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  • Prologue Of History - 1,266 words
    ... 20-footand 40-foot lengths to transportation companies, primarily ocean carriers in theliner trades.C. Property Development and Management - developing real property in Hawaiiand on the U.S. Mainland; selling residential properties; and managing, leasing,selling and purchasing commercial and industrial properties.D. Food Products - growing sugarcane and coffee in Hawaii; producing rawsugar, molasses and green coffee; refining raw sugar, and marketing anddistributing refined sugar products in the western United States; marketing anddistributing roasted coffee and green coffee; providing sugar and molasseshauling and storage, general freight and petroleum hauling and self-storageservices i ...
  • Point ? Click ? Money: - 323 words
    Point - Click - Money:Barter in the Cybernetic Age Welcome to Entrepreneur-Land; home of tough decisions and (calculated) risk takers. This living heritage evokes images of Vikings on trade routes from Russia through the Black Sea and Istanbul, trading furs and northern products for exotic silks, spices, and metal craft of the Middle East. Thanks to technology's World Wide Web, networked and encryption secured computers, faxes, cell phones, and satellite/land-line transmissions, the United States sports dozens of barter systems with thousands of members; from the largest corporate giants down to the "Mom & Pop" businesses of Hometown, USA. We're talking $8 billion worth of cashless trades fo ...
  • Personal Perspective - 749 words
    Personal Perspective PaperThe author Ken Lakuta (date unknown) once wrote, "Opportunities exists in the air for just a few minutes. If you don't obey your gut feeling right away, you've lost your chance" (Brown, quoting Lakuta, date unknown, p.3). I do not want to miss my chance! I intend to seize the moment and finish the courses necessary to obtain my master's of business administration for many reasons. With the tools the University has made available to me such as "rEsource", learning team environment, and problem-based learning I will successfully complete this program and achieve my goal.The Value of rEsourceResearch for information became easier with the creation of the Internet, just ...
  • Portland Cement - 1,472 words
    PORTLAND CEMENTChemical composition.Portland Cement is made up of four main compounds: tricalcium silicate (3CaOSiO2), dicalcium silicate (2CaOSiO2), tricalcium aluminate (3CaOAl2O3), and a tetra-calcium aluminoferrite (4CaO Al2O3Fe2O3). In an abbreviated notation differing from the normal atomic symbols, these compounds are designated as C3S, C2S, C3A, and C4AF, where C stands for calcium oxide (lime), S for silica, A for alumina, and F for iron oxide. Small amounts of uncombined lime and magnesia also are present, along with alkalies and minor amounts of other elements Hydration.The most important hydraulic constituents are the calcium silicates, C2S and C3S. Upon mixing with water, the ca ...
  • Perspectives In Genetic Engineering - 1,212 words
    -Perspectives in Genetic EngineeringbyGeorgiamarie ReadIDH 2121 Valencia Community CollegeDr. John Bledsoe26 April 2005 The Impacts of Genetic Engineering The scientific discoveries in genetics in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries are numerous in their potential as well as risk. To understand the risks as well as potential of genetic engineering in the future, one must first become familiar with not only the prospective fields of usage, but the resulting effects of such usage in the spheres of agriculture, medicine, and the environment. According to the World Book Encyclopedia, genetic engineering describes techniques that alter the genes (hereditary material) or combination of genes ...
  • Perspectives In Genetic Engineering - 1,229 words
    ... certain genes. There are many techniques of gene therapy, all of them still in experimental stages. The two basic methods are called in vivo and ex vivo gene therapy ('Gene Therapy'). The in vivo method inserts genetically altered genes directly into the patient; the ex vivo method removes tissue from the patient, extracts the cells in question, and genetically alters them before returning them to the patient('Gene Therapy'). Other uses of genetic engineering in medicine include creating plants that are used to produce antibodies, for potential use in medicine as well as research into stem cells that are defined as cells that have the ability to develop into any of the different cell typ ...
  • Pocahontas And The Mythical Indian Woman - 2,675 words
    POCAHONTAS AND THE MYTHICAL INDIAN WOMAN: REFORMING THE IMAGE THROUGH NATIVE AMERICAN FICTIONPocahontas. Americans know her as the beautiful, Indian woman who fell in love with the white settler John Smith and then threw her body upon the poor white captive to protect him from being brutally executed by her own savage tribe. The magical world of Walt Disney came out with their own movie version several years ago portraying Pocahontas as a tan, sexy Barbie doll figure and John Smith as a blond-haired, blue-eyed muscular Ken doll. Although Disney attempts to instill racial tolerance, inter-racial friendship, and nonviolent resolutions in Pocahontas, they contribute to the inaccurate Indian wom ...
  • Pocahontas And The Mythical Indian Woman - 2,706 words
    ... traightly with this emergency, horrible and violent and dehumanizing as it was. Even to this she must find the appropriate response. (97)Grey's response is to attack her own rapist. After she has gained the upper hand and tied his naked body up with bailing wire, and set pitch fork tines at his throat, she tells him, 'I'd really like to kill you, Dwight' (Momaday 99). Despite the fact that he is no longer able to harm her, she continues to torture him. 'She inserted the left outside tine into Dwight Dick's left nostril; the next tine then came to rest at the outer corner of his left eye, against the ball, between his eyelids' (Momaday 100). While Dwight is contorted in this helpless posi ...
  • Passion - 1,514 words
    "Florida State University, here we come!" Fort Lauderdale to Tallahassee, what a trip! On the road again...blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, on the road again, that damn song always in my head when we're going on a long bus ride. I should figure out the words in between, but I'm always too lazy. Now that I think about it, I still have two cases to write if I want debate. Mr. Wakefield would kill me if he knew I'm going to a huge state tournament unprepared. I'm not worried, I'll do it after the first stop...I'm tired now anyways. I'll just take a little nap. I woke up because of all the noise...we're at the first stop. It's been four hours?! I'm still tired, so, I put my head back again. Once ag ...
  • Pm Case Study - 589 words
    Sharp Printing Case Study Problem Definition: The major problem with Sharp Printing's laser printer project is its senior management's lack of communication to its project manager on its priorities. The project manager's estimate for the cost of the project is $1,250,000 over senior managements estimate. This is a huge discrepancy and the cost and time estimates done by the project manager seem to be fairly reasonable. Justification for the problem: It seems to be clear that senior management has an estimate that is probably unrealistic when compared to the project managers estimate that is $1,250,000 over the senior manager's estimate. Based the large discrepancies of cost and time, there s ...
  • Planet Of The Apes - 1,044 words
    Planet of the ApesWhen Planet of the Apes opened in theaters, few people knew what to expect. To most, the idea of a movie with the premise of a planet full of intelligent apes went against everything they had been taught. The initial attraction was the superb cast, spearheaded by Charlton Heston who portrays Taylor, an astronaut who crashes onto the planet. Heston was joined by many popular actors and actress such as, Roddy McDowell as Cornelius, Maurice Evans as Dr. Zaius and Kim Hunter as Zira. Though the cast may have been the initial draw, the content is what has made the movie Planet of the Apes a classic that will continue to be enjoyed for generations to come.The movie Planet of the ...
  • Privatization - 756 words
    The social impact of privatization has been an appendage rather than being built into the design of public sector reform programs and particular measures from start to finish. The objectives and the process of privatization has to be rethought because democracy requires the fullest participation of all people in American society, not just those deemed to live in the "public sector". What is happening is not only increasing fear of the poor, but also the privatization of public space, which is given an added push by government cut-backs. Public streets are moved indoors into malls and become private preserves. Parks and streets in gated communities are barred to anyone who does not live there ...
  • Pitfalls Of Herbal Supplements - 725 words
    The four billion a year supplement industry sells steroid supplements and herbal speed to millions of teenage boys and girls. There are many types of supplements; among the most popular are Creatine, Andro (androstenedione), and ephedrine. All of these supplements are legal but are they safe? In this paper I will explore why the FDA has failed to put stronger regulations on these supplements, what they are and what they do, who endorses them, and were and how you can purchase these potentially harmful supplements; with the help from Jay McMahan and his expertise as a personal trainer and user of these herbal supplements. Creatine, Andro, and Ephedrine are among the most popular supplements, ...
  • Platos Republic - 1,498 words
    Introduction Platonic philosophy begins to appear in the middle dialogues. What are the important elements of this philosophy? The middle dialogues are dominated by the theory of the Forms. This is a theory that Plato developed from certain seldom-stated assumptions that Socrates held. Socrates' view was that the reason he and his interlocutors failed to find definitions for things was that they were stuck in case-based, specific examples. Does bravery mean fighting against a person stronger than yourself, or does it mean having the courage to back down from the fight and accept the insults of cowardice that come with that. Does it mean having the determination to turn your father in for mur ...
  • Pearl Harbor: Accidental Or Political - 1,255 words
    Sunday morning, December 7, 1941, Japanese bombers, fighter planes, and torpedo planes attacked the American naval base at Pearl Harbor. This sneak attack plunged the United States into World War II. The first wave, consisting of 183 planes, arrived at approximately 7:50AM. They had taken off from aircraft carriers about 200 miles to the northwest, a fleet commanded by Vice Admiral Chuichi Nagumo (Thomas 3). The Japanese goal was to destroy the ships on Battleship Row and the airplanes on the ground at the Naval Air Station, Wheeler, and Hickam Airfields. Because it was a Sunday morning, most of the 780 antiaircraft guns were not manned. Many military personnel were on shore for the weekend ...
  • Poem, Lines 96-113 In Docter F - 1,080 words
    The truth that ambition and desire for material objects does not always satisfy the soul is a major theme depicted in Christopher Marlowe's Doctor Faustus. The poem on page 93, lines 96-113 is the essence of this theme. It describes Faustus meeting, what he believes, is the icon of perfection. This perfection is a mere human women, yet, to Faustus, she is worth his life. Marlowe's use of syntax and diction, allusions and references, and other literary devices throughout this monologue give support to the theme while adding rich symbolic images. The first example of diction in the monologue is the use of the saying, "the face that launched a thousand ships" (l. 96). This is a commonly applied ...
  • Prohibition - 1,554 words
    Prohibition Throughout history, the need and presence of governing forces have always existed. Governments, by the use of legislation, make choices in the best interest of the people. The Nineteenth Century was popular for the great amounts of alcohol that the average person consumed. Such popularity spawned and entire social movement against alcohol. This movement was called the Noble Experiment. Although it failed to directly ban alcohol, the movement contributed by electing many reformers who would change the face of America in the early Twentieth Century. In 1920, the Eighteenth Amendment of the Constitution prohibited the use and sale of alcohol in the United States. Although it was cre ...
  • Problems - 906 words
    And1 who had a mysterious meeting with someone from the Bronx, had arrived at the arena, and been training all day. During a short break from training, And1 views and notices what Hitman has had to say about him. All And1 could do is laugh. Not only does he find what Hitman had to say a joke, but he notices a joke in the fact, Hitman has crowned himself "Canadian Champion". And1 takes a drink of Dasani water and then hears knocking on the door to his locker. He goes to answer it, and notices its Andy Blaze. "What the hell you want?" says And1. Blaze replies, "Heard what Hitman had to say?" "Yeah, so what? He is a Canadian joke. He thinks he is hardcore but trust me, he aint anything but a li ...
  • Perversion - 1,345 words
    Dermott O'FlanaganSexual Ethics PaperThe issues of sexual ethics in relation to morality and perversion have been addressed in depth by each of the gentleman at this table. Sexual activity as described by Solomon and Nagle is comprised of a moral standard and 'naturalness' aspect. So, in claiming an act is perverted we must first examine it through a moral framework and understand how this interacts with the 'naturalness' of a particular act. Solomon makes the distinction as follows "Perversion is an insidious concept...To describe an activity as perverse is not yet a full blown moral condemnation, for it need not entail that one ought not to indulge in such activities." Along with the exami ...
  • Perversion - 1,360 words
    ... ere are sexual acts that are intrinsically and irreducibly wrong, not as instances of selfishness, deceit, harm, and so forth, but wrong as sexual acts. In so far as perversion is concerned no act can be perverted as long as we follow strict moral guidelines that govern the rest of our life.I will use contraceptive heterosexual acts as an example. One could argue that this practice is morally wrong on the grounds that it weakens the family and the social fabric (Humanae Vitae) or on the grounds that this form of sexual activity tends to be exploitative or degrading (Kant), insofar as such acts overemphasize the goal of pleasure. But if contraceptive sexual acts are wrong for these reason ...

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