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  • Msc - 1,233 words
    Diagn'ostico prenatal y resultado falso negativo por uncaso de s'indrome de Down con cariotipo normal Luis Arturo Lizcano-Gil MD, MSc; Katya Burgos BS;Diego Fernando Guar'in MD. Divisi'on de Gen'etica. CentroColombiano de Fertilidad y Esterilidad, CECOLFES. Bogot'a, Colombia. RESUMEN Presentamos el caso de una mujer de 38 a~nos remitida en la semana 29 de gestaci'on a nuestro programa de diagn'ostico prenatal, debido a que el estudio ultrasonogr'afico revel'o retardo del crecimiento intrauterino, acortamiento de huesos largos, y polihidramnios. Se practic'o amniocentesis transabdominal y se realiz'o estudio citogen'etico, encontrando un complemento cromos'omico normal 46, XY. A las 32 seman ...
  • Mythology: Important Part Of History - 689 words
    Mythology: Important Part of History Bullfinch once said 'Mythology is the handmaid of literature...'. Thatmeans that mythology is necessarily subservient or subordinate to literature.I personally think that is not true. Let me introduce myself. My name isAphrodite, goddess of beauty and sexual desire. Mythology is important andinteresting . In fact, I think I may be the most interesting of all the gods.Well, at least the most beautiful. In this auto biographical paper I willreveal to you who I am, how I relate to mythology, and a famous story aboutmyself. Let me start with my birth. Many think I was born out of murder. Theysay that when Cronos butchered his father he flung the dismembered b ...
  • Music Censorship - 1,492 words
    After killing you loudly with rhymes, beats, and rhythms, the music industry as a whole has gone through many trials and tribulations. Society has shifted in such a manner that allows and encourages freethinking and abstract arts and with those great things we face the problem of censorship. From an artist's perspective it's their "work," but from another's point of view that same piece of "work" can be garbage to another. Now in the 21st century we face an artistic crossroads. We are left with the question how far can an artist go? In addition, when we do go too far, do we censor? Censors are now disguised as retailers and distributors, special-interest groups, and less influential but pass ...
  • Moll Flanders, Madame Bovary, & The Joys Of Motherhood - 1,678 words
    Moll Flanders, Madame Bovary, & The Joys of Motherhood Daniel Defoe's Moll Flanders, Gustave Flaubert's Madame Bovary, and Buchi Emecheta's The Joys of Motherhood are three novels that portray the life of woman in many different ways. They all depict the turmoils and strife's that women, in many cultures and time periods, suffer from. In some cases it's the woman's fault, in others it's simply bad luck. In any case, all three novels succeed in their goal of showing what a life of selling oneself short is like through the eyes of a woman. In Daniel Defoe's Moll Flanders, a woman, Moll is simply trying to get by and is given a wonderful start because she was born in a prison. Moll Flanders lea ...
  • Marbury Vs. Madison - 568 words
    In the Supreme Court case of George Reynolds vs. United States, 1879, concerned an older Mormon living in the Utah Territory under federal laws, was charged with a violation of a federal law forbidding marriage in all federal territories. The practice of multiple marriage couples is a practice common among Mormons of that time period. The United States put into effect a law the restricted multiple marriage couples upon receiving word that Mormons were moving into the Utah Territory. Since the United States Government was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs, they frowned heavily on the Mormon practice and used their power to restrict their ability to act on their beliefs. The principle of demo ...
  • Mark Twain And His Masterpiece: The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn - 1,122 words
    Mark Twain and His Masterpiece: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn A Research PaperPresented to Mr. Neilof Chula Vista High School In Partial Fulfillmentof the Requirements for English 10 Honors/Gate By:Id #: 937228May 16, 1996OutlineI. Samuel ClemensA. Who he isB. Where he was bornC. FamilyII. How Samuel came to be Mark TwainA. His working lifeB. First writingsIII. The Adventures of Huck FinnA. Story Plot1. The outside of the book2. The inside of the bookB. Critics of the book.1.CharacterizationIV. Samuel Clemens DownfallA. Family Life1.DeathsB. Money Problems1. Bankruptcy2. Move to EuropeC. His comebackD. His deathV. Effects of Twain's storiesA. How he affected his eraB. How the era affect ...
  • Mark Twain And His Masterpiece: The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn - 1,231 words
    ... me and I can't stand it. I been therebefore.'Many readers are disappointed that the novel ended this way. They wantedJim and Huck to become some kind of heroes and they live happily ever after but,it didn't, and that is why it has raised such bad criticism. Bernard DeVotocomplained that 'in the whole reach of the English novel there is no moreabrupt or chilling descent.' More recent critics have dismissed the conclusionas a 'travesty' and 'a failure of nerve.' As Walter Blair has explained,'The chief crimes are against characterization: Jim, whomthe reader and Huck have come to love and admire, becomes avictim of meaningless torture, a cartoon. Huck, who has foughtagainst codes of civil ...
  • Mr. Buchanans Speech - 274 words
    Immigration Reading ResponseThe problems arisen from the overwhelming immigration brought forth by Mr. Buchanan are significant and cannot be overlooked. Together, the problems and the solution he provides seem persuasive enough to convince citizens to support restrictions on future immigration. However, Mr. Buchanan fails to acknowledge the positive impact of these new citizens. This creates a fatal flaw in his argument which can be easily disproved with statistics and facts. Had he addressed the rebuttals of immigration, it would have made the argument more compelling. For instance, a survey conducted by Stephen Moore and his colleague at Cato Institute and the National Immigration Forum o ...
  • Macbeth 2 - 841 words
    Responsibility for the Tragedy In Shakespeare's classic tragedy of Macbeth the main character Macbeth is driven from his status as a well respected warrior and lord of not one, but two Scottish regions to a dishonest, unloyal murderer. Macbeth gets caught in a web of lies and vile acts of murder in which he brings about his own demise. His criminal actions lead up to his tragic ending of life. ' They have tied me to a stake; I cannot fly, But bearlike I must fight the course.' His great ambition and gullibility of the witches predictions are two of the biggest factors of his downfall;however, Lady Macbeth was probably the biggest influence in the whole tragedy. Early in the tragedy, Macbeth ...
  • Maturity - 390 words
    Maturity Maturity is not something that happens overnight. Maturity comes through trial and error; it's a process which has to be perfected. Life throws curveballs and there are always multiple ways to deal with the situations. Being mature is making the right choices and knowing right from wrong. When you turn eighteen you are expected to just be mature. You're allowed to buy a house, a car, get a credit card, it seems like you can do whatever you want. Maturity basically gets thrown at you, so hopefully you are prepared for it. High school responsibilities, like getting a job, budgeting your time and learning to drive teach you skills that you can use in your adult life, if you choose to a ...
  • My Antonia - 402 words
    "A plump, fair skinned girl was standing in the doorway. She looked demure and pretty, and made a graceful picture in her blue cashmere dress and little blue hat, with a plaid shawl neatly about her shoulders and a clumsy pocket book in her hand." This is the first glimpse of the transformation from girl to successful woman of Lena Lingard in My Antonia, by Willa Cather. In the beginning of the book, Lena is portrayed as a struggling dressmaker, who because of her personality, goals, and motivation, becomes a successful individual. Lena's independence and obstinacy makes her a strong personality in My Antonia. Despite how easily she attracted men, Lena never wanted to marry. This is because ...
  • Mbti Analysis Of Work Relations And Conflicts - 632 words
    I am a relatively extreme ESTJ -- extroverted, sensing, thinking and judging. People of my type like gathering solid information and making final decisions based on that information. I tend to focus more on the job, not on the people behind the job. ESTJs have the "beaver" type of personality. Beavers are hardworking, organized, and persistent. Getting things done is my strong suit. Under stress, ESTJs can become condescending and quick to judge (as anyone who's been on my bad side can attest to). That doesn't describe me under all circumstances, but it covers a lot of ground. ESTJs' temperament is dominant Te; we thrive off rules and regulations, lots of data, and concepts and theories. Our ...
  • Melanoma - 1,413 words
    Many people think that is it possible to achieve a "healthy tan," but this thought has been proven wrong. Overexpose to UV-A and UV-B rays from the sun lead to premature aging of the skin, as well as the possible formation of skin cancer, know as melanoma. An appearance of a tan is actually a stage of burning and damage to the skin. Although a tan may be desirable to many, the fact remains that more people need to be educated on the dangers of the sun's harmful rays, and the possible health complications of overexposure. There are three main types of skin cancer. These are malignant melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma. While melanoma is the most life-threatening of th ...
  • Medea - The Conception Of Drama Within Theatrical Production - 1,317 words
    "The Conception of Drama within Theatrical Production" In Euripides' tragic play, Medea, the playwright creates an undercurrent of chaos in the play upon asserting that, "the world's great order [is being] reversed." (Lawall, 651, line 408). The manipulation of the spectators' emotions, which instills in them a sentiment of drama, is relative to this undertone of disorder, as opposed to being absolute. The central thesis suggests drama in the play as relative to the method of theatrical production. The three concepts of set, costumes, and acting, are tools which accentuate the drama of the play. Respectively, these three notions represent the appearance of drama on political, social, and mor ...
  • Manji - 728 words
    The term 'psychological trap' is relatively new to me. The term bears resemblance to the notion of 'psychic prisons' which I recently studied in Structure & Theory of Organizations. While the two ideas are not synonymous, they do share an overarching characteristic. Both are derived from personal frames of reference, our corporate cultures, occupational ritualism, and interaction with others. Further, depending upon the mindsets of individual employees and the evolution of their corporate culture, the shared reality of an organization may be more or less susceptible to the detriments of psychological traps. One such occupational culture is municipal management. I believe that psychological t ...
  • Marism - 1,631 words
    Chapter 1This chapter starts out by telling the reader that there are many different options for the ways that businesses can get their message out to consumers. Through various forms of communication, firms are able to establish and build a relationship with their customers. We then find the model of communication process. This is a model that describes the way that we encode and decode everyday messages. For example, the person to initiate contact is called the sender, and the sender's message is encoded and sent to the receiver, who is able to decode and process the message. The receiver can then encode a message to send right back to the original source. Making sure that you are using th ...
  • Marism - 1,584 words
    ... actor to be considered by the advertiser is what type of channel should be used? Should the advertisement go on the radio, or television to promote the product? Should it go on a bus or a billboard? These are all very important decisions that have to be made. The influence that the channel has on the consumer is known as the qualitative media effect. The last problem that a marketer might run into is the problem of clutter, which is the saturation of the market with many ads.Chapter 7 This chapter deals with objectives that should be established by a company about budgeting and promotional programs. The chapter starts out with a terrific example about how Foster's lager was able to set s ...
  • Managing Change In Operations - 1,613 words
    Behavior Traits of Successful BusinessesAugust 29, 1999Business Innovation OpportunitiesBusinesses are resource limited and must determine where and in what way to allocate resources to achieve business mission objectives. This translates to why it is so important for business to be creative and actively plan for innovation correctly. Innovation is a change of direction and it alters investment policy so it is essential from the onset for the business planner to be clear about the current state of product "portfolio". The planner must recognize how to balance the current products against possible policies for future development and their likely implications in terms of cash flow, market shar ...
  • My Sister - 641 words
    "The Life of Susan snow"susan snow was born on January 28, 1975. Her birth brought double the joy to her family who just minutes before had rejoiced upon the birth of her identical twin sister, rachelle. She was a small premature baby born nearly five weeks early and remained in NYU Medical Center for a week under careful scrutiny. Her father and four older siblings eagerly anticipated her arrival at home. The family resided in brooklyn, where they still make their home, and susan joined them there. She was named susan bella after her paternal great aunt and great great grandmother. susan had soft brown hair and big blue eyes that sparkled with personality, despite her young age. After five ...
  • Malcolm X - 986 words
    Malcolm's life is a Horatio Alger story with a twist. His is not a 'rags to riches' tale, but a powerful narrative of self-transformation from petty hustler to internationally known political leader. Born in Omaha, Nebraska, the son of Louise and Earl Little, who was a Baptist preacher active in Marcus Garvey's Universal Negro Improvement Association, Malcolm, along with his siblings, experienced dramatic confrontations with racism from childhood. Hooded Klansmen burned their home in Lansing, Michigan; Earl Little was killed under mysterious circumstances; welfare agencies split up the children and eventually committed Louise Little to a state mental institution; and Malcolm was forced to li ...

3089 results found, view free essays on page:

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