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  • Personality Self Asessment - 354 words
    I found the results of my self-assessments to be a very insightful and accurate description of myself. The results of the learning styles test and the Keirsey Temperament Sorter II are very valuable for examining my personality traits and learning style and making improvements as needed. The learning styles test identified me as a tactile-kinesthetic learner, meaning that I learn best by doing, rather than listening or seeing. This means that I need to adapt my studying to methods that correlate with this style. Some of the suggestions given by the Abiator's active classroom website seemed useful and relevant, such as using flashcards while pacing the room, while others seemed absurd, such a ...
  • Power Of One - 932 words
    Peter Philip Keith grew up with a black nanny and her son. P.K. never had any problems or questions about race mixing, nor did he care. All he knew was that they were very helpful and nice people. P.K then goes to attend school away from his mother so that she can get better. But when he is at school he does not understand the logic behind the hatred towards the blacks. Being the only English boy in an Afrikaans school, P.K. goes through a lot of very nasty bullying by the other boys and especially the oldest, Jaapie Botha. As a result of the endless harassing he starts to wet the bed and becomes very insecure. He then finds out that his mother has died and he goes back to her burial. While ...
  • Plato - 986 words
    The great philosopher, Plato, wrote two specific dialogues; the book Timaeus and the book Critias. Plato was a professional teacher who valued intelligence immensely. Plato founded the first Philosophical Academy in Athens in the early fourth century BC. He devoted his life to philosophy and the teachings of his friend Socrates. Plato learned from Socrates and passed on his knowledge to his students. After his friend's sudden death, Plato became dissatisfied with the government in Athens. He filtered away from his family and lived his dream of researching and teaching philosophy. Plato focused on many philosophical aspects and wrote numerous dialogues. In the book Timaeus, Plato spoke of the ...
  • Pumpin Iron - 1,007 words
    You see them smiling. Standing poised, focused and in a state of jubilation. Some think they are crazy and have little regard for them while others idolize, respect and perhaps even aspire to be one someday. Whether they choose to do it professionally as a career, or simply for recreational purposes; the life of a Bodybuilder can be a very fulfilling and rewarding experience. But not without it's share of hardships and tribulations. It was June of 2003, when I decided to train for and compete in the NY State Natural Bodybuilding Competition. I had been a Personal Trainer for close to four years and been training routinely for almost seven years. Up to that point, my lifestyle of living in th ...
  • Pumpin Iron - 1,030 words
    ... source of fuel. Theoretically, any calories you burn while in this state are coming directly from fat. This is a good way, albeit not a safe way, to lose body fat quickly. My body entered ketosis two days before the show. This is considered to be ideal timing. During this period, I was very weak, very sleepy, had absolutely no energy and I just wanted to do nothing. Really not a pleasant time at all. The following day, we had to seize any and all consumption of liquids. I never realized how important water was to me and how much I depended on it until this period. But we are trying to rid our bodies of every last drop of water under the skin to reveal that coveted, ripped, vein popping ...
  • Piracy - 262 words
    . Piracy, Counterfeit, Copyrights, Patents. Mean 100% tariffs on all China products imported into the Unites States.. Also 2 billion in trade sanctions.. This didn't scare the minister of tradeo He retaliated by imposing trade sanctions himself from beef to mini vans. . Were they scared of the American influence?SS Or . Were the Americans being too aggressive?. Why Aggressive you might ask. Well I say aggressive because piracy has been growing and is virtually unstoppable... China never set regulations to deter this crime but instead broke it by closing down factories and forcing fines. . When 98% of the software market is pirated it is very difficult and costly to jail all these individuals ...
  • Potential Life Savers - 1,101 words
    Just about everyone in the world today knows either a loved one or a friend that is dying of a fatal disease or a terminal illness. Every day people are dying of incurable diseases due to the lack of knowledge or the lack of treatment for their disease. Imagine if there was a cure or an answer to save your loved ones or friends life, wouldn't you want to give them a second chance at living life? In the recent scientific world there has been research done on stem cells. Stem cells are specially grown cells in order to help diseased patients grow better tissue in hopes of their survival and recovery. These cells can be derived though many different procedures. Extracting stem cells from a feta ...
  • Poetry Review - 1,809 words
    ... unts them, this is a parallel with the sentiments Owen develops at the end of the poem, that the reader and poet are somehow to blame for the madness of the 'mental cases', in the same way that the mad men feel guilt about the men killed. Owen uses imagery in the poem in such away that the reader is actually haunted by the images of the mad men, and we are also left with a strong sense of guilt at their sacrifice for our life and sanity. The images continue to horrify throughout the rest of the stanza. One of the most shocking images is that of the mad men walking on the corpses of dead men 'Wading sloughs of flesh these helpless wander' an image which is disturbing not only because of t ...
  • Philosophy Of Music Education - 567 words
    Philosophy of Music Education Music is a basic part of everyday life. What makes music unique is its ability to create an emotional response in a person. A music education program should develop the aesthetic experience of every student to its highest potential. Aesthetics is the study of the relationship of art to the human senses. Intelligence exists in several areas, which includes music. The concept of aesthetics allows us to see into ourselves, which in turn helps the development of the intelligences. Not only are these intelligences brought up greatly in music education, but they can be transferred to other areas as well, allowing students to grow more through their other subjects. My ...
  • Psychology - 1,343 words
    Psychology - study of behavior and the mindDualism - the mind is spiritual and the body is physical and they are connected the mind can't be studiedIntrospection - Wundt Observers report their reactions TO light, colors, and time perceptionPsychoanalysis - Freud's theory of personality and method of psychotherapy, both of which assume the importance of the unconscious process.Behaviorism - scientific study of observable behaviorCognition - the mental process thinking, knowing, and remembering.Basic research - research that tests theories.Applied research - research to solve practical human problemsTheory - describes predicts and explains a phenomenon.Hypothesis - testable prediction, usually ...
  • Pride And Prejudice - 1,304 words
    Pride and Prejudice THEME:Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice is a tale of love and marriage in eighteenth-century England. PLOT:It centres on the elder sisters of the Bennet family, Jane and Elizabeth. Their personalities, misunderstandings and the roles of pride and prejudice play a large part in the development of their individual relationships. The spirited Elizabeth and softhearted Jane have to deal with not only their own feelings but also the status of their family, both of which affect the outcomes of their marriages. The struggle is very believable and realistic because the story takes place a long time ago. The way people interact with each other today is quite different than h ...
  • Personal Goals - 757 words
    When I think of graduating from college, I see someone who is 22-years old. When I was 22 years old, I had seen more things than I care to remember. I had just left the Air Force where I was a medic in the first Gulf War. I spent most of my time in the Labor and Delivery unit of the base hospital. I loved assisting with the birth of a child. My time spent in the Labor and Delivery unit was the most wonderful and rewarding experience.Before I left the Air Force, I started taking college courses working toward a bachelor's degree in Nursing. My dream was to obtain a Master of Nursing degree in Midwifery. As a Certified Nurse Midwife I could care for pregnant women and help them bring their bab ...
  • Prologue - 380 words
    In "The Prologue" to The Canterbury Tales, Chaucer uses satire to make a statement about the nature of humanity. "The Prologue" shows the importance of a historical meaning as it describes the social classes of the 1300's. However, most modern readers can relate to the hypocrisy being displayed by the first three major characters. Chaucer begins his examination early with three religious characters-first being the monk. Monks were supposed to live their lives in poverty, chastity, and obedience-something that this particular monk failed to do. He took pleasure in owning many horses and dressing nicely which defiled his purpose of poverty. If he wasn't living by this characteristic, then of c ...
  • Physics - 268 words
    Conservation of Momentum1.Trial 1 T1 (s) T2 (s) Vi (m/s) V2 (m/s)0 0.071 0.3511 0.111 0.225 2 0.118 0.215 Trial 2 0 0.061 .4091 0.092 0.272 2 0.101 0.248 Trial 3 0 0.057 0.4401 0.083 0.300 2 0.088 0.283 Mass of car 1 = 993.0 gMass of car 2 = 496.7 g2. trial 1Car 1 momentum before collisionP=mv P=(.993kg)(.351m/s) P= .349 kgm/sCar 2 momentum before collisionP=mv P=(.4967kg)(0m/s) P = 0 kgm/sObject's (or both cars together) momentum after collisionP=mv P=(1.4897kg)(.225) P = .335 kgm/sTrial 2Car 1 momentum before collision P=mvP= (.993kg)(.409m/s) P= .406 kgm/sCar 2 momentum before collision P=mvP= (.4967kg)(0) P= 0 kgm/sObjects momentum after collision P=mvP = (1.4897kg)(.272m/s) P= .405 kgm/ ...
  • Personal Bond With My Friends During Tennis Camp - 653 words
    Personal Bond With My Friends During Tennis CampDuring the summer months following my seventh grade school year, I wasinvolved in tennis camp activities with two of my closest friends, Suzanne andErin. This was the first time that we were able to get to know each otherbetter away from school since we did not have any classes together that year.Even though we were good friends, I had never felt a sense of camaraderie witheither of them because they participated in sports, while I was involved inacademics and other school activities. Not having had any paritcular interestin sports before the summer camp session, it was surprising that I becamecompletely enthralled with the sport of tennis.Tenn ...
  • Project Management - 1,572 words
    Project Management The Project Manager has some tasks that have to be carried out, he/she is responsible for the full project. The Project Manager has to make the best use of all the resources so the project can be completed successfully. The project Manager sets the boundaries for the project, such as schedules and what is done and when it has to be completed.There are various tasks the project manager is responsible for such as:1) Time and resource allocation and management2) Setting up a team structure, specifying responsibilities, lines of command and reporting3) Motivating the team, and establishing communication channels4) Project planning, scheduling and progress control5) Managing an ...
  • Pride And Prejudice - 1,088 words
    Pride and Prejudice, by Jane Austen has been said to be a clear example of how woman of the early 19th century were not equal socially and economically. Marriage of this era was more than for love, it was also for financial security. Women often had no choice but to marry because there was no other way an income could be received. The novel could be read as a narrative account of marriage in this era where marriage was a market and young women are the merchandise. Marrying undesirably was not uncommon and this has been seen as being another form of prostitution. Prostitution can mean many things, in this case, it addresses the situation of women having no attraction or feelings for a man and ...
  • Philadelphia - 904 words
    This movie begins by depicting a bright articulate young lawyer named Andrew Beckett at work. Then the scene rapidly changes to Andrew at an AIDS clinic. You know at this point that Andrew Beckett has AIDS and a horrifying future as you see scenes of men with hollow expressions, open sores and skeleton-like features. It becomes obvious that Andrew was not telling his boss or coworkers that he has AIDS. Later we discover that he concealed this disease because he was afraid of being fired and people's fear of him as a sick gay man.One night as he is working late, he is called to the Chief Executive's office. The Chief bestows his confidence and trust in him by giving him the responsibility ove ...
  • Physics Paper - 301 words
    Question: Do you notice any interesting relation between the directions of the changes in velocity *** experienced by the two pucks?Answer: The directions of the changes in velocity are equivalent in Question: Does there appear to be any interesting relation between the magnitudes of the changes in velocity * and * experienced by the two pucks?Answer: Question: Can you notice a single "rule" which seems to govern all of our 2 dim collision data? Check your "theory" against the data obtained by all other groups in your laboratory group.Answer: The law of conservation of momentum affirms that in flawless, frictionless, flat conditions the mass ratio and change in velocity should be equivalent. ...
  • Poetry Is A Social Act Rather Than An Isolated Object - 1,394 words
    Is poetry a social act rather than an isolated object? Is poetry meant to be shared with others, or meant for the individual?Personally I can think of examples that would justify both of these statements. Poetry itself is almost impossible to define but to describe a poem, as a "social act" or an "isolated object" doesn't necessarily mean that the next poem is. There are however cases that would suggest that poetry does indeed lean more towards the "social act" description allotted by this particular essay-title.One point that arose during a discussion with a fellow student concerning this question was that poetry itself originated from song: the medium of song itself being a very social for ...

2273 results found, view free essays on page:

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