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  • Marketing Malt Liquor (case Study) - 274 words
    Case 6. Marketing Malt Liquor. January 1991 the company filed for protection in the NY bankruptcy court, claiming a large debt. . G. Heileman introduced PowerMaster a Malt Liquor with 5.9 percent alcohol contento Law states beer over 4% alcohol content to be labeled as a malto Typical Malt beer is 5.5%o Typical Average beer is 3.5%. Summer 1991, the Surgeon General and advocacy group led by the Center for Science in the Public Interest launched a campaign to remove PowerMaster from Store Shelves.. PowerMaster received pressure from anti-alcohol and African-American activistso Advertising CampaignSS Black Male ModelsSS Attracted young black and males (make up 1/3 of malt liquor consumption)SS ...
  • Macbeth Character Flaw - 767 words
    Brian Bozarth Bozarth 1Mrs. ThurmondEnglish IV - 6February 22, 2001Macbeth's Tragic Flaw Every one has a character flaw. Some are more serious than others. For instance, some people pick their nose, while others drink milk directly from the carton. After a while a person's character flaws will come back to haunt them. Shakespeare is a master at pointing out one's character flaws and showing how those flaw bring down that person or society in general. In Shakespeare's Macbeth he does just that. Macbeth is a tragic hero whose character flaws are ambition and avarice. The play opens with Macbeth, a popular noble who quells a military coup against the King of Scotland by a Scottish nobleman, Mac ...
  • Media And The Government - 585 words
    The media can often have a large impact on public opinion. The general community can be swayed based purely upon how the news carries a story. This places a massive responsibility on the media. They must decide what is appropriate and how to address certain topics. In the cartoon the author was describing the impact the media can have on presidential races. People, in general, like to know the gossip about candidates. They like hearing the dirt, it brings the nominees down to the level of the common man. Since this is what the press knows the people want to hear this is what they publish. The more inside details the news gives the more people will want to buy their product. This cartoonist w ...
  • My Participation In The Prince Of Wales Robotics Team - 517 words
    My Participation in the Prince of Wales Robotics TeamTOPIC 2. An experience or achievement that has had significant meaning in yourlife ( You may discuss an obstacle that you have overcome ) The intellectual achievement that I feel is my most prominent academicexperience is participating, for the second consecutive year, in the Prince ofWales Robotics Team. This was an opportunity to gain valuble insights intodesigning and manufacturing electrical robots with fellow teammates andprofessional engineers. Firstly, in connection with my involvement in the Robotics Team, I wasable to learn the systematic ways of applying textbook material to realisticproblem solving. This was my greatest challeng ...
  • Momadays The Way To Rainy Mountain: Summary - 630 words
    Momaday's The Way to Rainy Mountain: Summary N. Scott Momaday divides his book The Way to Rainy Mountain in aninteresting manner. The book is divided into three chapters, each of whichcontains a dozen or so numbered sections, each of which is divided into threeparts. The first part of each numbered section tends to be a legend or a storyof the Kiowa culture. However, this characteristic changes a bit as the bookevolves, as does the style and feel of the stories. The first passage in the first numbered section describes the Kiowacreation myth. It tells that they came into the world through a hollow log. Thenext ones tell of a dog saving the life of a man, the story of how Tai-me becamepart of ...
  • Mandatory Aids Testing - 1,860 words
    Mandatory AIDS TestingAIDS has become a worldwide epidemic that has struck every identifiable group.However, persons who are considered to be in a high-risk group of contractingHIV, the disease believed to cause AIDS, are still stigmatized by the media andother professionals as being diseased and abnormal. It is quite surprisingstill that this type of stereotype still exists now in our gender-bendingsociety. No longer do only gays, prostitutes, bisexual men, intravenous drugusers contract HIV, the heterosexual community is also facing the epidemic atphenomenon increases. It is estimated that heterosexual transmission accountsfor 75% of all AIDS cases in the world.(Video, CBC In Review) And s ...
  • Morality In America - 469 words
    The reading by Johnson starts out with a married lady by the name of Katherine Watkins complaining of rape by a black slave. Throughout the remainder of this section, depositions are given by other black slaves and people who claim to have witnessed the occurrence. Most of the accounts indicate that Mrs. Watkins seduced the slave into a sexual act and then blamed it on him in order to stay out of the trouble that her Quaker husband's beliefs would have brought on her. The other section in this book is the sermon by John Winthrop entitled, A Model of Christianity. Two rules by which all men should abide, he says, are to show mercy and do justice. Among many other good deeds, he preaches love ...
  • Magnificent Minds Of The Renaissance - 840 words
    The high renaissance of the 1500's was a time of scientific, philosophic, and artistic awe and inspiration. Many new discoveries were being made in the field of science, and philosophers expressed their assumptions on the world and universe around them. In addition, many individuals were gifted with artistic dexterity and skill. The amazing achievements of Michelangelo, Raphael, and Leonardo da Vinci are considered significant to the Renaissance period. In this paper, the endeavors and achievements of these three Renaissance men will be examined and expressed.Born in 1475 in Italy, Michelangelo was raised in an era of artistic wonder. Not only an artist, but Michelangelo was also a poet, scu ...
  • Marijuana - 470 words
    Marijuana, mixture of leaves , stems, and buds of the indian hemp plant Cannabis sativa, Smoked or eatin for its hallucinagenic and pleaure giving effects. The main ingrediant of marijuana is THC is concentrated in the flowwering tops of the plant, Hasish a drug prepared from the plant resin, has about eight times more THC than marijuana. Marijuana grows throughout temperate regions with the most potent varieties produced in dry hot upland climates.Except for limited medical purposes, cultivatting marijuana is illegal in all but a few countries . In the U.S., possesion and use of Marijuana was legal only in the state of Alaska from 1975 to 1990 when voters approved a ballot measure that agai ...
  • Modern Drama - 1,292 words
    What is Realism? Realism is the movement toward representing reality as it actually is, in art. Realistic drama is an attempt to portray real life on stage, a movement away from the conventional melodramas and sentimental comedies of the 1700s. It is expressed in theatre through the use of symbolism, character development, stage setting and storyline and is exemplified in plays such as Henrik Ibsen's A Doll's House and Anton Chekhov's The Three Sisters. The arrival of realism was indeed good for theatre as it promoted greater audience involvement and raised awareness of contemporary social and moral issues. It also provided and continues to provide a medium through which playwrights can expr ...
  • Marketing As A Career - 986 words
    Marketing reasearch analysis collect, analyze, and interpret data to determine potentialsales of a product or service. To this end they prepare reports and makerecommendations on subjects ranging from prefrences of prospective customers tomethods and costs of distribution and advertising. They research available printed dataand accmulate new data through personal interviews and questionnaires. Knowing whatcustomers want, why they want it, and what price they are willing to pay for it havealways been concerns of manufacturers and producers of goods and services. Withgrowth in industry and increased competition for manufactured products, businessesbegian to use marlketing research to measure p ...
  • Marketing As A Career - 1,036 words
    ... ns such product array andselection do not always exist. It is important to understand that even if local customerscan afford a certain product, they may not always want it. If by chance are interested, itmay be only if it is substantially modified to fit their local preferences and taste. Theseadaptations exist in the form of product and package. The alteration of a material product is sometimes required to match the product tolocal taste and conditions. Adaptation of the package is often needed to attract customersto the product. Many times adaptation is also used to maintain a product's righteousnessin a unique environment. A firm is occasionally forced to modify both the product andth ...
  • Major League Baseball - 900 words
    A Winning Hand 1A Winning HandDaniel HabibKeystone CollegeA Winning Hand 2A Winning HandIn all professional athletics a team's general manager is a huge piece of their overall success. In this particular situation we are dealing with baseball, where a team's general manager is huge. There are some excellent general manager's in Major League Baseball such as the Dodgers Paul Depodesta and the Red Sox Theo Epstein. But in this article the author specifically focused on the one GM who everyone that is familiar with sports knows of, the Oakland Athletics Billy Beane. Beane has always been a big time GM of the A's Sandy Alderson. Alderson was the general manager of the Athletics back in the early ...
  • Mughal Emperor Akbar - 1,083 words
    Topic:What were the contribution of the Mughal emperor Akbar to the creation of an Indian national Identity? What were the greatest obstacles to his achievement in this?The greatest of the Mughal's emperors, Akbar, attempted the creation of a national identity for India by his numerous reforms, literal and cultural development, and policies of integration and organization. His reforms included a liberal policy toward the non-Muslims, religious innovations, the land revenue system and the famous Mansabdari system. His policy of religious toleration became the most significant aspect during his reign. Akbar established a new religion, the Din-i-Ilahi. But Akbar's attempt to create a national i ...
  • Mughal Emperor Akbar - 1,051 words
    ... rom Arabic, Sanskrit, Greek, and Latin into Persian. Some of the topics included literature, history, botany, theology and Indian epics, notably Mahabharate and Ramayana, which promoted Hindu learning. Akbar was a great patron of literary works and scholars. His court had numerous scholars of the day who are well known as Nauratan. Persian language became the polite language of all India and Persian manners set the standard for the whole subcontinent. "In the world of diplomacy and fashion, it was in India what French was in Europe." Aided by Hindu artists, Akbar developed Persian painting, to form the characteristic Mughal school of painting. Akbar was interested in architecture and dur ...
  • My Personal Search For A Meaningful Existence - 1,757 words
    My Personal Search for a Meaningful Existence I am the representative embodiment of my nihilistic culture. I amnarcissistic, insatiable, petty, apathetic and I am above all an emotionalinvalid. Yet, up until very recently, I was not consciously aware that I wasguilty of having any of these wholly pejorative attributes, because I hadunconsciously suppressed my inherent will to attain a meaningful existence, infavor of the comfort and security that complacency and futility provide. Thereexists in me a void, that is not uncommon to find in the members of myEurocentric society, which is derived from the conscious or unconsciousknowledge that our culture is entirely devoid of meaning. This is, mo ...
  • My Personal Search For A Meaningful Existence - 1,819 words
    ... m to believe that it matterslittle what reason we continue to struggle so long as we testify to man'sallegiance to man and not to abstractions and "absolutes," which completelynegates the possibility of faith and religion. I wholly agree that there is noone unifying meaning to man's existence which transcends all things, but in myopinion this does not mean that I should automatically believe that all abstractthings are false. I think that having faith is an integral component of leadinga meaningful existence, particularly considering the only things that I knowwith absolute certainty are, I exist, the world exists and I am mortal. Thereis certainly room for religious faith in our existen ...
  • Motivating In Management - 1,110 words
    II. INTROOne of the key aspects of management is motivating. Finding the right form of motivation is a problem that's been around ever since motivation in the work place was conceived as an idea. As of now, there are several theories to what kind of motivation works the best to get an employee motivated to produce their best work. Unfortunately, many try motivating employees by using extrinsic rewards, such as cash or the like. What they don't realize is that in the long run, this is making their employees less productive than they were to start with.III. Define MotivationTo be able to understand what motivates someone, we first must look at what motivation is. According to Webster's diction ...
  • Motivating In Management - 1,084 words
    ... s to a very low state. Two Factor TheoryThe Two Factor Theory is another popular content motivation theory. The two factors are hygiene and motivation. The way this theory works is that both of the parts have to be satisfied at the same time to promote motivation in the employees. Hygiene includes things like the company, its policies, employee status, security, etc. The motivators are things like achievement, interest in the job, and recognition. So if you meet their needs through hygiene, their motivators will advance at the same time.VIII. PROCESS MOTIVATIONProcess motivation theories look at what people are thinking about when they decide whether or not to put effort into a particula ...
  • Macbeth: Describe Macbeth As A Tragic Hero - 1,325 words
    MACBETH AS A TRAGIC HEROTragic heroes are within everyone, but cannot be fully exposed or understood without the essential tragic qualities. One must be a potentially noble character who endures heroic qualities and has respect and admiration from the society. Consequently, they must be essentially great. Also within the character must be a flaw or weakness that leads to a fall. Lastly, one is required to possess an element of suffering and redemption. Remorse and regret is a necessity for ones wrong doings or deeds. One's pays for their wrong doings because of failure to find happiness and regrets for actions taken. Therefore they die heroically. In the play "Macbeth" this quality of a trag ...

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