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  • Personal Goals - 893 words
    I am a teacher in the Detroit Public School system. Being a teacher did not start out being the profession of choice. However, I do enjoy teaching. Pedagogy is in fact an art and a science. Being a pedagogue is most rewarding. Thus, pedagogy has its own unique complications. Technology has revolutionized the art of teaching. This revolution has presented a strange dichotomy in the field of education. Whatever teaching may have evolved into; it is and will remain a dichotomous field. The dichotomous or two sided existence in teaching is due to human factor. We are social beings. There are ways in which we receive and process information. In our reading it talks about learning styles in pathwa ...
  • Paradise Lost - 1,100 words
    John Milton's epic poem Paradise Lost is extremely similar to the Bible's story of creation in many ways, but its most apparent difference is character structure. Milton uses soliloquies in order to give the reader insight to Satan's emotions and motives. They also reveal his tragic flaws: envy, pride, and ambition towards self-glorification. It is these character flaws that allow him to "pervert his perceptions and judgment, allowing him to validate his battle against God" (Rowlands, Liz). Satan is portrayed as an attractive character, showing the reader the seductive appeal of sin, particularly pride, which Satan has in abundance. Throughout the epic, Satan's character deteriorates from hi ...
  • Persecuting The Innocent - To - 619 words
    Schools tend to have cliques, small groups of narrow-minded people who criticize others. These teens in cliques parallel adults in today's society. They prey on those who believe in different things, come from different backgrounds, and have different morals and values. In To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, three characters, Boo Radley, Tom Robinson, and Atticus Finch, all resemble mockingbirds, in that people persecute them for no reason. The people of Maycomb County victimize the innocent Boo Radley. His mysterious life interests the Finch children, Jem and Scout, and their friend Dill. They imagine Boo as a drooling, savage, six-and-a-half foot beast with a long jagged scar on his face, ...
  • Poop - 1,129 words
    Dystopian Societies in Literature and in Life Ever since man began making tools, he has been in search of a better life. For some it is not just a better life they are after but a perfect life. These people are in search of a utopia. Philosophers and novelist have been teaching classes and writing books on how to reach a perfect society with no grief or turmoil. The philosopher Karl Marx wrote "The Communist Manifesto" to express his vision of what is necessary to form a utopia. Religious leaders like Jim Jones have lead separated communities working to be a utopia within itself. When Karl Marx ideas were put into practice the society never came together as he believed it would. When Russia ...
  • Poop - 1,174 words
    ... that allow you to interact with the program and the characters in the program. Another control unit can insert the users name into specific places making it appear the user is actually interacting with the characters. Members of the society become almost addicted to the reality the media offers them. The media resembles a drug. It affects their perception of reality and causes them to ignore the woes of life.In Brave New World the World State encourages the masses to use a drug. The drug the state provides is soma. It is supposed to be the perfect drug with no bad side-effects. The people of the society are taught from a young age that when things get hard they need to just take soma an ...
  • Political Socialization: Finding Your Political Roots - 327 words
    I really can not place the very first time I was aware of a political event, but I know that I have been surrounded by politics since birth. I have attend many city council meetings and I often go with my father to lobby issues that we approve or disapprove of. It has always been apparent to me that politics are important at least in the broader sense. I find it important to at least know the major political current events. If you know these occurrences than you can carry on a decent conversation. My parents and myself just recently started to discuss our stand on specific issues mainly on the city level. I find it quite exciting when you know the people involved in the event, because it tru ...
  • Preferential Hiring - 1,017 words
    In recent years preferential hiring has become an issue of great interest. Preferential hiring, which was devised to createharmony between the different races and sexes, has divided the lines even more. Supporters on both sides seem fixed in their positions and often refuse to listen to the other group's platform. In this essay, the recipients of preferential hiring will be either black or female, and the position in question will be a professorship on the university level. The hirings in question are cases that involve several candidates, all roughly equal in their qualifications (including experience, education, people skills, etc.), with the only difference being race and/or sex. What we ...
  • Picture Bride - 1,860 words
    Immigrants arriving in America for their first time are initially devastated at their new lives and realize their "golden lives" were simply fantasies and dreams of an ideal life in America. Immigrants from foreign countries, including those mentioned in Uchida's Picture Bride, faced countless problems and hardships, including a sense of disillusionment and disappointment. Furthermore, immigrants and picture brides faced racial discrimination not only from white men, but the United States government, as well. Immigrants were plagued with economic hardships lived in deplorable living conditions. Though nearly every immigrant and picture bride who came to America fantasized about an ideal life ...
  • Poetic Terms In ?terence, This Is Stupid Stuff? - 701 words
    A.E. Housman's "Terence, this is stupid stuff" is a poem that starts out as a friend of Terence talking to him, but it then shifts to Terence talking to his friends. Then shifts from a humorous tone to a more serious tone. It also shifts in setting, time, place, and idea. This poem demonstrates figurative language which is language employing figures of speech; language that cannot be taken literally or only literally. This poem also has several different poetic devices, which is a device that contributes to content and poetic structure that does not involve meaning in term of language. This poem in certain lines is very hard to follow without knowing the background. The first verse of this p ...
  • Philosophy - 352 words
    the mind and matter Can you prove there is a worldCan Can you prove there is a world existing apart from your mind. What are your prove there is a world existing apart from your mind. What are your arguments. Can Can you prove there is a world existing apart from your mind. What are your prove there is a world existingCanCan you prove there is a world existing apart from your mind. What are your arguments. you prove there is a world existing apart from your mind. What are your arguments. Can you prove there is a world existing apart from your mind. What are your arguments.apart from your mind. What are your arguments.Can you prove there is a world existing apart f ...
  • Psychology - 278 words
    The name of this atricle is titled DIVINE INTERVENTION: Can Prayer Get You Pregnant? This atricle was in Psychology Today Online. It took me several minutes to find the correct type of article to write about and explain what the details are in this piece. This article was under 'Issue's Health' section. This is a very controversial topic dealing between prayer and conception. A team from Colombia University was outstanded to discover that woman's chances of prayer appeared to double the chances of pregnancy in women undergoing in-vitro fertilization treatments. Women who were prayed for had a 50 percent pregnancy rate, compared with a 26 percent success rate among those for whom no one praye ...
  • Parking Deck Project Of University - 1,148 words
    Parking Deck Project of University The University of Parking Deck ProjectPrincipals of PlanningGE 310Fall 1996 The University of has been confronted with claims ofparking shortages over the past several years. Many of these claims were notsupported by any facts or figures that explained the cause of the parkingshortages. In fact, some of the claims of insufficient parking were based onstudents not being able to locate parking spaces in the parking lots adjacent totheir first class. Due to recent and projected enrollment increases, there nowexist a genuine parking shortage. Therefore, the purpose of this study is toevaluate the current parking, plan for future parking needs, and proposepo ...
  • Pcr And Its Use - 733 words
    PCR And Its UseOften times, scientists only have a small amount of DNA to deal with when doinggenetic research or studies. In these situations, scientists can do one ofseveral things. One is to just try to work with it anyway, but this is nearlyimpossible (depending on how much there is). Ther are a couple other processesthey can use, or they can use PCR. PCR is one of the more complicated, butreliable ways to do tests on DNA when they only have a small amount to beginwith. PCR, or Polymearse Chain Reaction, is the scientific process used bygenetic scientists to clone DNA.'A 'rapid diagnostic' technique used in the clinical microbiology lab to detectpathogens. It relies upon amplification te ...
  • Paper About Life - 499 words
    The Longman dictionary of American Englishdefines life as, the force that enables usto continue. Life in my eyes is the intervalof time between birth and death. Throughoutlife you will be placed in situations, andput to the test of time. There will be timeswhen you are joyous, and times when you aresorrowful. This is the period of trial andtribulation. Face the fact life is hard.Being an adolescent, a person is prematureto the world. The value of an inexperiencedadolescent is meaningless, compared to aperson who has more experience in life. WhenI was younger, I payed very little attentionto the values of life of life. In my eyes,life was fun and games. I felt I wouldalways be a child, and ha ...
  • Purgatory - 391 words
    Nothing impure can enter into the Kingdom of God (Revelations 21:27).Every person will have to pay for their sins to 'the very last penny' (Luke 12:59).I'll use somewhat of a parable to explain purgatory. God is just per Scripture (John 5:30), correct? Now, let's say you have one man who leads a saintly life and another who leads a sinful life, but sincerely repents of his sins on his death bed. According to Protestants, both these men go straight to heaven after death. Is this just? I would have to answer in the negative. According to Catholic belief, the saintly man would go straight to heaven whereas the repentant man would have to be cleansed through temporal (not eternal) punishment for ...
  • Protest Song Report - 1,042 words
    Report on Protest Song 'This Bomb has Got to Go' by Peggy Seeger and Ewan MacColl.Peggy Seeger and Ewan MacColl were popular Folk musicians prior to and during the Vietnam War Era. They had a love of humanity and a great desire for justice and peace in the world. The subjects of their songs were real people in a real world. They wrote and sang about survival. Their lyrics were simple and sometimes traditional melodies formed the basis of their songs. Their musical equipment was mostly acoustic and they performed to large audiences throughout the world. They released many albums.A favourite peace march song around 1963 was 'That Bomb has Got to Go'. In this song Seeger and MacColl describe th ...
  • Paper - 834 words
    Paper has a long history, beginning with the ancient Egyptians and continuing to the present day. For thousands of years, hand-made methods dominated and then, during the 19th century, paper production became industrialised. Originally intended purely for writing and printing purposes, a wide variety of paper grades and uses are now available to the consumer Of all the writing and drawing materials that people have employed down the ages, paper is the most widely used around the world. Its name derives from papyrus the material used by the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. Papyrus, however, is only one of the predecessors of paper that together are known by the generic term 'tapa' and ar ...
  • Photosynthesis - 380 words
    Photosynthesis1. Would you illuminate your house plants with a green light bulb? Why or why not? It would not be a wise choice to put a plant under a green light bulb. The reason for this is that due to the fact that the leaves are green they reflect green light. This shining green light onto the flowers will cause photosynthesis to stop. Since the light is being reflectd, the cells do not get any light. With out light they cannot carry out the everyday occurance of photosyntesis. If the choice was mine, I would place them into violet light, because almost none of it would be reflected. 2. Explain the statement: 'Without autotrophic organisms, heterotrophic lofe would cease to exist.' Withou ...
  • Puta Madre - 1,353 words
    This 5 page report discusses the details related to the fact that Las Vegas has been one of the fastest growing cities in North America for more than a decade. People are attracted to its affordable housing (especially in comparison to California), desert climate, employment opportunities, excitement, and over all attitude and commitment to fun and games. The history of Las Vegas is the stuff of movies and urban legend. Its future appears to be the material for urban studies for many years to come. In virtually every aspect of its existence. Las Vegas is a fascinating and multi-faceted entity. Bibliography lists 7 sources. Filename: BWvegas.rtfThis 5 page report discusses the details related ...
  • Personal Conflicts In Am I Blu - 989 words
    Personal Conflicts in 'Am I Blue'The author of Am I Blue, Beth Henley begins the play with the seventeen-year-old protagonist John Polk sitting alone in a bar. John contemplates on the red and black card in his hand. From the street, a sixteen-year-old girl whose name is Ashbe sits next to him. She hides under his raincoat because she stole two ashtrays from a local inn. Ashbe is a social person and soon begins a conversation with John. Through persistent questioning, Ashbe discovers John is in a fraternity. John admits the fraternity is not solving his problems like his brother told him it would. Ashbe, noticing the red appointment card, asks John why he has an appointment with a prostitute ...

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