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  • Standard Oil 1911 - 522 words
    Standard Oil Case of 1911 Out of the cases decided by the Supreme Court I feel the most influential dealt with the issue of Civil Rights. Two cases in particular that dealt with the post Civil War use of the Thirteenth Amendment were Jones v. Mayer, 1968 and Runyan v. McCrary, 1976. Although the Thirteenth Amendment was added to the constitution in 1865 it was not fully put to use until one hundred years later. That is why I feel that the judgements made by the Supreme Court in these two cases was necessary and showed the way our government can evolve to fit the times. The thirteenth stated that slavery would no longer be allowed in the U.S. unless used as punishment for a convicted crime. A ...
  • Sears New Release - 1,377 words
    Sears Updates Segment Reporting; Adopts New Accounting StandardResulting In One-Time Non-Cash Charge Of $520 Million In Second QuarterHOFFMAN ESTATES, Ill., April 12 /PRNewswire/ -- Sears, Roebuck and Co.(NYSE: S) announced total domestic store revenues for the five weeks endingApril 7, 2001 were $2.56 billion. Comparable domestic store revenuesdecreased 5.3 percent. Total domestic store revenues decreased 5.1 percentcompared with $2.7 billion for the five weeks ending April 8, 2000.'March retail sales fell below expectations, with the slowing economy andcolder than anticipated weather having an impact on both our hardlines andsoftlines businesses,' said Chairman and Chief Executive Officer ...
  • Sport And Ethnology - 1,242 words
    ... ssidence. Also, if deployed skillfully, it could unite wider sections of the population than any other social activity, transcending differences of nationality, sex, age, social position, geographical location, and political attitudes." (MacClancy, 1996, pp. 10-11) While the Soviet Union was in power, they used their political backing to submit their ideologies on their people. They were, in a sense, forced to like what their government liked. Those who had athletic abilities were not given the choice to play the sports of their choice, they were told what they could play, and everything was dictated to them. Here in America it was not to that extent, but there were other barriers keepin ...
  • Surgery On Amputations - 598 words
    Amputation is a surgery to remove a limb or part of a limb. Amputation can also happen as an accident, which is called a traumatic amputation. Who is a candidate for the procedure?Amputation is most often used for one of four conditions: . gangrene, which is a severe limb infection with death of tissue . lack of enough blood flow through the arteries that supply blood and oxygen to the affected limb . severe trauma or injury of a limb . cancer or a tumor involving a limbAmputation has serious emotional and physical effects. For this reason, limb removal is usually advised only when other options are not possible or have little chance of success. How is the procedure performed?There are many ...
  • Short Story/film Analysis - 870 words
    Short Story/Film Analysis Aric McDonald Short Story/Short Film Comm. 411-3511:30-12:45 Spring 1997The three short stories are similar because they all involve jealousy. Thistype of jealousy surrounds the main characters who are envious of theachievements or the attention that another man receives. The first story isabout an old man who is taking his wife on a second honeymoon when sheencounters an old suitor, creating jealousy for the husband. In the secondstory, the jealousy surrounds Smurch who is envious of Charles Lindbergh's fameand accolades. The jealousy in the final story is the envy of the attentionthat any man with fame can receive from a woman. Each person's own insecurityallows e ...
  • Slave Power Conspiracy - 682 words
    Title IX: Reverse Discrimination Beginning some time shortly afterthe end of World War II, there has been tremendous growth inwomen's athletics. For decades female athletes have been strivingto become as equally respected as their male counterparts. Afteryears of reaching for their goals, female athletes finally realized theirdreams in the form of Title IX. As stated by Jim Minter, former editorof the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, "Title IX is the federalgovernment telling colleges and universities that if X number ofathletic scholarships are given to males, then an equal number mustbe awarded to female students..."(AJC A14). Title IX, a UnitedStates federal law passed in 1972, was a milesto ...
  • Slavery - 805 words
    Tyree WhiteOutlineSpecific Goals: I want my audience to understand why institutionalized slavery ended.IntroductionI Can anyone of you imagine owning a slave? Can anyone of you imagine being a slave? Regardless of your answer, slavery no longer exists as an institution. Why?Thesis Statement: Technological advances brings an end to institutional slavery.Body1 In the 1700's Britain emerges as a superpower. A. The British Industrial Revolution was the height of technology.1. The Industrial Revolution loosened the grip of slavery.2. The Industrial Revolution created a new class of people.3. The Industrial Revolution allowed Britain leisure time. B. Britain's naval power on the high seas.1. Brita ...
  • Sherman?s Army: An Examination Of The March To The Sea And Beyond - 1,230 words
    Sherman's Army:An Examination of The March to the Sea and BeyondThe Civil War is arguably the most interesting and enigmatic subject in American history. Even after rigorous study of the topic, it is difficult to fully comprehend the motives for the war. Part of this is because of the inherent complexity of the conflict, but it can also be attributed to the manner about which it is written historically. Much of the military history of the Civil War concerns itself with the broad tactics and strategies of the armies. Historians often focus solely on the command structure of the respective forces, and lump the soldiers under those commands in one group. An exception to this is Joseph T. Glatha ...
  • Sherman?s Army: An Examination Of The March To The Sea And Beyond - 1,213 words
    ... ering 86 percent of soldiers cast their ballot for Lincoln. Indeed, many of Sherman's soldiers feared that McClellan would end the war without any resolution. One soldier wrote to his girlfriend, "If McClellan gets the reins he will have peace sooner than Abe, but by letting them have their slaves. Then we can fight them again in ten years. But let Old Abe settle it, and it is always settled." While Sherman's Army did not have incredibly favorable opinions of Blacks, they loathed Southern whites even more. The soldiers not only believed that the educated class of the South had caused the war, they also saw that the same class was responsible for the social stratification of the region. A ...
  • Study Of The Causes Of The Juvenile Crime Rate Increase From 1990 To T - 1,496 words
    From 1990 to to the present there has been a sharp increase in juvenile crime across the UnitedStates. From 1996 to the present there has been a slight decline from the statistics in1995(OJJDP). What was the cause for this uprise in juvenile delinquincy? I will discuss 2 differenttheories to why there was such an increase in juvenile crime rates. I will analyze the rise of the'Gangsta-Rap' culture in the early 1990's and how it may have affected teenagers that are in lower-income families. Many people believe that the increase in real life violence on television is a causefor violence in juveniles. I will discuss the evidence for this theory. It seems to me that the besttheory to explain the ...
  • Stem Cells: What How And Why? - 1,067 words
    Stem Cells: What, How and Why?Stem cells are infinitely valuable when considering theirpotential applications in the medical profession. Whilecurrent legislative restrictions have halted the development ofnew ?stem cell lines? to any agency or company that receivesany form of governmental grants, there is no question that themedical profession is standing at the brink of a new era oftechnological advancements in healthcare and research.Stem cells are valuable due to the fact that they are?non-designated,? (have no specifically assigned task in thebody, i.e. liver cells, brain cells, skin cells, etc.) and theyalso have the ability to divide indefinitely. Thus,theoretically stem cells could re ...
  • S.a.p - 260 words
    P.S.SAfter one week of monitoring my time, I discovered that I have good time on my hands but I have discovered that I need to get more sleep I think that is what I have to work on. I also discovered that going on a run in the morning gives me what I need to get thru class for the day.I would like to spend more time on my school work and studying. I feel that is will be a batter student in college.I don't think I need to spend less time on any think but if I really need to I would like to make my track time not so long in the day like it is know. I was surprised that I spent so much time working on track and working out.I was surprised that I spent little time on my school work. I feel like ...
  • Sand Dunes - 315 words
    Sand dunes are a very important part of the ecosystem. They hold many plant and animal species, some of which are even endangered or on the verge of extinction. People of the community and non-profit organizations have been trying to preserve the sand dunes for many years. Sand dunes are destroyed by winter storms and hurricanes. But that is just part of nature. People destroy sand dunes. When people walk on sand dunes, they leave weak spots. The wind picks up the sand and carries it out to sea. A solution to this problem is to build sand bridges. People of communities have helped build these bridges to preserve the sand dunes. People also can plant beach grass and sea oats. They can also in ...
  • Space Race - 1,990 words
    We have always dreamed about reaching the heavens. From ancient civilizations to the modern day world, our obsession of going into space has grown from studying the stars to actual exploration of space. We have come a long way since primitive charts of constellations. From telescopes to satellites, we as a population have progressed greatly in the world of technology. In a mere forty years, we have had more technological advances than the Industrial Revolution. The Space Race has affected our everyday lives; we use the same technology that the astronauts used during their missions for example digital clocks (Dismukes Many industries have benefited, communication ...
  • Space - 1,213 words
    Space exploration has been going on since the 1960s. Both women and men have traveled in space. Every day we are discovering different things about space from satellites and astronauts, and every day more people are landing on the moon. The first human, the first animal, and the first spacecraft in orbit, were all Soviet achievements. There are many reasons why space is explored and why people take the time to explore the solar system. One reason is that we want to find out how our solar system was created and how it works, and another reason is that we want to find out how all the planets move and how they change rotations. We also want to learn about everything on the planets and how to ma ...
  • Spellbound - 435 words
    Spellbound In the film Spellbound Dr. Murchison, the head of Green Manors mental asylum, is retiring to be replaced by Dr. Edwards, a famous psychiatrist. Dr. Edwards arrives and is immediately attracted to Dr. Constance Peterson. Nevertheless, it soon becomes apparent that Dr. Edwards is a paranoid amnesic fraud. He runs from the police and Dr. Peterson is compelled to find and help him remember what happened to the real Dr. Edwards. Spellbound was not a film noir. Crime and detection wasn't viewed in a dark and urban environment. The only part that was dark was when Dr. Peterson and the fraud Dr. Edwards where on the train to Rome, Georgia. Dr Peterson was trying to pry memories out of him ...
  • Should There Be A Law Against Paparazzi? - 507 words
    How about creating a law against the use of telephoto lens and parabolic listening devices? How about creating a new crime-One that will penalize those persisting and persuading photographers, the Paparazzi also known to celebrities as stalkarazzi who follow the rich and famous for the thousand dollars snapshot that reveals some special, intimate moment or an embarrassing one. Should there be a law rebuking such act? Should there be strict laws preventing press photographers (paparazzi) from pursuing persons who do not want to be photograph?I believe there's a symbolic relationship that exists between celebrities and photographer; they need each other to create the aura that feeds them both. ...
  • Separation Or Cooperation - 1,071 words
    Separation or CooperationOne ever feels his twoness, -an American, a Negro; two souls, two thoughts, two unreconciled strivings; two warring ideas in one dark body, whose dogged strength alone keeps it from being torn asunder.-W.E.B. Du BoisThe Declaration of Independence and the Declaration of Black Churchmen both held out the great promise of rectifying injustices in America. The Declaration of Independence came in response to the tyranny of English rule. It trumpeted the lofty goals of equality for all men, an end to English rule, and the end to high taxes on colonists. The Declaration of Black Churchmen was drafted in response to the continued low socio-economic status of African America ...
  • Separation Or Cooperation - 1,087 words
    ... s, 'a history having direct Object the Establishment and Maintenance of Racist Tyranny' (B 163). The dichotomy between us and them starts to blur in the middle of the re-declaration. This is critical because it shows how the declaration at first sets out to vilify whites then double backs on its self and attempts to cooperate with white America. The structure of the black Churchmen's Declaration is similar to that of the fathers view of the biblical allegory of the prodigal son. At first the Black Churchmen vilify the White community and then when they see the chance that the white community can help their black brothers the Black community attempts to forgive the past. This structure is ...
  • Shoulder Impingement - 1,278 words
    The shoulder is the most complex joint in the body. It is capable of moving in more than 16,000 positions. Many of its ailments, including the most common ones, involve biomechanical mechanisms that are unique to the shoulder. The most common shoulder problem for which professional help is sought out for is shoulder impingement (Haig 1996). Shoulder impingement is primarily an overuse injury that involves a mechanical compression of the supraspinatus tendon, subacromial bursa, and the long head of the biceps tendon, all of which are located under the coracoacromial arch (Prentice 2001). Impingement has been described as a continuum during which repetitive compression eventually leads to irri ...

3220 results found, view free essays on page:

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