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  • Myne Own Ground - 1,060 words
    Myne Own Ground: Race and Freedom on Virginia's Eastern Shore, 1640-1676T.H. Breen and Stephen Innes, Oxford Press, 1980T.H. Breen's book "Myne Owne Ground" brings about a different perspective of what living in the south and being black was like. It shows how a black was capable of great things and able to amass wealth equal to that of wealthy white gentlemen but is never recognized for it. Unlike other history books this one doesn't go on about slavery and it cruelty but instead offers a few examples of the accomplishments blacks were capable of. One such example was that of a man named Anthony Johnson who was able to escape slavery and establish himself as a hard working man and then late ...
  • My Jorney - 968 words
    It was late afternoon, when I just stepped into the house. The silence had captured the room. I was tired. My body felt like dead, but my mind was beyond that. A blue, blue frame caught my eyes. The deep blue sank my thoughts deeper and deeper and made them flow away as the waves pushed them more into the magic, no ending space. I was looking at the world itself, and seemed like it was standing at the palm of my hand. Some things seemed awkward while this world was rotating. Lots of mysteries surrounded my boat, as I was going further in this magnificent journey. Fishes along with other ocean creatures were curios to know where this boat was going to bring us all. I was curios too. My curios ...
  • Matt Hoegs - 1,219 words
    Stupid White Men and Other Sorry Excuses for the State of the Nation attacks the big, ugly special-interest group that's laying waste to the world as we know it: stupid white men. In his book, Moore calls for the United Nations to take action against the 'Bush Family Junta,' for African-Americans to place Whites Only signs over the entrances of unfriendly businesses, and calls on the Democrats of this nation to turn over their headquarters and return to Republican headquarters where they belong. Stupid White Men is Moore's manifesto on malfeasance and mediocrity. Among his targets in the book are President George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, the 'Idiot Nation,' and corporate America. Moore begins ...
  • Martin Luther King - 1,154 words
    Many people around the world, present and disease, are recognized every year for their work involving peace and justice. These people lived their lives looking forward to changing the world to making it a better place. They did this by helping people day in and day out and they come from every race and gender. Leaders are meant to lead and these people all set examples that are being noticed today. Towards the end of the depression in 1929, Martin Luther King Jr. was born on and son to Martin Luther King and Alberta Williams. He was born in the city of Atlanta Georgia and grew up in poverty. King's parents were great leading figures and taught their children to love God and show it through w ...
  • Muscular Dystrophy - 975 words
    Muscular dystrophy refers to, not one, but a group of muscle diseases. These diseases have three features in common: they are hereditary; they are progressive; and each causes a characteristic and selective pattern of weakness. Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD) is the most prevalent and severe childhood form of this group of diseases. Each form of muscular dystrophy is caused by a defect in a specific gene. In 1986, scientists discovered exactly which piece of genetic material is missing in Duchenne muscular dystrophy patients. They named it for Guillaume Benjamin Amand Duchenne(1806-1875), a French neurologist who was one of the first doctors to discover and study the disease. When function ...
  • Muscular Dystrophy - 1,038 words
    ... e upper limbs. Physiotherapy and occupational therapy are aimed at keeping contractures at bay as long as possible. Sometimes surgery can be used to correct a contracture. Surgery can also be used upon the complication of scoliosis. If the scoliosis is severe it can interfere with the function of the lungs and upper limbs. More and more often, scoliosis is being treated with surgery by inserting a metal rod into the spine to hold it straight. Care has to be taken as to when surgery can be done as the safety of surgery decreases as the age of the DMD boy increases. Another major health problem of those with DMD is the weakening of the respiratory muscles. The function of the lungs in peop ...
  • Maureen Peal & Imitation Of Life - 420 words
    Imitation of Life & Maureen PealImitation of Life is about Peola Johnson, light skined black girl who tries to go through life as a white person. To achieve this she ostracises her family. She breaks all ties with her black mother and her culture and tries to fit into this community in which she really has no place. 'It's because of you, you made me black! I won't be black!'The problems Maureen Peal and Peola Johnsson share are as serious as the ones the young blck girls have in the bluest yes. According to Sandy Flitterman-Lewis:In each film's representation of the transgressive woman-the black daughter who looks white, and who, because of the contradiction between being and seeming which d ...
  • Management-ship - 790 words
    Planning Organizing, Leading and ControllingThe whole point of having a well-organized business is to make the operation run smoothly. When a business is well organized, everyone understands his or her duties and responsibilities. The lines of communication move information to the decision-makers or managers and allows for making better and timelier decisions.Functions Of Management In today's business world managers follow certain rules that help them be better at their job and also contribute to the success of the business. The functions of management are established to help managers see the business operations with more clarity and understanding. This report will look at the four function ...
  • My Role Model - 482 words
    My Role Model In my life I have had very few role models. They have been mostly famous people I see on TV like Michael Jordan, but what young man hasn't wanted to seemingly fly through the sky and slam dunk a basketball? But as you grow older and mature you soon realize that more than just famous people can be role models to you. To me one of my role models is my friend Nick. Nick and I are a lot alike. We both grew up without a father and had a very supportive mothers who love us very much. Nick is three years older than me and we have been friends for about two years. To begin to understand why I look up to Nick you will first have to learn about his past and where he is now. Like I said N ...
  • Mmm . . . Maxim - 266 words
    Losing my virginity. Getting my driver's license. Taking my first shot of vodka. None of these even comes close to comparing with the feeling that ran through my frame as I read through my first MAXIM. To a blind man, it would just be paper without any Braille on it. But to me, it was paper with hot bitches and words on it. I could almost feel the two-dimensional sex radiating off it as I thumbed through the articles: "How to get Any Woman You Want" and "Three Girls in Bed at the Same Time." I quiver even now just thinking about it. Never before had I read articles so creative and witty - especially not with such hot girls accompanying them. "Holy shit! That girl is hot!" I remember saying t ...
  • Minkisi Paper - 3,110 words
    African Minkisi Introduced Into American Culture: What Are Minkisi, and What Form Did They Take in the Americas?I. Introduction African Minkisi have been used for hundreds of years in West Central Africa, This area where they are traditionally from was once known as the kingdom of Kongo, when Europeans started settling and trading with the BaKongo people. Kongo was a well-known state throughout much of the world by the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. The BaKongo, however, had probably long used minkisi before ethnographers and anthropologists ever recorded them. Minkisi are complex items that are used to heal and to harm people, and there is no equivalent term for nkisi in any European ...
  • Minkisi Paper - 3,084 words
    ... and rules of the one he was acquiring" (MacGaffey, 56). People often went into initiation in response to an illness they had, or because of a dream or encounter that advised them to do so. "Initiation was understood as a stay in the land of the dead, which was reached by plunging under the surface of a deep pool" (MacGaffey, 56). Some ritual experts, after their initiation, belonged to a healing society that started in the 1660's, which was called the society of Lemba. Minkisi were not just composed for a profit, but by accepting one of them, the naganga accepted many more rules and constraints upon their life. If one broke the rules of the minkisi, they were punished, by illness, nightm ...
  • Man Who Was Almost A Man - 631 words
    What does it mean to be a man? How does one qualify for the title? Is the term 'man' simply referring to male human beings, or does it hold a greater measure of meaning in society. In order to get more insight into this subject matter, I consulted, ' The Tormont Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary'. As I anticipated, the first definition for man stated as following: 'An adult human being as distinguished from a female'. This definition, did not surprise me, but what did ,was what followed it , it stated: A male human being endowed with such qualities as courage, strength, and fortitude, considered characteristic of manhood'. To be a man in our society one must posses such qualities, along with ...
  • Mechanomyography - 1,778 words
    MMG simply stated, is the sound that resonates from the muscle during a stimulated contraction. The act of pulling on a taught string and letting go has been related to model the sound generated by the muscle. This sound can be caused by the cycling of the actin myosin cross bridges, or perhaps by the gross lateral shift of the muscle, or maybe even the brief shock generated by the thickening of several active muscle fibers. These are three of the hypothesis that try to account for the sound emitted from the muscle. The exact cause of mechanomyography is yet to be determined, but there are a few attributes that can be spoken for. It is understood that 'the muscle sound is related to muscle a ...
  • My Man Bovanne In An Over-sized Nutshell - 993 words
    "My Man Bovanne"... In An Over-Sized Nutshell "My Man Bovanne"... In An Over-Sized NutshellThe short story entitled "My Man Bovanne" was written by Toni Cade Bambara published in Gorilla, My Love (1972), a collection of Bambara's short stories. The piece is not at all lengthy but the content hits you like a ton of bricks. The subtle hints of ageism and racism are scattered about all of her writing. This story tells a fictional tale of a woman named Hazel Peoples and her tribulations dealing with a world that seems to have forgotten the importance of elders. Miss Hazel, the protagonist of the story, whom is a mother pushing 60 years old, is confronted by her children for dancing with an elder ...
  • Marketing - 724 words
    For this project I decided to visit three car dealerships and make my observations. The first dealership that I visited was Westboro Auto Exchange, which is a small used car dealership that sells a variety of cars. The second dealership that I visited was Duddie Ford, which is a large dealership that sells mostly new midrange priced American cars and trucks. The third dealership that I visited was Foreign Motor West, which is an average size dealership that specializes in selling BMWs. Upon arriving at Westboro Auto exchange there was no other customers and I couldn't even find any one to talk to. As I was about to leave I man yelled to me and I turned around to see a man running down a set ...
  • Mary Flannery Oconnor - 874 words
    Mary Flannery O'Connor is one of the most preeminent and more unique short story authors in American Literature (O'Connor 1). While growing up she lived in the Bible-belt South during the post World War II era of the United States. O'Connor was part of a strict Roman Catholic family, but she depicts her characters as Fundamentalist Protestants. Her characters are also severely spiritually or physically disturbed and have a tendancy to be violent, arrogant or overly stupid. (Garraty 582) She mixes in her works a full-fledged gothic eeriness with an authentic feeling for the powers of grace and redemption. O'Connor's substantial literary reputation is based upon her two novels and her short st ...
  • Modernity And Nietzche - 1,977 words
    Throughout many centuries philosophers have tried to explain the nature of reality and the order that exists within the universe around us. The purpose of this paper is to first trace the developments that led up to modernity. Next I will react to the claim made by Fredrick Nietzsche that "God is dead" from a Biblical perspective. Philosophers have attempted to answer that question of what reality is and how to answer the questions that everyone faced. The first philosopher Thales held that water was the source of life and death. This is how the earliest philosophers explained the cycle of life and death that they saw happening all around them. Heraclitus later thought that fire was the prim ...
  • Men And Women: As Interpreted By Deborah Tannen - 777 words
    Did you know, "men and women talk differently because they are raised in something like two different cultures: a male culture from which young men learn to speak like men and a female culture in which young women learn to speak like women?"(Cooper and MacDonald 9). Well, not actually from two separate cultures, but the idea of men and women being opposites as pointed out in the opening. Deborah Tannen has made her theory that a male culture and female culture each exist, very popular with the human population and has written an extensive book on her theory.To define these communication conundrums, Tannen discusses "rapport-talk" and "report-talk". She defines "rapport-talk" as "For most wom ...
  • Marijuana - 918 words
    Marijuana as Medicine: More Harm Than Help Wade Cleland APEnglish Language and Composition Mrs. Czupryk 18 April 1998Cleland 1 Marijuana as Medicine: More Harm Than Help Joan Dalysmokes marijuana. She is also a former member of the San FranciscoPolice Department. When Joan was diagnosed with cancer she begana rigorous chemotherapy program, which has left her in an almostconstant state of nausea, to battle her disease. She, and many likeher, claim that the only drug they have tried that works to ease theirpain is marijuana (Lacayo np). Claims such as this have led to anational movement pushing the legalization of medical marijuana.Marijuana should not be legalized for medicine or any other pu ...

3089 results found, view free essays on page:

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