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  • Skin Of A Lion Story Patrick Reader - 1,838 words
    Becoming the Third Dimension Images splatter against the viewer's face like a moth on the windshield when gazing at the pigmented speckles dappled along the textured canvas hanging on the wall in the local gallery. Examining the seemingly incomplete picture before them, the viewer may inquire as to the perception of the painted figure from various angles as opposed to the solitary linear image presented by the artist. Mona Lisa's intriguing smile may birth more questions if the art critic could ...
  • Singapore Casino Construction Sector - 843 words
    Casino gambling has been legalized in Singapore. Give economic arguments for and against legalization. There has been much debate in Singapore both amongst the politicians, religious leaders, senior people in the community, and the lay people at large. It is a hot topic. But, the decision has finally been made, the casino will be built. There are many arguments both for and against building a casino. The government, which is for, cites the economic advantages and everyone who is against cites t...
  • Storming Of The Bastille - 526 words
    The characteristics of a group are determined by its elements. The mob that stormed the Bastille on July 14 th, 1789 was a group of citizens that were fierce, enraged, and blood-thirsty. To the people of Paris, the Bastille was a symbol of brutality and totalitarian power. It was hated because of the many stories that had emerged from its walls of horrible torture and brutality. To the people of Paris who stormed the Bastille, the prison which was the symbol of the absolute monarchy which France...
  • Social Security Reform Benefits Government Budget - 2,285 words
    Social Security Reform A little over sixty years ago the nation struggled through what was, up to then, the most dramatic crisis since the Civil War. The economy was uprooted after the crash of the stock market and the country's financial stability destroyed. One of the many steps taken to alleviate the burden on the American people was that of the passing of Social Security Act of 1935 and its amendments by Congress and the President, Franklin D. Roosevelt (web). Under the provisions of the Ac...
  • Social Security Tax Benefits Government - 2,143 words
    Social Security is a hot topic of debate today, since most American's believe that the system is near collapse. The trust fund that Americans have been paying into for Social Security is likely to dry up in 2029 due to the large number of baby boomers heading into retirement. Franklin Roosevelt set up Social security to help the people that had worked and Struggled all their lives in honest toil. Social security was set up to accomplish two main goals. The first goal of Social Security is to ac...
  • Southerners To Describe Northern South Party Southern - 372 words
    419 392 6325 Carpetbaggers was a name of used by white Southerners to describe Northerners active in the Republican Party in the South after the Civil War. Northern Republicans were influential in the South after the war, during the period known as Reconstruction (1865-1877). During Reconstruction, the Republican Party, which was based in the North, extended its organization to the South. The party gained control of Southern state governments and granted civil rights to blacks, including the rig...
  • Scotland At The Time Of Robert Burns - 367 words
    Burns was born just before George III came to the throne in 1760. America declared her independence when Burns was 17 and the Paris mob sacked the Bastille to start the French Revolution in 1789, when the poet was 30. Revolutionary ideas were in the air during the life of Burns and he was affected by this trend. Scotland and England had only finally joined through the Union of the Parliaments in 1707 and there was still a resentment against the loss of independence which has continued to the pre...
  • Same Sex Unions Modern Europe - 1,002 words
    The question of same-sex unions and their legitimacy in many different societies is a topic that has been hotly debated for centuries. One society in particular is pre-modern Europe. Noted author and historian Dr. John Boswell looks extensively at the topic of same-sex unions in his book Same Sex Unions in Premodern Europe. Dr. Boswell argues extensively in his book that the Catholic and Eastern Orthodox churches not only sanctioned unions between partners of the same sex, but actually sanctifi...
  • Sister Corita Kent Art Pop One - 1,698 words
    CORITA KENT By John Kelleher 12/14/00 American Pop Art was born of the newly found self-confidence with which American art had asserted itself. The subject matter which provided the initial impulse was the cultural concept of Americanism itself: the idea of progress, the media industry sensation, and the relative boom of stardom and cultural icons in Hollywood. The birth place of these new phenomena seems to have its roots in the city of New York, the so called cultural center of the USA. In the...
  • Salvador Luria United States - 750 words
    Salvador Luria Salvador Luria was one of the founders of microbiology, as we know it. He emigrated from here from his native country of Italy in 1940. His work in the United States is his best known. His work on bacteriophage (bacterial virus) here brought up many new topics in bacteriology, biochemistry, and virology. Born in 1912 in Turin, Italy Salvador Luria was born to David Luria and Ester Sacerdote. His father was a well-respected Jewish leader in his hometown. Salvador attended Lice o d...
  • Sparta Spartans Won Then Messenia - 931 words
    The early expansion of Sparta Sparta is a town located south of the Arcadian highlands in Greece. One of a number of townships that arose on the Laconia plain was Sparta, which consisted of Pita ne, Meso a, Limn ae, and Conoura, all small villages. Sparta then conquered other nearby villages and took over the plain of Laconia. Sparta, which may mean scattered, was made up of homes and estates spread around an area centering on a small hill that came to be named Acropolis. Sparta was uncalled, un...
  • Sparta 3 Spartan Governmen - 882 words
    Sparta Sparta, one of the powerful city-states, retains this name for good reasons. The Spartans faced the problems of overpopulation and land hunger. Their solution was to conquest to gain more land. Almost defeated, the Messenian war cost Sparta a high price. A half-century of war, so hard fought, had ground the military life deep into Spartan consciousness. It seemed to them they never dare relax, especially when there were so few Spartans and so many helots. Surely if the Spartans ever rela...
  • Soup Nazi People Customers Business - 708 words
    Tiffani HallSocy 230 Essay #1 February 28, 2005 Introduction The Soup Nazi is a very famous episode of Seinfeld. This show is centered on a new soup stand that is owned by a gentleman who is not very conventional. He demands that his customers order their soup in a certain way and if you do not do it correctly he screams, "No soup for you!" Explanation of Deviance This violates the social prescriptive norm of "the customer is always right." The role of the person giving the service versus the pe...
  • Sir Humphrey Minister Time Equal - 1,068 words
    The British comedy Yes Minister is a brilliant satire in which the characters are creatively manipulated to form a humorous program. It deals with the wheeling and dealing of political life behind the scenes and attempts to expose its true nature. Although the series is set within the British political scene, it deals with political games and clashes between politicians and the civil service that could be found almost anywhere in the world. Yes Minister started airing in 1980 on BBC 2 with each ...
  • Summerhouse Madame Zoya - 622 words
    The Summerhouse By: Jude Deveraux The Main Characters: Leslie Head rick: A stubborn housewife and mother of one boy and one girl. Living in Columbus, Ohio. She used to be a dancer. Ellie Abbott: A famous best selling novelist. She grew tired of supporting her husband they had a divorce and he took all her money. Ellie sees a therapist Jeanne who came up with the plan for the three best friends to spend their 40 th birthday with each other in a summerhouse (Jeanne's Summerhouse) in Maine. Madiso...
  • Sayings Of Jesus Authority On Earth To Forgive - 569 words
    THE HARD SAYINGS OF JESUS CHAPTERS 1-20 As a Christian and a bible student there is on greater subject than Jesus. No other person has effected history more than Jesus; some say he was a prophet, some say he was a great teacher, and others just think he was crazy. But, to those of us who know him to be the Son of God it is very important to understand his teachings. Throughout Jesus ministry on earth he made a number of statements that went misunderstood both then and now. However it is importa...
  • Stream Of Consciousness Faulkner Characters One - 985 words
    In his book, As I Lay Dying, William Faulkner pioneers new and interesting literary forms. His most obvious deviation from traditional novel writing was the new style of narration in which he used all the main characters as the narrator at one point or another. This allowed the reader to gain insight into the character's thoughts, and also to prove very interesting and entertaining. Faulkner also ignores all boundaries that sane people have placed upon the English language to keep it readable. F...
  • Speech Author Graduates Left - 386 words
    It wasn't until her, her family, and friend Bailey were walking up the hill to the school, when she started to feel the pressure of the moment. At the graduation ceremony everything was going smooth, until the principal's speech left her in doubt of bad news coming. She was right, moments later two white gentlemen took over the stage and the speaker's post. The man speaking was Mr. Eduard Dunleavy, who was running for election and took the graduation ceremony as a great opportunity for him to in...
  • Sports Agents Agent Athlete Players - 1,740 words
    People have been entertained by sport since before the gladiators in the Roman Coliseum. In the 20 th century, the publics' passion for sport consumes more and more of their free time. As sports figures became internationally recognized, athletes began to realize their need for professional representation. Thus, sports agents were born. The field of sports agents has grown since then into an enormous field. Agents now deal with every aspect of an athlete's life. Agents can be considered profess...
  • Scarlet Letter Levin Dimmesdale Chilingworth - 637 words
    In his criticism of The Scarlet Letter, Harry Levin discusses the severity of the sins that are committed by Hester Prynne, Reverend Dimmesdale, and Roger Chilingworth. Although all three main characters have sinned in the novel, the ruthlessness of their sins is easily identifiable. Harry Levin takes it upon himself to 'rank'; the three sinners in The Scarlet Letter based upon their sins, and the circumstances that surround them. The least severe sinner is Hester Prynne, followed by Reverend Di...

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