and she probably would of got in less trouble if she told the truth.B. A girl was caught smoking in a shcool bathroom. A teacher caught her and took her to the Principals office to be searched. The vice-principal found more than just cigarettes, they also found rolling papers, marijuana, a pipe, a lar ...
  • Last Words Of Christ - 854 words
    JESUS LAST WORDS ON THE CROSSThe seven last words of Jesus on the cross demonstrate both his humanity and his divinity, and capture the last moment Jesus went through to gain our forgiveness.1. Father forgive them, for they know not what they do: (Luke 23:34)Forgiveness for those who arrested condemned and executed Jesus...but also forgiveness those who drove the nails into the hands of Jesus, and those who mocked him. It is amazing to see the boundless mercy of Jesus. The first words He utters when he goes onto the Cross are words of forgiveness. This echoes what Jesus feels today when he looks down upon us and says the same words of forgiveness Parallel verse: Matt 5:44 Love your enemies, ...
  • Lord Of The Flies - Rpr - 1,399 words
    I got a grade 1+ for this paper so u can be sure it will get you a good grade.A book which I have read recently is " Lord Of The Flies" by William Golding. In this R.P.R I'm will be explore how the gradual break up of the community is due to the hostile relationship between Ralph and Jack. As well as the afore mentioned topic I will also look at how the author's characterisation and language attribute to the novel. Lord Of The Flies was an extremely enjoyable and mind-enriching book as it covered topics of psychology that exist in every person but would never normally be seen, as a result of the lack of these elements of psychology in everyday life William Golding displays them extremely acc ...
  • Life Of Fredrick Douglass - 725 words
    Breaking the Shackles If there is a theme that has been present in writings since the beginning of time, it is discrimination. Since the creation of man, discrimination has been a problem in society. The theme of discrimination is illustrated through the novel, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass; the essay, 'Indian Civilization Vs. White Civilization;'; and the speech, 'I Have a Dream.';The theme of discrimination is clearly present in Frederick Douglass' Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass. Frederick Douglass was born in Tuckahoe, Maryland around 1818. He had no accurate knowledge of his age. Douglass was born to a black mother and a white father, who he believed was his ma ...
  • Lowering The Drinking Age To Eighteen - 1,341 words
    In 1984 Transportation Secretary Elizabeth Dole lobbied for all states to raise the legal drinking age from eighteen to twenty-one. The consequence for a state not raising the age was to lose a portion of their federal highway funding. I personally believe that the drinking age being twenty-one is just like when the voting age was twenty-one, if I can go to war and die for my country, then I should be able to go to the bar and buy a beer. One of the biggest problems in our society is under age drinking. They tell us how we aren't allowed to drink, that we aren't old enough or mature enough to do it, but the more adults talk about it, the more teenagers want to do it. When a kid goes off to c ...
  • Letter To Board - 738 words
    I would like to commend the apparent effort of the Pulaski County Board of Education in their developing the new Drug/Alcohol Screening Program now in effect in both local high schools. I am grateful to see that some advance has been made to valorize the education process in our community. However, I am discouraged to see that the main focus of this program is centered around some of the most valued students in our schools. It is to my knowledge that this program is designed to screen students involved in extracurricular activities, including sports, and student drivers. Although I do believe that there is some sort of drug use within these groups, I do not feel that this is the epicenter of ...
  • Love - 874 words
    Love is the answer to the heart. Without love there would only be hate in the world. We as people need to learn to respect ourself and others. Not only that but also learn to love one another as God loves us. My heart aches each and everyday to be with the one I love. But there is a wall that blocks us. This walls stops us from being Lovers. I continue to love anyway because that is what I have in my heart. I refuse to be like the brother beside me, hating and dying with a cold heart. When I die I you to know I died loving another with open arms. I love to love there is nothing greater than giving love and receiving it back. I will always love because this the right thing to do. Why hate bec ...
  • Learning - 1,094 words
    LearningLearning is more than a person sitting at a desk and studying off a book. Everything that we do is a result of what we have learned. We respond to things that happen to us, we act and experience consequences from our behavior, and we observe what others say and do. Psychologists explain our many experiences with basic learning processes. "Learning is a relatively permanent change in behavior that occurs through experience (Santrock, p.146)." By learning how to use a computer you will change from being someone who could not operate a computer to being one who can. Learning anything new involves change. You learned how to use a computer through experience with the machine. Once you hav ...
  • Limiting Death Row Appeals - 931 words
    Limiting Death Row AppealsMichael Wilkinson03 February 1997English 121 The Constitution of the United States outlines the rights of a personaccused of a crime. The individual has a right to a trial and to be judged by ajury of his peers. When the result of a trial is a guilty verdict and theindividual is sentenced to death, the individual has a right to appeal theverdict and the sentence. At the present time, there are virtually no limits onthe number of appeals the individual is entitled to and the process could takeyears. Therefore, the process should be altered to limit the number of appealsto one. The Supreme Court of the United States re-instituted the death penaltyin 1976. Between that ...
  • Lifes A Bitch And Then You Rock - 1,223 words
    Life's a Bitch and then you Rock Life is full of hardships, which is a bitch. But, if faced, they are overcome and you are rewarded, which rocks. However, if the problems are not dealt with, more problems will arise. My title is a quote by Art Alexakis-lead singer of the band Everclear. He was presented with problems in his life, but he faced them. And now his life is much better. No one ever promised that life would be easy, and no one ever told you exactly what to expect. This is because everyone's life is different. No one faces the same challenges. But, everyone has to face life sooner or later. First, life confronts you with a problem. It is impossible to list every situation life can h ...
  • Louis Riel - 991 words
    Louis Riel- Patriote or Traitor?Louis Riel was born in 1844. He was captured and executed by Canadian authorities in November 16, 1885. He was a leader who gave up his life and time to fight for the right of the Metis, Indians and the western settlers. He was an well-educated young man fluent in both French and English. He was also selected as the Metis's spokesman to negotiate with the Canadian government. During the 1869-70, he led the rebel when Canada purchases Manitoba from the Hudson's bay company. Also, he organized and led a similar rebellion in 1885. Above all, is he a patriote or a traitor? It was inappropriate to accuse Riel as a traitor. He tried to defend the traditional rights ...
  • Love - 453 words
    Fast food nation is about the consequences of the fast food culture that has developed in the US and has spread to other parts of the world. Every part of system is examined - the food, marketing, science of taste, supply production and human impact on both those that eat fast food and those who work for the fast food companies and the industries which supply the fast food chains. While fast food is appreciated by many, there is a dark side to that Fast Food Nation tries to point out with a great deal of detail.The fast food industry started in California. As the companies grew and their success increased fast food spread around the nation. This success has had a real impact on our culture a ...
  • Locke - 501 words
    In Chapter five Locke says, that the earth can be used by the people for their survival, protection, or anyway in which they could benefit from it. This is where I got a little confused. So then if everything on the earth belongs to everyone then what is individual property? I read it over and over and I'm not sure if I have the right answer but I'll try. Everyone owns there own body, and all the work they do they do with their body. When a person works with their body on something that thing becomes their own because they did the work. And he also says that there is some sort of limit that people can't take more than they can use. He uses acorns or other fruits as an example and says, "But ...
  • Life - 669 words
    Through out history man has always tried to find ways to explain the ways of life. Were do we come from, why are we here, are we alone, so may different questions but yet we still have no answers. Is there there a reason why we do not know?, can we truly comprehend the real answers of life? No one really knows. Some people try to find there answers buy relaying on mans creations. They look to science for answers and believe that there is a reason hidden behind everything and that all things come about by chance.Many other look towards religion to find there answers in hoping that they can gain accurate knowledge of the universe and believe that all things DON'T come about by chance but happe ...
  • Lewinsky - 503 words
    Results May VaryThis product advertisement, for thumbuterol, the fat burner, begins to mislead the reader from the very beginning. The ad came from a very popular men's magazine, Maxim, and is targeted directly at young males. It is intended to mislead the reader that it is a factual article, and not an advertisement at all, just from the look of the ad. The article uses headings and title fonts, similar to all of the other article in the magazine. This tricks the reader into starting to read the article without even considering that it is an ad, in hopes they will be taken in by all of their empty promises.From the very beginning the article plays on one of societies biggest weaknesses, tha ...
  • Literary View - 284 words
    My literary review comes from a news article in It's about a drug, Acamprosate, this helps alcoholics abstain from drinking. Acamprosate is manufactured and produced in Lyon, France. Barbara Mason did this research down at the University of Miami School of Medicine. Although she said it isn't flat out all good many can try it which will somewhat help out your abstinence in drinking. Acamprosate is now sold all over Europe, South America, and Asia. It was stated that more than a million people use this drug. We plan to get this drug released in the United Stated in short time. Some doctors in America already have available Acamprosate to alcoholic patients. Like all other drugs, ...
  • Lady Macbeth: A Wife In Support Of Her Husband - 1,136 words
    Lady Macbeth: A Wife in Support of Her HusbandOne of the main characters in Macbeth, Lady Macbeth, has been an object ofintense criticism. Although sometimes regarded as cruel and vile, evidenceexists that Shakespeare did not intend for her to be judged so harshly. Byevaluating her character in relation to her actions, her overall relationshipwith Macbeth, and her death, we can see that Shakespeare quite possibly wantedLady Macbeth to be judged in association with the actions of Macbeth. Whatappears to others as ruthlessness and ambition, is really her loyalty and lovefor him. Just as Macbeth is ambitious for the throne, so is Lady Macbeth drivento assist him. All of her actions are done out ...
  • Life Of Thomas Jefferson - 332 words
    Thomas Jefferson was drafted to write the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Soon after, in 1779, Thomas was elected governor, which he served for two years. He suffered an inquiry into his conduct during his last year in office that although finally fully repudiated, left him with a life long pricklishness in the face of criticism. In 1784, he re-entered public services. First as a trades commissioner and then as Benjamin Franklin's successor as a minister. In 1790, he accepted the post of secretary of the state. Then, in 1796, as a presidential candidate of the Republicans, he became vice president after losing to John Adams by three votes. Four years later, in the election of 1800, Thom ...
  • Lime Disease - 863 words
    Lime Disease Lyme disease is caused by Borrelia burgdorferi, which is a tick-borne spirochete. The dangers of this disease became more publicised in 1977, where a geographicgrouping of children in Lyme, Conneticut were thought to have juvenile rheumatoidarthritis1. Soon after, it was discovered that lyme disease was an illness that mainlyaffects the skin, nervous system, heart, and joints. The borrelia species is part of theeubacterial phylum of spirochetes. Containted within a protoplasmic cylinder is a cellmembrane, followed by wavy flagella, and then an outer membrane. The genesencoded within the outer membrane are located on plasmids which allows the organismto make antigenic changes in ...

1440 results found, view free essays on page:

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