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  • Matrix Script - 5,158 words
    THE MATRIX Written by Larry and Andy Wachowski April 8, 1996 FADE IN ON: COMPUTER SCREEN So close it has no boundaries. A blinking cursor pulses in the electric darkness like a heart coursing with phosphorous light, burning beneath the derma of black-neon glass. A PHONE begins to RING, we hear it as though we were making the call. The cursor continues to throb, relentlessly patient, until -- MAN (V.O.) Hello? Data now slashes across the screen, information flashing faster than we read. SCREEN Call trans opt: received. 2-19-96 13:24:18 REC:Log> WOMAN (V.O.) I'm inside. Anything to report? We listen to the phone conversation as though we were on a third line. The man's name is CYPHER. The w ...
  • Matrix Script - 5,103 words
    ... UCK BED Still shaking his head, Neo realizes he is not alone. A man named Cabie is aiming a big gun at him. Trinity is next to him, talking into a cellular phone. TRINITY We got him. Call the chop-shop. She hangs up. TRINITY Listen to me, Neo. You have to, trust us. She tears off a long strip of black duct-tape and reaches for his face. NEO What are you doing? TRINITY This has to be done for your protection and ours. She seals his eyes shut with the tape. TRINITY You can't understand right now, but if you're not one of us, you're one of them. EXT. LOWER WACKER A featureless black van glides up to a staircase that curls down from the city's surface. trinity guides the blind Neo down the s ...
  • Much Ado About Nothing - 842 words
    Shakespeare is known for his incredible ways of writing and his masterpieces of literature that he produces. But, why is that one might ask? Justlike a master artist, Shakespeare makes the fine detail the important part ofhis writing as an artist would in a masterpiece of a painting. For instance apiece of literature that enables Shakespeare to express his fine detail is'Much Ado About Nothing';, a romantic comedy. The fine detail is thecharacters and how they are fully developed and amazingly expressed. Onecharacter in the play is Benedick and he is expressed in an interesting way.Benedick is a character that not only deceives other characters in the play,but most of all he deceives himself ...
  • Movie: Dead Poets Society - The Dead Poet That Killed Himself - 349 words
    Movie: Dead Poet's Society - The Dead Poet That Killed Himself The movie Dead Poet's Society raises an interesting question: Wheneducating teen-agers, is it better to use the school's policy of Tradition,Honor, Discipline, and Excellence or Mr. Keating's philosophy of carpe diam(seize the day)? Mr. Keating believed that people should 'suck the marrow out oflife' and live like a free thinking person even at the young age of seventeen.Centuries of teaching experience prove Mr. Keating is wrong and that traditionand discipline are the correct methods of educating. Our fledgling nation of only 200 years is a mental midget in this world.Why is it that we are 17th in the world in education. Is it ...
  • My Conversation With Death - 854 words
    He did not steal into my room like a common thief, though that was his nature. He was sitting there as if he was always there, taking little heed to his surroundings. His presence in the room was an assault to my sense of security, yet his smile never portrayed this intention. Like a child he did not really comprehend the repercussions of his actions. His physical features, clothing, even his demeanor was one of neutrality. This left me with the feeling that no matter what type of surroundings he was placed into he would blend in. "I have often wondered why people fear me so." He spoke softly breaking the silence. "We rejoice the beginning of ones lives with celebration, yet on the same hand ...
  • Mcdonaldization Of Education - 1,053 words
    Despite the changing times, education remains a cornerstone for society . Technology advances, the economy fluctuates, and politics change, but education remains something seen as, not only important but imperative for personal and social growth. Yet, as important as it is touted to be, the quality and purpose of learning is often lost in the assembly-line, manufactured process of education that exists today. In a highly structured and economics-driven world, the educational system may be viewed as a machine designed to churn out future workers and employees. Like the fast-food industry, education has been standardized in an attempt to provide the comforts of efficiency, calculability, predi ...
  • Marginal Deterrence Is One Of The Most Important Messages From The Economics Of Crime. Explain The Role Of Marginal Deterrence And Its Practical Applicability - 1,112 words
    The 2002 crime figures for England and Wales comprised of two separate reports, brought together for the first time: (i) Crime statistics recorded by constabularies and (ii) The British Crime Survey (BCS), based on 33,000 interviews. The BCS is regarded as a more reliable measure of actual levels of crime because it includes experiences of crime that go unreported. The British crime survey of 2002 revealed: o Crime rates are stable, showing a slight 2% fall over since 2001 o In 2002, crime fell by 14% since 1999 o In 2002, crime fell by 39% since 1997 However, figures of this type need to be examined in detail. For example, these figures do not show whether the British Government has possibl ...
  • Marginal Deterrence Is One Of The Most Important Messages From The Economics Of Crime. Explain The Role Of Marginal Deterrence And Its Practical Applicability - 1,135 words
    ... the basis of time-series results for the USA between 1933 and 1969, found that one more execution would deter approximately seven or eight murders (the 90% confidence interval was between 0 and 24 murders prevented per execution). Ehrlich (1973) went on to claim that 'the deterrent of execution might be even stronger; as much as twenty to twenty four murders might be deterred by a single execution.' Although Ehrlich's work has been criticised by authors on the basis it has failed to produce robust estimates of the deterrent effect of execution, it gives this paper an important insight into that when considering the marginal deterrence of crime, it is important to evaluate which part of ...
  • Music Therapy - 624 words
    rynjulf Stige is the first Coordinator of the music therapy education program at Sogn og Fjordane University in Sandane, Norway, where he is an associate professor. With diverse experiences as a music therapist using a community based approach, Stige has written numerous articles and books on music therapy and music education. He is editor-in-chief of the Nordic Journal of Music Therapy, and co-editor (with Carolyn Kenny) of Voices: A World Forum for Music Therapy. He is one of the most insightful thinkers working within the music therapy profession. He believes that humans cannot escape culture. Through culture, we are provided the tools we need to deal with challenges of everyday life. Sti ...
  • Mending Wall - 1,029 words
    "Mending Wall" by Robert Frost is a poem in which the characteristics of vocabulary, rhythm and other aspects of poetic technique combine in a fashion that articulates, in detail, the experience and the opposing convictions that the poem describes and discusses. The ordinariness of the rural activity is presented in specific description, and as so often is found in Frost's poems, the unprepossessing undertaking has much larger implications. Yet his consideration of these does not disturb the qualities of accessible language and technique, which give the poem its unique flavor and persuasiveness. The poem works on two levels of realism and metaphor, with a balance as poised as the act of mend ...
  • Mending Wall - 1,084 words
    ... /personae) Frost poses as the literate, philosophical farmer - a man of the earth, a hard boiled, yet reflective Yankee. (SELF) Frost is the teller of the poem giving himself the 'self' of the (insert farmer here). He is the one that initiates the spring mending (insert line) and he also says that he has come alone and made repairs (insert hunting).....expand on 'to have the rabbit out of hiding to please the yelping dogs'. Yet, we also get the impression that he wants the wall down when he scoffs at his neighbors saying "good fences make good neighbors" (and also (I'd rather he said it himself). Throughout these lines Frost allies himself with both the wall builder and the wall destroye ...
  • Mans Blinding Greed For Money Damages His Soul - 547 words
    'I want it all-money,fast cars,diamonds rings and champagne.'So says Warren G in his quadruple platinum single 'I want it all'.Hip hop artists profess their love for money through such lyrics.They portray this love through their music videos.Flashy cars,expensive clothing,extravagant locations and money are shown with the utmost ostentation.Young people look up to these musicians as their role models.They believe that those musicians have the perfect lives.You couldn't possibly go wrong with all that money.Or could you?MC Hammer,Toni Braxton and TLC all have one thing in common-they were all bankrupt at some point in their careers.Whitney Houston is a marijuana addict.Do these people have so ...
  • Muhammed Ali - 693 words
    "Fly like a butterfly, Sting like a bee." This is what the man did, and what he was good at. Mohammed Ali was the first man to ever win the heavyweight title three times, and had a very impressing boxing career. But Mohammed Ali was not only an impressive boxer, but he brought about social change in his own way as well. First, he has contributed extensively to the Muslim religion, for one by joining it, along with other contributions. Secondly, with his speaking out against the war in Vietnam and refusing the draft, he was the first public figure to speak out against the war and not go to fight. Thirdly, there was his flamboyant and perceived arrogance he was probably the worlds first modern ...
  • Mbo In Russia - 1,491 words
    Introduction A successful implementation of MBO in any country requires a narrow examination of such elements as customs and traditions of that country, which give support to the application of MBO.HistoryThese elemets are higly influenced by the history. Starting from the early centuries, Russian people got accustomed to live under the central rule when the tsar was the only decision-making body in the country. The communication between the rulers and ruled was flowing only one-way. The landlords, owning the farmers, set quotes to farmers without thinking whether they would be able to achieve them. Afterwards, when the bolshewiks came to rule instead of the monarchy, the same thing happened ...
  • Mbo In Russia - 1,518 words
    ... . Would your employees benefit from applying MBO program to your organization?2. Would you benefit from applying MBO to your organization?3. Would you apply MBO program to your organization?The answers follow.In my opinion, the employer does not want to loose the power over his employee, which comes from the country's history. Formerly, they didn't have power - now they have it, and as soon as you get power, you do not want to loose it. At the time being we can't realize that MBO will be successful because of the need to have , centralized organization. It will take time to get rid of the ghost of the past. Every manager will realize soon that being able to make all the decisions about ...
  • Marijuana:why Legal? - 689 words
    Marijuana: Why Criminal? In a country where freedom is the basis of all social life one has to feel that all the laws are made up to protect them, but that is not necessarily true. When one looks at the laws prohibiting the use of marijuana it is hard to see why it is needed. There are a few basic reasons why marijuana should be legal, and although there are nay sayers , no one can deny facts. People who try to protest the use of marijuana usually have not done their research on the subject. In this essay, I will present you the facts so you the reader can make your own decisions. When you watch the news there are many stories that involve marijuana use, and violence such as the story presen ...
  • Media In Society - 1,875 words
    In Debating Democracy's 'The Media: Vast Wasteland or New Frontier?' Jarol Manheim and Douglas Rushkoff present opposing views of the media. Both authors raise the questions of what the media represents and what messages the media tries to send to the public. Is the media's coverage of events just for entertainment value or do the reports have political content and value? Are the viewers capable of distinguishing between the media's glitz and the real facts? Do different sources of the media system actually portray different views and stories? A key question is how typical objective reporting is. If the knowledge can easily be obtained elsewhere, it is possible to conclude with pluralists th ...
  • Media In Society - 1,904 words
    ... their superiors and helping get defense contracts approved. In the field in Vietnam, enlisted men tried mainly to survive their 365 days 'in country' and officers tried mainly to get a combat-command ticket punched. Then, during the decade after Vietnam, the military examined its ethics more deeply and honestly than any other American institution, and it corrected much of what was wrong. The media establishment is still in the denial stage. Many of today's journalists are all too aware of the pressures pushing their profession in a direction they don't want to go. But they have not been able to deal with outside complaints honestly enough to begin the process of reform. In response to su ...
  • Male Female Relationships - 403 words
    My impressions of the opposite sex are diverse and have changed throughout my life. As a child born into a family of three girls, my exposure to the opposite sex was limited. The only real male in my life was my father. I never viewed him as the opposite sex because he was my dad. He was a strict, authoritative figure and a great protector. My early impressions of the opposite sex were that of great strength and security, both physically and emotionally. As I entered adulthood and encountered the opposite sex on a new level it was quite a learning experience. I realized although the male is physically stronger than the female, the female is emotionally stronger. The male tends not to be too ...
  • Ms - 464 words
    Multiple Sclerosis6560 Fannin, Suite 1224Houston, TX 77030(713) 798-Mission: The mission of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society is to end the devastating effects of multiple sclerosis. Providing accurate, up-to-date information to individuals with MS, their families, and healthcare providers is central to our mission. The organization is to prevent and cure MS, and to improve the lives of all people affected with MS. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society funds research, publishes scientific finding, provides information and other services to people with MS.History: The coming of the National MS Society emerged from wartime research efforts in many areas. In 1943 new methods of technolo ...

3089 results found, view free essays on page:

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