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  • Replay: Love Is Real Or Not? - 1,121 words
    True love is when a person has a deep, tender, ineffable feeling of affection and solicitude toward one other person. Even through difficult obstacles or changes in life, the strong feeling between the two persons should remain constant and last eternally. However, the novel, Replay, by Ken Grimwood, creates characters that are confused on the meaning of true love. Throughout the novel, the characters are constantly falling in love with many different people and are having many short term marriages as well. The protagonist of Replay, Jeff Winston, who was originally married to Linda, claims to fall deeply in love with Judy and Pamela. Secondly, another main character, Pamela Philips was marr ...
  • Role And Evolution Of Iasb - 694 words
    "The role and history of the International Accounting Standards Board, including an examination of the Board's evolution and stance on ethics issues."The International Accounting Standards Board, (IASB), began life as the International Accounting Standards Committee (IASC) in the 1973. The IASC was created in June 1973 as a result of an agreement by the accountancy bodies of Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, Mexico, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Ireland and the United States. These countries constituted the Board of IASC at that time.The international professional activities of the accountancy bodies were organized under the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) i ...
  • Red Scare - 1,151 words
    Analysis of the Red Scare'The tumult and the shouting dies, The captains and the kings depart.' -Kipling, The RecessionalMr. Kipling was wrong. War does not always end with the last cry on the battlefield. World War I certainly did not. After the war formally ended on November 18, 1918, there was an ideological war still going on in the US. An ideological war which prompted mass paranoia and caused, among many other things, what would be known as the Red Scare, which began in 1919 and ended in 1921. Red Scare was the label given to the actions of legislation, the race riots, and the hatred and persecution of 'subversives' and conscientious objectors during that period of time. It is this hys ...
  • Roman Aqueducts - 543 words
    Ancient Rome had eleven major aqueducts, built between 312 B.C. (Aqua Appia) and 226 A.D. (Aqua Alexandria); the longest (Anio Novus) was 59 miles long. It has been calculated that in imperial times, when the city's population was well over a million, the distribution system was able to provide over one cubic meter of water per day for each inhabitant: more than we use nowadays. For most of their length the early aqueducts were simply channels bored through the rock, from the water intake in the hills almost to the distribution cistern in Rome. The depth of the channel below ground varied so as to maintain a constant, very shallow gradient (less than 1/200) throughout the length of the aqued ...
  • Rush Limbaugh - 804 words
    Rush Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh has done much more than just change the style of talkradio, he has become somewhat of a political leader for many Americans. He hasbeen the type of spokesman many people have been looking for. "Why am I beingcalled the most dangerous man in America?" Limbaugh asks his listeners. "Because I am right, and I enjoy being right." (June 3, 1995, The PhiladelphiaInquirer) Rush has caused people to change their views of the country and it'spolitical leaders. He's had many things that have built him up to the "political preacher" you see today. Rush's early life, his major accomplishments,and his personal life are just a few of the characteristics that make Rush theleader ...
  • Racism In American History X - 930 words
    American History X is clearly a film dealing with racism. The interesting thing about this film is the way in which the subject is treated. First of all, it is obvious that, though racism is always a difficult subject to deal with, American History X presents it without any reservations or dumming down. Second, the film's figurehead for racism, Derek Vinyard (Edward Norton), is not an unintelligent redneck racist as films often portray them, but is in fact well-spoken, charismatic and intelligent, although he clearly holds ideals that are terribly wrong. Finally, the film shows that it is not just the white, neo-nazi racists who are fools to be involved in this, but all racism is foolish. Th ...
  • Robert Scholes On Video Texts - Comparison - 1,157 words
    According to Robert Scholes, author of On Reading a Video Text, commercials aired on television hold a dynamic power over human beings on a subconscious level. He believes that through the use of specific tools, commercials can hold the minds of an audience captive, and can control their abilities to think rationally. Visual fascination, one of the tools Scholes believes captures the minds of viewers, can take a simple video, and through the use of editing and special effects, turn it into a powerful scene which one simply cannot take his or her eyes from. Narrativity is yet another way Scholes feels commercials can take control of the thoughts of a person sitting in front of the television. ...
  • Robert Scholes On Video Texts - Comparison - 1,227 words
    ... continues, "I'm in a turbo Z." Another shot and we are looking at the "thug" on the motorcycle, who offers a stretch of his arms to the air as the narrator says, "And these guys are after me." The man then takes off after the Z, the engine of the bike roaring all the while. Next we see a few flashes of the Z as well as scenes of the bike chasing it, the whining of the bike is only heard when the Z is out of view, and the roar from the Z is only heard when the bike is, however after a few short glimpses we hear the Z shift up and see it pull far ahead of the bike. Soon we see the driver of the motorcycle give up and slow down, while the narrator chimes in, "But they can't catch me." We th ...
  • Religion Support And Education - 1,011 words
    Religion Support and Education As it stands, we are the transition stage. We have no structure, thereis no black and white, we live in a clouded time. All questions are beinganswered again, because the past is no longer the present. No person knows ifour corrections are correct, but they do know it is what the majority wants.The question which is rarely looked at, and that will be looked at in this paper,is the effects which this transition is having on society. This paper is goingto attempt to reveal the results, of the removal of religious education andsupport. The literature involved is going to display the direct, and indirecteffects, of not being brought up to believe a certain religion ...
  • Russian Revolytion - 1,015 words
    Essay Title: "Why was successful the Russian revolution in 1917"?The Russian revolution was, without doubt, one of the greatest events that took place during the last century and in addition, one of the most positive upshots of the evolution of the human civilization. Like in any revolution that has broken out or will break out in the future, the basic point that needs to be raised is if in the post revolutionary period, its targets had achieved. The above consideration will be the main approach in evaluating the Russian revolution. Every revolution aims to take over authority, which during the Russian revolution was successful. The revolt of the proletarians with Lenin and Bolsheviks as the ...
  • Russian Revolytion - 1,004 words
    ... a socialist system of society, which, by eliminating the division of mankind into classes, by eliminating all exploitation of man by man and nation by nation, will inevitably eliminate the very possibility of war". (Lenin)The state had been obliged to intervene not merely in controlling the heights of the economy- the banks, the insurance agencies and the big capitalist monopolies- it had also intervened directly in the distributive process by inaugurating comprehensive schemes of rationing. Finally, the imperialist states had even assumed control over the allocation and distribution of labour by introducing universal labour conscription. It could therefore no longer be said that capital ...
  • Reading Locke - 838 words
    Reading LockeThe first caveat to note is that Locke's political philosophy is divided into two discernible eras - his Oxford period (1652-66) and his Shaftesbury period, when he was employed by Lord Anthony Ashley-Cooper (later Earl of Shaftesbury) from 1666-1683 through his final years following Shaftesbury's death. The 'two Lockes' are somewhat distinguishable and should certainly be born in mind, even if one were to concentrate solely on his Two Treatises, and ignore his earlier thinking. Nonetheless, the Treatises, written in his later incarnation should be read not just as classics in their own right but as the mature culmination of Locke's political philosophy into an original and insi ...
  • Rose Madder - 1,853 words
    Rose MadderThe setting of Rose Madder begins in a city called Portside but it does not say which state. Rose then rides a bus 800 miles to some large mid-western city. By some of the details in the story and the dialect, a good guess of the time era is any where from the 1980s to the late 1990s.The characters in Rose Madder are Rose McClendon Daniels a women who was married and abused by her husband for nearly 14 years and Norman Daniels a crazy cop who is in pursuit of his wife Rosie. Bill Steiner is the guy that Rosie buys the picture from and they also fall in love, Anna Stevenson is the owner of the Daughters and Sisters organization that helps women coming out of abusive relationships. ...
  • Response Of Law To New Technology: Contraception - 1,255 words
    The rapid advances in science and medicine since 1950, and especially the advances in computer technology since 1980, have revolutionized the way society functions. It is widely recognized that our society is making a transition from the industrial manufacturing age to an information age. In contrast, the U.S. Constitution and most of our common law was written when people lived in an agrarian economy prior to 1850. Law has been slow to adapt to the choices posed by technology. While I believe that knowledge, opportunities, and choices are inherently Good, there are the possibilities of (1) prohibiting or restricting use of new technologies for no good reason or (2) of misusing technology to ...
  • Re-introduction Of Wolves Into Maine - 681 words
    Reentering the eastern timber wolf into northern Maine. Before the 20th century the eastern timber wolf lived and thrived in northern and central Maine. A combination of hunting and trapping however killed off most of the indigenous wolves and drove the rest into Canada. The eastern timber wolf stands between 26"- 36" tall, and weighs between 65- 85 pounds for a female and 80- 95 pounds for a male. They stretch from between 5- 6.5 feet from nose to tale. The eastern timber wolf travels in packs of 2-8. The pack consists of the breeding male and female and their offspring it may also have subordinate adult wolves that recognize the breeding male's leadership. Only the dominant male and female ...
  • Relationship - 251 words
    The concepts of the roles, the friendships, trust, communication, and sex all extend an understanding of psychological development in adulthood. Friendships is a major role for todays relationships. Friendship consist of trust, honesty, loyalty an most important respect. Now a days we develop strong friendships through different life experiences. Each factor interacts with personalit interest and life goals to shape a lifestyle. For example being a friend involves emotional closeness, shared interest and a vision of the future. After developing a strong foundation as friends a new term comes where they are referred to as partners. Partners can either be the same sex or the opposite sex. Part ...
  • Roy Lichtenstein - 866 words
    Roy LichtensteinRoy Lichtenstein was born in New York City on October 27th, 1923. He described his childhood as quiet and uneventful. His father was a realtor; his mother was a housewife. Art was not taught at the school Roy attended, but when he turned fourteen he began taking Saturday morning classes at the Parson' School of Design. After he graduated from high school in 1940 he attended the School of Fine Art at Ohio State University. He was drafted however in 1943 in the middle of his education at Ohio State. While he was in the military he served in Great Britain and Europe. When he returned to the U.S. in 1946, he completed his studies for his Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree at Ohio State ...
  • Religion - 313 words
    Seventh-day Adventist Christians do everything by the Bible. I grew up in this church, so I am quite familiar with it. When I first heard about Messianic Judaism I was under the impression that they, too, use the Bible as their only reference. I then wondered what is the difference between these two religions? As God tells us, seek ye the kingdom of Heaven, meaning search for yourself to find the one and only truth. So, I decided to look into Messianic Judaism a lot more. At the second coming of Christ I don't want to be one that our Lord says He never knew.The fourth commandment is where the first part of our title comes from: Seventh-day. The reason why we want to emphasis this Commandment ...
  • Review On "black Comedy" - 531 words
    Journal Entry for "Black Comedy"Dear Journal: I have never been so exhausted in my entire life and now I have time to sleep and do some schoolwork. I know this is a day late and I am sorry, but Sunday I just couldn't function anymore. During the production of "Black Comedy" I learned how to speak with a Standard British and Cockney dialect, was able to participate in the erection and demolition of a big set, and realized how much actors rely on each other during a performance. This production was hard, but an enjoyable learning experience. Never in my life had I used a British accent or a Cockney, now that I think of it. It was really hard for me to get that all down. Chris really did his jo ...
  • Raisin In The Sun - 893 words
    Keeping It Together What a loving mother! Lena Younger, or Mama, is nurturing and supportive when it comes to raising and maintaining a family. Personally speaking, being nurturing means to love, care for, and show concern over someone. Analyzing Mama's relationships with family members can show us her view on parenting and ultimately show us her devotion to her family. In A Raisin in the Sun, by Lorraine Hansberry, Mama is a nurturing mother who cares for and protects her family in her struggle to keep them unified. Not only does Lena Younger protect Travis from getting yelled at by his mother, but also she protects his feelings. At this point in the play Mama's nurturing attitude is seen t ...

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