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  • Paul Cronan And The New England Telephone Company - 1,193 words
    CASE: Paul Cronan and New England Telephone Company (A)I. LEGAL CASE ANALYSISA. FactsPaul Cronan was hired by New England Telephone (NET) in 1973 as a file clerk. In 1983 he was promoted to service technician. He worked in Needham, Massachusetts for 18 months before transferring to South Boston, Massachusetts. In 1985, Cronan suffered from medical symptoms due to AIDS-related complex (ARC), and missed work sporadically for 6 months. In June, 1985 Cronan requested a third leave of absence from work for a doctor's appointment. Cronan's supervisor, Charles O'Brian, demanded to know the nature of the illness, and assured him that the information would be kept confidential. Cronan informed O'Bria ...
  • Paul Cronan And The New England Telephone Company - 1,234 words
    ... ination of the news of his illness to his coworkers. Had his medical condition remained private, his AIDS status need not have been published and he possibly could have returned to work without incident. NET is liable for the transgression under Massachusetts General Law (G.L. c. 214, SS 1B) and should compensate Cronan for his injuries.Directly due to the release of his AIDS status, Cronan was subjected to humiliating and intimidating behavior from his coworkers, creating a hostile work environment. Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, subsequently clarified by the Supreme Court decision in 477 U.S. 57 (1986) Meritor Savings Bank v. Vinson, a hostile work environment constitutes sex ...
  • Parents Manual: School Clothes - 1,870 words
    Leslie 04 May 1998Parents Manual: Section School Clothes I strongly believe that children should come with an instruction manual in different languages, after all, even the most complicated computer system or VCR has a manual in three to four languages, or more. Granted, sometimes we can't understand the instructions, but we have them and sometimes even a toll-free help line. Now some people would say their own parent would be the help-line but not always does that work out. Our own parents advice can be, shall I say, out-dated; for example, many would suggest to us 'new' parents to tell our child, 'what we say goes,' or 'stop that crying or I'll give you something to cry about,' or 'do it b ...
  • Parents Manual: School Clothes - 1,721 words
    ... use children never build self esteem from being forced to compete with their wardrobe or being ridiculed for their lack of wardrobe. Children build self-esteem through positive encouragement about their accomplishments and their hard work. The uniform only levels the field of competition so that ALL children are created equal and provided with equal opportunity to excel in academics. The uniform instills a calming effect among children because competition for popularity from in-clothes is eliminated. The labels are dropped and children can focus on what school is all about - learning. Learning: About the world and its diversity, its politics, its complexities; about science and its myste ...
  • Picking A College - 624 words
    Picking A CollegePicking the right college is an important step in contributing to the outcome of a person's life. But finding the right college to suit the needs and desires of a young individual poses a difficult task. Much time and effort must be spent on deciding which college to attend. Avoid making a horrible mistake by rushing a decision and going somewhere not compatible with one's aspirations. Visit the college, ask for information, look at the courses offered, and research its reputation for education. Check out the dorm rooms and campus life. Is it a beautiful campus, or just filled with buildings? Find quiet places that time could be spent reading and studying. Also look at its s ...
  • Populist And Progressives - 524 words
    Populist And Progressives The Populists and Progressive were form of movement that occurred during the outbreaks of the workers union after the civil war. The populists began during the late 1800s.The progressive began during the 1900s. There are many differences between these two movements, but yet these movements have many things that are similar. Farmers united to protect their interests, even creating a major political party. The party was called the peoples party which became known as the populist party. Populists drew its strength from rural areas. Populists tended to be poor and uneducated. They had ideas such as government ownership of major industries. The Populists supported labors ...
  • Pollution - 1,272 words
    Pollution The first thing people see, in the morning, when they walk outside is the sky and the colored sun. Is this world giving us the privilege of seeing the naturalcolors of the earth and sun through all the layers of pollution within the air? Notonly are beautiful sights such as this hidden behind the pollution this worldcauses everyday, but an increase in diseases, infections and death occurs. What causes pollution? What can we do to prevent it, and get rid of it? Air pollution is the presence in the atmosphere of harmful gases, liquids,or solids. Air pollution, known as smoke pollution for many years, resulted fromcoal combustion. Smog has been a problem in coal-burning areas for seve ...
  • Picasso - 668 words
    Pablo Picasso , known as one of the most influential artists of the twentieth century . I shall explore the evolution of a young Pablo Ruiz Picasso to the experienced genius that had shaped the way we see art today . From his Blue and Rose periods through the birth of Cubism ,to the struggles of the experimental thirties . As we go to the death of a proud father . Picasso was born in Malaga on the 25th of October 1881 . The onlychildren of the family were Pablo and his younger sister . As you know Spaniards take the name of one's father and of one's mother . The name Ruiz was his father's . His mother's was Picasso . His birth name is Pablo Ruiz Picasso . Since its such a long name its a pai ...
  • Payouts To Smokers Who Are Ill - 903 words
    Are payouts to those made ill by smoking justified?Over recent years research has clearly demonstrated the harms of smoking, both in terms of reduced quality of life and death. We are now able to gauge more accurately the real health impacts of direct tobacco use and environmental tobacco smoke. Of all drugs, both legal and illegal, smoking is the biggest killer. The social and economic cost of tobacco use in Victoria is more than $3 billion per year and more than two thirds the total cost of all drugs. Thirteen Victorians die every day from causes associated with cigarette smoking.Good morning/afternoon Mrs Birt and class, On Thursday the 11th of April the Supreme court of Victoria awarded ...
  • Pop - 1,337 words
    Cigarette smoking is the greatest preventable cause of disease and premature death in the United States. Secondhand smoke causes numerous lung cancer deaths annually. Measures have been taken in both workplaces and public places to limit exposure to secondhand smoke. The economic cost of smokers to society is phenomenal. It includes monetary costs, lost workdays and shortened work lives. Many states are establishing and maintaining comprehensive tobacco-control programs to reduce tobacco use. They provide education to our youth to prevent them from ever starting and smoking cessation programs for individuals that currently wish to stop smoking. Education and support are known ways to eventua ...
  • Philadelphia 76ers - 853 words
    Philadelphia 76ers, professional basketball team and one of seven teams in the Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The 76ers play in the CoreStates Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and wear jerseys of red, white, and blue. The team's name is taken from the year 1776, when Philadelphia was the political center of the newly independent United States.Notable Accomplishments The 76ers (also known as the Sixers) began play in 1946 as the Syracuse Nationals. In 1950 they played against the Minneapolis Lakers in the NBA's first championship series. The Nationals were a perennial power behind the play of forward Dolph Schayes, reaching the N ...
  • Pride And Prejudice: Summary - 1,077 words
    Pride and Prejudice: SummaryMark Hines Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is a complex novel that relates theevents surrounding the relations, lives, and loves of a middle-upper classEnglish family in the late nineteenth century. Because of the detaileddescriptions of the events surrounding the life of the main character of thestory, Elizabeth Bennet, Pride and Prejudice is a very involving novel whosetitle is very indicative of the themes contained therein. The first volume opens in the Bennet household at Longbourn in England.As there are five unmarried daughters living in the home at the time, the matronof the family, Mrs. Bennet, is quite interested when news of a wealthy manmoving to Net ...
  • Pride And Prejudice: Summary - 1,093 words
    ... to introduce Mr. Bingley to Georgiana Darcy. Volume two begins with a visit to Longbourn from Mr. and Mrs. Gardiner,the Bennet daughter's aunt and uncle. Trusting her aunt's judgement, Elizabethintroduces her to Wickham, who agrees that he is handsome but warns Elizabethagainst marrying someone lacking money. After examining Jane's situation,Elizabeth and the Gardiner's agree that it would be wise for her to leave withthem to London. After she arrives there, she tries in vain to contact theBingley's, and the eventual reply is brief and unwelcoming. Although Jane is avery warmhearted and trusting character, she begins to doubt that she curriesmuch favor with the Bingley sisters, however ...
  • Princess Diana - 1,014 words
    Throughout Princess Diana's lifetime she loved, cared, and helped others along the way. She had many accomplishments in life. Such as her children and her many organizations. Lady Diana Frances Spencer was born on July 1, 1961 at Park House, a residence on the royal estate at Sandringham. She was the third of four children and the youngest daughter. Diana was born to her father Edward John Spencer Viscount Althorp and mother Frances Roche Spencer (King 27). Diana shared her home with two older sisters, Sarah and Jane and a younger brother Charles (Kantrowitz 40). As a child, first she was expected to go through a preparatory school. She attended Riddlesworth Hall an all girls boarding school ...
  • Philip Tompkins Organizational Communicatin Imperatives - 1,461 words
    Philip Tompkins' Organizational Communicatin ImperativesINTRODUCTIONIn the book Organizational Communication Imperatives, by Philip K.Tompkins, we are introduced to a chapter that deals with an organization that isheld under high prestige by not only those who are employed by it, but by acountry as well. This American organization is NASA, (National AeronauticalSpace Administration), and although a very prestigious place to work, it is notfree of its share of wrongdoing and counter productive ways. Ten years ago(1986), NASA was faced with its biggest catastrophe, The Challenger Explosion.This preventable event , which claimed the life of a crew of seven, left manyquestioning the ability of c ...
  • Puritans Vs. Anti-puritans - 704 words
    By: Paul City on a hill: A new nation is born The city on a hill idea was first taught by the puritans that came from Europe, that wanted America to be a shining example to all the world. It was to be a place built on new rules and new ideas. Overall, it was supposed to be a nation that rose above all the others so that it could be marveled at and copied. In this paper it will be proven that the federalist approach to how the "City on a Hill" idea should be put into action was superior to the ways of the anti-federalists because of three things that they did:1. Protected the people from tyranny, 2. Provided opportunity, 3. Insured liberty, 4. Protected individual rights and liberty, and 5. H ...
  • Physiologic Effects Of Insulin - 1,383 words
    Stand on a streetcorner and ask people if they know what insulin is, and many will reply, 'Doesn'tit have something to do with blood sugar?' Indeed, that is correct, but such a response is a bit likesaying 'Mozart? Wasn't he some kind of a musician?' Insulin is a key player in the control of intermediary metabolism. It has profound effectson both carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, and significant influences on protein andmineral metabolism. Consequently, derangements in insulin signalling have widespread anddevastating effects on many organs and tissues. The Insulin Receptor and Mechanism of ActionLike the receptors for other protein hormones, the receptor for insulin is embedded in the plas ...
  • Problems Amongst Families - 624 words
    Problems Amongst Families Dysfunction and volatility is common amongst families. These families dislike their kin and often resent them. In the play, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, by Tennessee Williams, the Politt family does not function as a normal family. Brick, Maggie, and Big Daddy are three members of the family that have the most problems that affect the whole family. Brick, Maggie's alcoholic husband, is an uncaring man who has no good feelings toward his wife. For example, when Maggie buys a gift for Brick to give to Big Daddy on his birthday and Maggie wants Brick to sign the card, he says "No... I don't have to do anything I don't want to do"(28). Even on Big Daddy's last birthday, Brick ...
  • Poem~dream Deferred - 538 words
    After the Civil War won the black people their freedom, it seemed as though their dreams of great opportunities were finally going to come true. However, they were met by even more obstacles, which left the blacks to wonder if their dreams had any chance of occurring, or if they should just give up. In his poem, "Harlem," Langston Hughes used increasingly destructive imagery to present his warning of what will happen if you delay working towards your goal. Hughes' first two images depict withering and drying, a sense of death. His first example, a "dried raisin," conveys that the dream deferred has shriveled into nothing and has no hope of ever happening. The dried raisin, being old, wrinkle ...
  • Pittsburgh Steelers - 509 words
    The Pittsburgh SteelersDo you like professional football? Have you ever wondered where teams originate from? Or what teams have been around the longest? The Pittsburgh Steelers are a professional team that has an extensive history. There are also many unique details about them that other NFL teams do not have. There creator was a great man who started the team from practically nothing, their name and logo represent great tradition, and lastly, they have won many championships.The Pittsburgh Steelers were founded in July of 1993. The contract was purchased for only $2500.00 by Arthur Joseph Rooney. Art Rooney was an exceptional all-around athlete who also had a Bachelors degree in Accounting. ...

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